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The following page contains information about content that no longer exists in Wynncraft and has been archived for historical purposes.

Disambig.png This article is about the NPC for the Festival of the Spirits. For the quest, see The Envoy Part I. For the second part, see The Envoy Part II.
The Envoy
NPC Info
X: 458 Z: -1565
Location Detlas

The Envoy is an NPC dedicated to the Festival of the Spirits. He can be found in Detlas from October 8th, 2021 to October 31st, 2021. After the Festival of the Spirits is over, he disappeared from Detlas. He is also joined by The Seer and The Guide. The Envoy is the brother of the Bonfire Tender.


First Time[]

  • The Envoy: Oh, there you are! You're that hero the Seer has been telling us all about! A pleasure to finally meet you.
  • The Envoy: Well, what do you think? We've worked hard on bringing these atmospheric decorations to this realm. I think the large pit in the center is quite atmospheric, is it not?
  • The Envoy: ...You're looking at me like you want an explanation. And I certainly could give it to you... But where's the fun in that?
  • The Envoy: We're here for x days, there's plenty of time left to enjoy ourselves! Plenty of time to seek out the truth yourself, hm?
  • The Envoy: So relax! Have a good time, and enjoy the show. It'll be a once in a lifetime experience.

Consecutive Conversations[]

Before the final Drawing of the Spirits:

  • The Envoy: Well! Our resident hero has returned. Anything I can do for you on this fine day?

First time speaking to him after the final Drawing of the Spirits:

  • The Envoy: Hello there! I heard the spirits had been drawn for the last time, which is rather exciting, is it not?
  • The Envoy: It means the end is soon to come! And with that, our time here in your realm will be spent.
  • The Envoy: Oh, right. Is there anything I can do for you?

Following Conversations after the Drawing of the Spirits:

  • The Envoy: This event of ours draws to a close, hero! Is there anything you need, before time runs out?

What are you?:

  • The Envoy: What are we? Well, that's a loaded question, is it not? I'm human, just like you! Was human, at the very least.
  • The Envoy: The others are a touch more complicated, but I've had quite a connection to your world from the start.
  • The Envoy: It doesn't matter what you think of us, anyway. We'll get what we need out of this realm with or without your assistance. It's rather up to you, if you'd like to participate.

Why have you come here?:

  • The Envoy: Straight to the point, I suppose. Like I said earlier, I'm of the opinion that it's more fun if we take our time with things!
  • The Envoy: You want answers? Go on, then! Seek them out. There's plenty to find if you know where to look.
  • The Envoy: And, should you want more? Wait for the third bell to ring. Return, then, and ask again. Maybe you'll find a new face around, hm?

Tell me something.:

  • The Envoy: You want me to tell you something? Sure, why not! Bring me something interesting, and I'll grant you my thoughts on whatever it may be.
  • The Envoy: What would you like to know more about?
  • Not right now.
    • The Envoy: Very well! Off you go, then. Unless there's something else you need?
  • Emblem of the Bonfire
    • The Envoy: ... A bonfire. Hm. I suppose that means you've met my brother, then.
    • The Envoy: It's very unlike him to meddle with this world's affairs. I wonder what could have driven him to do so...
    • The Envoy: I suppose our sort have to get by somehow! Not many options left.
  • Emblem of the Spirits
    • The Envoy: Oh! So you've helped the Guide with their task, have you? That's good of you.
    • The Envoy: They won't say so directly, but they've been a touch nervous about this event of ours. Guiding spirits can be a difficult task.
    • The Envoy: You seem to have it covered, though! Keep it up.
  • Mysterious Egg
    • The Envoy: This... is certainly an egg. I would ask where you found it, but I'm not sure I want to know the answer.
    • The Envoy: Whatever it is, I would suggest you keep it far from here. I can speak for all of us when I say we don't want any part in this.
  • Twain's Journal
    • The Envoy: The Twains... I am familiar with that name, thought not for the reasons you would think.
    • The Envoy: I... had a brother, once. He was forceful, in ways, but he had a good heart. He was obsessed with various stories of people across these lands...
    • The Envoy: The Twains were of those he would tell me about. Great wielders of magic, who kept this land safe for as long as they could. I do miss him, sometimes.
    • The Envoy: But my work is never finished, and thus I continue. Now, is that all?
  • Bottled Spirits
    • The Envoy: Oh, now that's quite the item you have there! Heard the bell then, have you?
    • The Envoy: This item brings back fond memories... I remember the day The Guide sealed them within the bottle. That was back when we meant something, you know? Nowadays, we're stuck doing things like... this.
    • The Envoy: Well, times change, I suppose I'd rather be here than there, so here I yet remain!
  • Bag of Tricks
    • First selection:
      • The Envoy: Oh, you found my Bag of Tricks! I was wondering where that old thing had gotten. Thought I might have lost it, back at...
      • The Envoy: Hm? No, I don't need it back. It was always a touch too unpredictable for my liking. I'm sure you'll find a use for it!
      • The Envoy: Just... ah, one thing. If you happen to find my old top hat in here, do you mind bringing it back to me?
    • If you've received the Top Hat? effect from the Bag of Tricks:
      • The Envoy: You found my Top Hat! Why, I've been missing this thing for... quite some time!
      • The Envoy: Thank you for returning it. Oh, speaking of which. I believe I'm still missing my other Top Hat, which... you know...
  • Drawing of the Spirits
    • The Envoy: It's quite a beautiful piece of art, is it not? I remember The Seer held on to this for the longest time, claiming he had created it himself!
    • The Envoy: Even then, it was rather obvious it wasn't his. I never did learn who the artist behind it was. Was it the spirits themselves? Or was it someone, long ago...
    • The Envoy: I'm more surprised that you got ahold of it. It was payment to those Beyond to allow us to come here in the first place. To think they'd give it up, not long after...
  • Mask of the Spirits
    • When received from Drawing of the Spirits:
      • The Envoy: Ah... the Mask. Seems the spirits have taken a liking to you! That's quite an important item you've got there, hero. Take care not to lose it.
      • The Envoy: Such masks are important to those who create them. To be given one is to be blessed by the spirits themselves.
    • When received from The Guide:
      • The Envoy: Ah... the Mask. This... is no ordinary mask, though. Did the Guide give you this?
      • The Envoy: Such masks are important to those who create them. To be given one is to be blessed by the spirits themselves.
      • The Envoy: For the Guide to give you one themselves... I suppose you must have done something quite impressive for them.
  • Talking Mushroom
    • First selection:
      • The Envoy: Right... ah... May I ask. What exactly is this?
      • The Envoy: I don't think any of us have claimed to be 'all-knowing', little fungus. Even so, you're... interesting. Something unique.
      • The Envoy: Powerful mushroom magic, you say... Hero, if I may? Could I possibly take your companion off your hands for a little while... You've raised some interesting questions, and I'd like to know the answers.
      • The Envoy: Ah... Right. Of course. Well, if you... need anything. You know where to find me!
    • Following selections:
      • The Envoy: ... You know, if you've changed your mind-
      • Talking Mushroom: AS IF!! I'M JUST HERE TO YELL AT YOU SOME MORE!!!

When will you depart?:

  • The Envoy: An excellent question! It's never too late to start keeping track of time, hm?
  • The Envoy: We shall depart from this realm in x day(s). There's plenty to do till then, so don't waste the time you've got!

The Guide claims you know where the spirits are.:

  • Before 24th October, 2021:
    • The Envoy: That, I certainly do know! However. Isn't it a touch to early to be seeking the exact answers?
    • The Envoy: Have some fun! Go out there, explore! You have that old tuner, don't you? That should get you close enough!
    • The Envoy: And, look. If you don't manage to find them all, come back one week before we leave. Then, I'll give you the answers you seek. Deal?
  • After 24th October, and have at least one spirit not found:
    • The Envoy: That, I certainly do know! Are you asking for my help, perchance?
    • The Envoy: Excellent. My help is one of the few things I can grant you! Let's see...
    • The Envoy: Here we are! It seems one of the spirits you seek is near {Location}. Happy hunting!
  • After 24th October-30th October having found all of the currently accessible spirits:
    • The Envoy: That, I certainly do know, hero! However... it doesn't seem as though there are any spirits currently present.
    • The Envoy: Seems you're keeping up with them! Keep it up.
  • Having found all of the Spirits:
    • The Envoy: That, I certainly do know, hero! However... it seems you have already found them all. Perhaps you should have come sooner?

I need nothing from you.:

  • The Envoy: Nothing? Well, so be it! I have plenty to say, though if you do not wish to hear me out, there isn't much I can do to convince you otherwise.

When a Spirit is being sent to the Beyond[]

  • The Envoy seems to be watching the center of the city with curiosity.