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Disambig.png This article is about the first part of the questline. For the NPC related to the Festival of the Spirits, see The Envoy.
The Envoy Part I
Quest Info
Length Long
Location Selchar, Corkus Province
Province Ocean
Combat Level 83
Starter NPC Olivin
Reward As follows:

The Envoy Part I is a long level 83 quest that begins in Selchar and moves to and through Corkus.


Corkus invites the player to take a tour around Corkus City. As the player heads to the diner, they learn of the secret of Corkus, the mechs are rebelling.

Stage 1[]

» Speak to Olivin.

 Location   Selchar   X   112  Y   66  Z   -3173  Wynncraft Map 


  • Olivin: Mo'in! My name is Olivin.
  • Olivin: Does my appearance intrigue you?
  • Olivin: I'm not from around here. In fact I am from Corkus.
  • Olivin: It's an independent island to the west. In fact.. If you want to go...
  • Olivin: We're looking for Wynn representatives. Head to the C.S.S Wavebreaker down at the dock if you want to experience Corkus. Enjoy Corkus if you go!

Stage 2[]

» Speak to C.S.S Wavebreaker Captain at the Selchar docks.

 Location   Selchar docks   X   153  Y   38  Z   -3110  Wynncraft Map 


  • C.S.S Wavebreaker Captain: Welcome welcome to C.S.S Wavebreaker!
  • C.S.S Wavebreaker Captain: The only boat that'll take ye directly to Corkus City.
  • C.S.S Wavebreaker Captain: Just hop aboard and make yerself comfy.

Stage 3[]

» Get onto the C.S.S. Wavebreaker.


  • C.S.S Wavebreaker Captain: Welcam aboard me ship, I'll bring ye directly to Corkus.
  • C.S.S Wavebreaker Captain: Trust me, it is fa' more amazin than Gavel and Wynn. We even 'ave machines!
  • C.S.S Wavebreaker Captain: And don't get me started on our architectur'!
  • C.S.S Wavebreaker Captain: Trust me, you will enjoy yer stay.
  • C.S.S Wavebreaker Captain: Seems like we're 'ere!

Stage 4[]

» Speak to Corkus Delegate


  • Corkus Delegate: It's such an honour to have a Wynn soldier visit our island.
  • Corkus Delegate: We were hoping for a true envoy, but you will do.
  • Corkus Delegate: If you follow me, I'll give you a tour of the city.
  • Corkus Delegate: We first arrived on Corkus 350 years ago.
  • Corkus Delegate: The Corkians, like you, are from Fruma originally...
  • Corkus Delegate: ...But let's not talk about that.
  • Corkus Delegate: Coming from Fruma, we of course knew no magic at all.
  • Corkus Delegate: We soon developed our own. The rare power of Electromagic.
  • Corkus Delegate: It's a difficult modern branch of magic that allows us to create machines.
  • Corkus Delegate: Ah, here already. Welcome to Corkus City, Capital of our island.
  • Corkus Delegate: We've come a long way in a short time.
  • Corkus Delegate: Let me point out where the shops are.
  • Corkus Delegate: North, you can buy weapons and potions. If you will continue through the gate you will find the native Avos.
  • Corkus Delegate: West, you can buy armor, and another entrance to the potion shop.
  • Corkus Delegate: To the south is our bank, powder shop, scrolls, and our exclusive powder exchange!
  • Corkus Delegate: Oh! And speaking of the powder exchange, I'll start you off with some of these.

[+4 Blank Powder IV]

  • Corkus Delegate: Moving on... The south gate leads to Relos. On your way there, you might pass by the-
  • Corkus Delegate: Uhm, nevermind. In fact, we have a gift for you.
  • Corkus Delegate: The Five Gears Diner is hosting any guests of the island.
  • Corkus Delegate: Go through the western gate and head to the diner for your free feast. Enjoy!

Stage 5[]

» Walk towards The Five Gears Diner.

The Five Gears Diner
-1856, 40, -3139
Wynncraft Map

A weird sound can be heard in the distance.

  • Corkus Citizen: RUN!
  • Corkus Citizen: Mechs at the Diner! Run!

Something is going on at the diner, you should hurry.


  • Maxie: Psst.. Over here.
  • Maxie: Mo'in, Wynnian. Thank goodness I stopped you.
  • Maxie: The diner is being raided by mechs..
  • Maxie: Before we do anything, I have to explain what's happening here...
  • Maxie: My name is Maxie by the way. Nice to meet you.
  • Maxie: This town is usually full of life.
  • Maxie: But Corkus has a secret...
  • Maxie: Our creations have rebelled against us.
  • Maxie: They now raid towns for parts.
  • Maxie: Mechs are getting increasingly more desperate.
  • Maxie: Even in rust, they are still powerful.
  • Maxie: We have tried to remove them but the factory always makes more.
  • Maxie: It is Corkus' greatest failure. It must be stopped.
  • Maxie: We need to act now.
  • Maxie: I can try to open the vent to sneak in.
  • Maxie: I know you are a stranger, but talk to me if you want to help.

Stage 6[]

» Talk to Maxie.


  • Maxie: Follow me, <playername>.
  • Maxie: Alright, I'll open the door with electromagic.
  • Maxie: ...
  • Maxie: Gah! I can't even do the most basic spell!
  • Maxie: No... Let me try again...
  • Maxie: Yes! It worked!
  • Maxie: I'm sorry for being useless in front of you...
  • Maxie: Electromagic is different from your magic.. I'm not very good at it...
  • Maxie: I'm not sure which way it is, let's split up. I'll go to the right.

Stage 7[]

» Activate the fans.

Stage 8[]

» Open the door and exit the ducts.

Stage 9[]

» Follow the path.


  • Collector Mech: RETRIEVE SCRAP...
  • Maxie: Ouch.
  • Maxie: Mo'in. Sorry had a problem with the-
  • Maxie: What in the world is that mech on top of the pile of scrap over there?
  • Maxie: That is definitely not a regular despermech... It looks brand new!
  • Maxie: One of those hasn't been seen since the factory was running...
  • Maxie: We need to do something! I'll clear the path for you. That's the only thing I can do, I... hurt my... leg.
  • Maxie: Come on...
  • Maxie: Go, defeat it!
  • Maxie: Are you okay? Good. Meet me at the entrance where we met. We need to report to Corkus City!

Stage 10[]

» Talk to Maxie at the entrance to The Five Gears Diner.


  • Maxie: Don't worry about the guards, they are disabled for now. Follow me.
  • Maxie: I know a shortcut, we'll be in Corkus City in no time.

Stage 11[]

» Talk to Maxie and Corkus Delegate in Corkus City.


  • Corkus Delegate: Mo'in! Welcome back to Corkus City.
  • Maxie: Beltrude, we have a problem! The factory is running!
  • Maxie: We saw a mech... A new mech! It looked different like it was made in-
  • Corkus Delegate: What a load of scrap! You shouldn't talk about that in front of our guest!
  • Maxie: Our guest... just killed several despermechs by himself.
  • Corkus Delegate: And why would we take the word of someone who can't do basic electromagic?
  • Corkus Delegate: Don't listen to Maxie. Enjoy your stay.
  • Maxie: They won't admit anything with you around. They want to become allies with Wynn.
  • Maxie: Come to my house when you reach level 89, here's a key so you can get in. We must prepare to break into the factory.


  • This quest is the first quest in Corkus and gives the player Fast Travel access there.
  • Maxie is an anagram of the Wynncraft Builder, GM, Manager and QA Imaxe.