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| level = 89
| level = 89
| reward = As follows
| reward = As follows
* 305000 [[Experience Points]]
* 3050000 [[Experience Points]]
* 16384 [[Emeralds]]
* 16384 [[Emeralds]]
* Electro Mage's Boots
* Electro Mage's Boots

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The Envoy Part II
Quest Info
Length {{{length}}}
Location Corkus City
Province [[{{{province}}}]]
Combat Level 89
Starter NPC [[{{{npc}}}]]
Reward As follows:

As follows

The Envoy Part II is a hard level 89 quest which occurs in Corkus City after the events of the previous quest The Envoy I. You must have completed that quest to begin this one.

Stage 1

» Speak to Maxie in his house.


  • Security Bot N4T17: No access without a key.

The bot scans the key and takes it.

  • Security Bot N4T17: Key valid. Welcome.

Stage 2

» Talk to Maxie on the second floor.


  • Maxie: Mo'in. I've been researching everything I can about the factory.
  • Maxie: To get in we need two keys. One from the Avos and one from Corkians.
  • Maxie: The idea was that both species had equal roles in the factories operantions.
  • Maxie: We need those keys in get in and shut down the factory once more.
  • Maxie: The corkians won't give up their key very easily, so we should start with the Avos.
  • Maxie: Our best bet is to ask the chief. However, because of tensions the border is closed.
  • Maxie: Fortunately there is something that can help us in a village north-west of here. Let's meet there.

Stage 3

» Find the catapult.

 Location   Village near Avos Gate   X   -1702  Y   55  Z   -3115  Wynncraft Map 

Maxie doesn't seem to be here, maybe you can start the catapult by yourself?


  • Maxie: I knew it! There was something here we could use.
  • Maxie: I'll have to use electromagic to make it launch, so you will have to go alone.
  • Maxie: Find the Avos chief. Ask for the factory key.
  • Maxie: Alright, hop on.
  • Maxie: Press the button when you're ready.
  • Maxie: Off you go!
  • Maxie: Grook feathers! Not again..

Stage 4

» Locate the Avos Chief by asking the Avos citizens.


  • Avos Shaman: Hmm no gears or goggles.. You are no Corkian Human.
  • Avos Shaman: The chief said your people are welcome here.
  • Avos Shaman: You must be here to see him.
  • Avos Shaman: He's right up these stairs.
  • Chief Avos: Mo'in, soldier. I have been expecting you.
  • Chief Avos: You can't catapult yourself into a village full of bird people and not get noticed.
  • Chief Avos: We know what you are here for, however. The Avos factory key.
  • Chief Avos: We saw your battle with “Mech X” at the docks from above. I believe we can trust you.
  • Chief Avos: The key you seek is hidden deep within our most protected temple.
  • Chief Avos: Follow the road north of here to reach the temple. Speak to the grandmaster and she will allow you entry.

Stage 5

» Talk to the chief's friend at

 X   -1587  Y   147  Z   -3321  Wynncraft Map 


  • Grandmaster Shaman: Eh, It's the warrior. I have my orders, but still say this is a bad idea.
  • Grandmaster Shaman: We hid this key for the purpose that it would never be used again.
  • Grandmaster Shaman: The creatures we summoned down there are hostile to all. Even Avos.
  • Grandmaster Shaman: I can't say I have high hopes for you.
  • Grandmaster Shaman: Meet me round the back of my house and I shall show you the way.

Stage 6

» Meet the grandmaster behind her house and get over the gap and enter the temple.


  • Grandmaster Shaman: I'll make the bridge for you.
  • Grandmaster Shaman: I don't see why we’re helping humans...
  • Grandmaster Shaman: You all act the same to me. Anyway, there you go.

Stage 7

» Find the key inside the temple.


  • Key Temple Dragon: You cannot have the key. Prepare for destruction.

Stage 8

» Return to Maxie in his house with the first key.


  • Maxie: You're back, and you have the key!
  • Maxie: Excellent. I will hold onto that for now. Let's focus on getting the Corkian's Key.
  • Maxie: They keep it in a vault inside the castle. I honestly don't know how to get in there.
  • Maxie: I think first we should just go and scout out the vault itself and work it out.
  • Maxie: I'll meet you there. It's in the castle and to the right. There's 2 guards there at all times, you can't miss it.

Stage 9

» Find the vault in Corkus City at

 X   -1498  Y   69  Z   -2910  Wynncraft Map 


  • Corkus Delegate: Mo'in...
  • Bertil: Uh- No need to worry! We accidentally...
  • Reiva: Blew a hole in the wall! Yep!
  • Corkus Delegate: Stop. Maxie, was right. I'm sorry. Mech X pierced the vault like it was nothing and took the key.
  • Corkus Delegate: The mechs were covered in farm produce for some reason and left a convenient trail. If you are serious about fighting the factory, follow it.

Stage 10

» Look for the hidden mech base.


  • Maxie: Psst! Over here, in the field!
  • Maxie: Mo'in. See that guy up there? He hasn't moved an inch since I got here.
  • Maxie: I don't think he's actually a farmer. Follow me.
  • Farmer: HELLO... I AM A... HUMAN... FARMER.
  • Farmer: DO YOU... HAVE... ANY BUSINESS... WITH ME?
  • Maxie: Nice try, mech! Not convincing enough for me!
  • Maxie: Oh no you DON'T!
  • Maxie: That model was a S-63, meaning it has warned the others. Follow me.
  • Maxie: See. We're locked out now.
  • Maxie: Stand back, I'll open the door.
  • Maxie: I think we can safely assume this is the right place.
  • Maxie: You storm in and find what we need. I’ll cover you from out here.
  • Maxie: You need to find and destroy that new factory mech.

Stage 11

» Retrieve the key from the base.

Dialogue: The basement door has been opened.

  • Mech X: Corkus has to suffer... They shut down the Factory, locked us up in there. Once we have both keys we can open it and you are NOT getting this one.

Stage 12

» Find Maxie and give him the key.


  • Maxie: Mo'in. Did you get the key?
  • Maxie: Amazing. Now we need to meet at the factory. Now the real hard part begins.
  • Maxie: Follow the northwestern road and enter the factory from the west side. I will meet you there.

Stage 13

» Find Maxie outside the factory at

 Location   Fallen Factory Entrance   X   -1707  Y   75  Z   -2610  Wynncraft Map 


  • Maxie: Mo'in. Are you sure you are ready?
  • Maxie: This won't be your average fight. The factory is cutting edge. Run by a being of pure electromagic.
  • Maxie: The smartest man on Corkus, Cerid spent years making a being smarter even than he is...
  • Maxie: Now it runs the factory with a twisted sense of morality. It's easy to see why it was shut down.
  • Maxie: Also.. I- I made you these boots using my magic. It turns out I am pretty good at making stuff.
  • Maxie: I just wanted to say thanks, too. I really feel like I made a difference fighting with you. When you are ready, just walk up to the factory doors.