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The Feathers Fly Part I
Quest Info
Length Long
Location Avos Territory
Province Corkus
Combat Level 91
Starter NPC Ava
Required Quest The Envoy Part II
Reward As follows:

The Feathers Fly Part I is a long level 91 quest taking place around the Avos Territory in Corkus.


The player agrees to help Ava, an Avo outcast, with building a growth accelerator machine. To do so, they have to steal parts from both the Avos and the Corkians, as neither group supports Ava's efforts.

Stage 1[]

» Visit the workshop at [-1731, 134, -3267] (Requires completion of The Envoy Part II)



  • ???: Oh?! Hold on, is anyone there..!
  • Ava: Why hello there! Whatcha doin' here? I'm Ava!
  • Ava: Want a quick job? How 'bout helpin' me out?! That was perfect timing!
  • Ava: Y'see, while the other Avos hate it, I just find electromagic so fascinating!
  • Ava: Look, I think I got a breakthrough invention. If it works... Oh man...
  • Ava: I just need to harness some nature magic, and there's an amazing source in the chief's hut. Ya comin'?
  • Ava: Don't you worry about rewards! I got you! See ya' there!

Stage 2[]

» Meet Ava at [-1840, 123, -3086]



  • Ava: Hey! You showed up! Listen up, here's the plan...
  • Ava: There's a small museum inside the hut with all kinds of trophies.
  • Ava: Our chief is quite the talkative fella, and I can guarantee he'd love to tell you stories.
  • Ava: That should keep him and his guards busy. And that's where I come in!
  • Ava: I'll take that chance to sneak behind the throne, where our sacred totem is. I'm not stealing it, don't worry!
  • Ava: I'm a little clumsy, but I'm sure I can count on ya'! No matter what, keep the chief busy!

Stage 3[]

» Distract the Avos Chief at [-1819, 131, -3071]



  • Avos Chieftain: Greetings, human. Welcome back.
  • Avos Chieftain: So, what brings you here, hm?
  • Avos Chieftain: Oh, you want to learn more about us... Of course, of course!
  • Avos Chieftain: We have a room where I can show you some of our history.
  • Avos Chieftain: You're in luck, I'm in a good mood. Follow me then.

Interact with the different items in the room by clicking on them. You're limited with what you can interact with, though! You need to hold the chief busy for one minute.
Right Click on the chief to begin.

Info: The bar represents the chief's suspicion level. Make sure it doesn't fill up!
When clicking on the books:

  • Avos Chief: Gah! What are you doing?!
  • Avos Chief: It's alright, these books aren't important... Be careful though.

Note: Clicking on the books will increase the chief's suspicion, rather than decrease it, so it is better to avoid them. When clicking on the potted plant:

  • Avos Chief: Ah, our wisteria tree! Yes...
  • Avos Chief: It's one of a kind! We planted it eons ago. It has never ever grown an inch. Or moved.
  • Avos Chief: Never died or anything either. For all we know, it might predate your corruption too!

When clicking on the floating book:

  • Avos Chief: Oh, this is quite the important tome.
  • Avos Chief: This book has a signature from all Avos chiefs ever since we discovered ink!

When clicking on the feather in a crate:

  • Avos Chief: Right, the feathery crate!
  • Avos Chief: It's a custom for every Avos chief to keep their feathers somewhere. I guess I left that here.

When clicking on the shelves with a plant on them:

  • Avos Chief: And here's some important history!
  • Avos Chief: Though, we don't really have the time to sit down and read all of it, do we?

After a minute has passed:

  • Avos Chieftain: What was that?! I'll check.

A cutscene of Ava breaking out of the totem room will play.

  • Avos Chieftain: Someone broke in? But why? Anyone can use our totem...
  • Avos Chieftain: I don't get it. They could've just asked...
  • Looks like Ava left. She probably went back to the Workshop.

Stage 4[]

» Report back to Ava in the Workshop at [-1731, 134, -3267]



  • Ava: Oh, hey! Thanks for earlier. You were a big help.
  • Ava: Truth is, anyone can use that totem. They just don't like me very much.
  • Ava: Anyway, we got what we needed, and it's promising! Now onto the next part...
  • Ava: Y'see, I managed to bottle up some of our magic, but I still need corkian stuff.
  • Ava: Fortunately for us, there's a shop outside the city. Though, things might get complicated...
  • Ava: A bunch of Corkians aren't too fond of... Us. I just think you should come along with me, y'know?
  • Ava: Here, I wrote the coords into that book of yours. It's a bit far, so come on out and I'll give you a lift!

Stage 5[]

» Meet Ava near the Corkian shop at [-1463, 127, -3087]



  • Ava: Alright, if you want a lift, tell me, or you could just walk!
  • Ava: Not sure why you'd do that when I'm right here though!
If you choose to fly with Ava:


  • Ava: Alright, buckle up, we're taking off!
  • Ava: Still holding on? We're almost there!

  • Ava: Here we are! Enjoyed the lift? I'm a great form of fast travel, right?!
  • Ava: Well, this was my first time using this magic magnet on people, but...
  • Ava: This is the shop! I think we can buy an Enhanced Potential Microchip here.
  • Ava: I need you to accompany me.
  • Ava: If I'm with a human, surely they'll sell one, right?
  • Ava: You go first, I'll follow you.
If you choose to walk:


  • Ava: Or I guess you could just leave, that's cool too...

  • Ava: Ah, finally! I could've taken you there y'know!
  • Ava: Honestly, I just wanted to test something on you... Oh well!
  • Ava: This is the shop! I think we can buy an Enhanced Potential Microchip here.
  • Ava: I need you to accompany me.
  • Ava: If I'm with a human, surely they'll sell one, right?
  • Ava: You go first, I'll follow you.

Enter the shop.



  • Shopkeeper: Hmpf. What are you doing in here, Avo?!
  • Ava: So-uh, I was, y'know, wonderin' if you had any-
  • Shopkeeper: Huh?!
  • Shopkeeper: There's NO WAY I'm selling anythin' to an Avo! Shoo! Get out!
  • Ava: But...!
  • Shopkeeper: OUT!

  • Ava: I... can't believe this.
  • Ava: I am NOT giving up! To hell with all this!
  • Ava: Here, go in yourself and ask. I'll cover the cost later.
  • Ava: I'll stand back. CLEARLY this guy is too STUCK up to- Ugh, I'm getting angry! Just go in again.

Stage 6[]

» Ask for an Enhanced Microchip at [-1436, 134, -3109]



  • Shopkeeper: Huh?! I made myself clear! You were with her!
  • Shopkeeper: I'm closing for today, I cannot stand this! OUT!!
  • Shopkeeper: Oh, and don't even think about even approaching MY shop!

Stage 7[]

» Find the control panel near the shop at [-1436, 134, -3109]



  • Ava: So you did come back! Hang tight!
  • Ava: Look, we need a plan. Talk to me.
  • Ava: Urgh, this guy's nuts. Hmm...
  • Ava: I'm... surprised he kicked you out, too. Maybe he's a patriot?
  • Ava: Well, anyway, we need a plan. I don't wanna wait this out.
  • Ava: Look, this guy has to have a control panel somewhere. Maybe we can neutralize the robots.
  • Ava: That stuff hates water, y'know? So I'll go fetch some in the meantime.
  • Ava: I'd like to NOT get zapped by a forcefield, so I'll sneak inside once we're done with that.
  • Ava: Got it? Find the control panel. It should be somewhere around the house. Talk to me once you're ready.
  • Ava: Good luck, then! I'll be back once you find the control panel!
Spoiler alert: The hidden text contains spoilers relating to finding the control panel.

The control panel is located underneath a trapdoor on the north side of the shop, which you can open using 16 tokens dropped from the mobs around the shop.

Image Name Level Health AI Type Abilities Elemental Stats Drops Location
SparkletS-05.png Sparklet S-05 96 21000 Ranged Flamethrower, Arrow Storm ✦ Dam
Around shop
SparkletL-09.png Sparklet L-09 97 24000 Ranged Arrow Storm ✦ Dam
Around shop
DrillbotP-04.png Drillbot P-04 95 13000 Melee Multihit ✦ Dam
Around shop
TH-24Battery.png TH-24 Battery 100 58785 Melee Explosion, Self-Destruct ✦ Dam
Around shop


  • Ava: Here we are! Good job! Alright, let's see...
  • Ava: Wait... Why are there... Buttons... Everywhere??
  • Ava: I feel like soaking everything would be quite the mistake.
  • Ava: And none of them are labelled! What is that?!
  • Ava: Look, your choice. What should we neutralize first?
If you choose the left panel:
  • Ava: Left, huh? Well, let's see how that goes.
  • Ava: Alright, let's soak this.
  • [!] Safety teleportation sequence activated!
  • Ava didn't get teleported with you! You're on your own!
If you choose the middle panel:

This panel will give you a random enhanced microchip item.
If the microchip is not an Enhanced Potential Microchip:

  • Ava: Center... I guess the most important stuff could be here. In theory. I wouldn't count on it.
  • Ava: Huh! This wasn't that bad. And... I see something poking out, hold on...
  • Ava: Haha!... Wait, that's not it. Urgh.
  • Ava: Hey, I'll just give that to you. Though, you probably don't know how to use it, heh!
  • [+1 Enhanced Microchip]
  • Ava: Looks like we got another shot. I still have some water left.

If the microchip is an Enhanced Potential Microchip:

  • Ava: Center... I guess the most important stuff could be here. In theory. I wouldn't count on it.
  • Ava: Huh! This wasn't that bad. And... I see something poking out, hold on...
  • Ava: Haha! I think that's what we're looking for!
  • Ava: Look, I still want to make it up to the guy. I really don't want to be the villain of his story.
  • Ava: I'll meet you back at the Workshop. You can go on ahead.
If you choose the right panel:
  • Ava: Right, right. Stand back, just in case.
  • [!] ERROR: Defense protocols shutdown!
  • Ava: Oh wow. You got the right one, first try! How'd you know?
  • Ava: Well, good job. I still want to make it up to the poor guy though.
  • Ava: Just meet me back at the Workshop, I'll be there!

Stage 7.5[]

» Fight your way out of the shop at [-1436, 134, -3109]
This stage will only trigger if you choose to soak the left panel in Stage 7.

Image Name Level Health AI Type Abilities Elemental Stats Drops Location
EndangeredPowerCore.png Endangered Power Core 101 150000 Ranged Explosion, Meteor, Arrow Storm ✦ Dam Any Enhanced Microchip
Hydrofluoric Acid
Inside Shop

Stage 8[]

» Meet Ava in the workshop at [-1731, 134, -3267]
A cutscene of Ava leaving some emeralds in the Corkian shop will play.

If you chose the left panel:


  • Ava: Ouch!
  • Ava: Sorry about all the trouble I caused... I hope this makes it up to you.
  • Ava: I hope <playername>'s alright... I managed to find the microchip right away, after all.
  • Ava: ...Alright. Time to go. I'll wait for <playername>, I guess.
  • Looks like Ava is waiting for you in the square south from here. Maybe she'll give you a lift?
If you chose the middle or right panel:
  • Ava: Ouch!
  • Ava: Sorry about all the trouble I caused... I hope this makes it up to you.
  • Ava: ...Alright. Time to go.
  • Looks like Ava is waiting for you in the square south from here. Maybe she'll give you a lift?
If you talk to, and fly with, Ava:
Outside Shop
-1415, 124, -3034
Wynncraft Map
  • Ava: Oh, there you are! I felt sad leaving you behind!
  • Ava: Say, if you need a lift, just tell me.
  • Ava: Alright then, buckle up!
  • Ava: Alright, I'm dropping you off! Stick the landing!
In Ava's workshop:


  • Ava: I can't believe it! It's working! Look! Look at it!
  • Ava: A Growth Accelerator... Can you imagine the possibilities?!
  • Ava: We'll be able to... I don't know, help the poor, that's nice, right?
  • Ava: But we're not done. Well, I'm not done. I'd still like your help.
  • Ava: Look, let's try it out together, alright? Maybe I'll let you go afterwards?
  • Ava: I'll join you outside. Once I'm sure this works, I'll be able to... Show it to them.
  • Ava: In theory, it should be easy to operate... I'm trusting you. Again. Sorry 'bout that.

Stage 9[]

» Meet Ava outside of the Workshop and help her operate her machine at [-1719, 173, -3348]



  • Ava: Alright, it's just on the hill next to us, but I can bring you there if ya want!
  • Ava: Just don't get too used to me, alright? Tell me when you're ready.
If you fly up with Ava:
  • Ava: Here we go!
If you choose to walk:
  • Ava: Or I guess you could just leave, that's cool too...

At the top of the hill, Ava will plant a sapling and place the growth accelerator on the ground.

  • Ava: Alright, this should be good. Talk to me and I'll explain!

  • Ava: I'll do a quick rundown of how to operate this. It's not automatic yet.
  • Ava: I'll give you a remote. You'll simply have to click in the right orders. You'll see!
  • Ava: You have to be quick, though! You can't just take all the time you want.
  • Ava: I have no clue how stable all of this is, so we'll start slowly!
  • Ava: I know this sounds a li'l scary, but you've shown yourself being capable.
  • Ava: Tell me when you're ready, I'll give you the remote then start the machine!

  • Ava: Ready? Take this first.
  • [+1 Growth Accelerator Remote]
  • Ava: Think of it like... Casting one of your spells. You're used to that, right?
  • Ava: Let's start slowly! You have 45 seconds to fully charge it up!

Charge the accelerator by performing the given series of left- and right-clicks.

  • Ava: And now, we observe!

The sapling will grow into a full tree.

  • Ava: Oh my... I- No way...
  • Ava: Do you have ANY idea what it is we've just done?
  • Ava: I have to show that to the Chief. They WILL accept me! I cannot fail now!
  • Ava: Tell you what, let's meet up at the Chief's hut. If you want me to take you there right now, you can just go ahead and tell me!

Stage 10[]

» Operate the machine with Ava for the Avos Chief at [-1819, 131, -3071]

If you choose to fly with Ava:


  • Ava: Alright, let's fly!
  • Ava: It really is convenient being with me, huh?
  • Ava: On second thought... Isn't it too soon?
  • Ava: I-I think I want to turn back... I...
  • Ava: Gah! If I can't get myself to do it now, I'll never do it!
  • Ava: You should approach the Chief first. It... won't work if I do it. I'll come by afterwards.
At the Chief's hut:


  • Avos Chieftain: Ah, human! Welcome back. Good timing...
  • Avos Chieftain: Did you happen to see... An oddly dressed Avo around here recently?
  • Avos Chieftain: We kicked that girl from the tribe, and we do have our reasons.
  • Avos Chieftain: I've heard reports of her snooping around recently. With a human, even.
  • Avos Chieftain: And I believe... That this is no coincidence you're here.
  • Avos Chieftain: I will be frank. You're with her, aren't you? I won't hurt you. I won't hurt her either.
  • Avos Chieftain: She's not exactly welcome here. But she's never told you about that, did she?
  • Ava: And I have nothing to hide, Chief.
  • Avos Chieftain: STOP IT, you two! Let her talk!
  • Ava: You're all scared of change, and that's all there is to it. Now...
  • Ava: May I... Show you something?
  • Avos Chieftain: Hmpf. Let's see that broken atrocity of yours.

  • Ava: ...It's time. Talk to me.
  • Ava: This is it. I can't fail now... I really hope I can trust you.
  • Ava: You have no idea how important this is to me.
  • Ava: It'll be slightly more difficult than last time, so get ready.
  • Ava: I'll give you the remote once you're ready!
  • [+1 Growth Accelerator Remote]
  • Avos Chieftain: Wait, are you sure this isn't dang-
  • Ava: Don't worry 'bout that!

You must charge the growth accelerator again, however, this time you must do so three times in a row, with progressively shorter time limits.
As you charge the accelerator, some (but not all) of the following dialogue will play, either randomly or when you have charged the accelerator a certain amount.

  • Avos Guard: That's it, I-
  • Avos Chieftain: Let's just give her a chance for now.
  • Avos Guard: Why is she getting away with using such magic?!
  • Ava: Oh I'm gonna charge this sapling like crazy!
  • Avos Chieftain: Hmm... Interesting...
  • Ava: One last time soldier, and I'm counting on you to be quick!
  • Ava: Stand back... Almost there!
  • [-1 Growth Accelerator Remote]

The sapling will spontaneously grow into a full tree, as before.

  • Avos Chieftain: ...Oh my!
  • Ava: Wait... That's it?? No, this isn't right...
  • Ava: Let me just...

Ava will grow the tree further, knocking one of the guards with it. The guard will attack Ava.

  • Avos Chieftain: WAIT!
  • Avos Guard: Chief! Have you seen what she just did?!
  • Ava: I-I didn't mean to! I told you to stand back!!
  • Avos Chieftain: Under normal circumstances, I'd have sent you down the pit after cutting off your feathers.
  • Avos Chieftain: But these are not normal circumstances. Soldier, may you come over here as well?

Stage 11[]

» Talk to the Avos Chief with Ava at [-1819, 131, -3071]



  • Avos Chieftain: So you fused OUR magic... With electromagic?
  • Avos Chieftain: I recognized extracts from the totem too. You're the one who stole from us, right?
  • Ava: I... might have done that.
  • Avos Chieftain: And on top of that, you used the Wynn warrior to fool us?
  • Ava: And I'm sure you know why I did!
  • Avos Chieftain: Do you have any idea how unstable this wretched electromagic is?!
  • Ava: I-I can control it!!
  • Avos Chieftain: And you should NOT! Don't you understand? This is too dangerous!
  • Avos Guard: Should we kill her on the spot?! We almost died!
  • Avos Chieftain: No, don't kill her. I want her and the soldier in my hut, now.

  • Avos Chieftain: Ava. You can't keep going with this. Just stop. This is your final warning.
  • Avos Chieftain: What do you even hope to accomplish? You used to be such a brilliant kid.
  • Ava: I just... wanna help people. You know that, I'm sure you understand!
  • Avos Chieftain: Have you seen the Factory? They tried to help people, and instead they killed hundreds!
  • Avos Chieftain: Do you think you're able change the world?! Well, you can't, Ava! This is beyond you!
  • Avos Chieftain: So, for the last time. Stop all of this. I might reconsider your banishment then.
  • Ava: You... You're really serious about that, huh? You'll NEVER change, will you?!
  • Ava: Do you guys have ANY idea how archaic you all are?! A ''final warning''??
  • Ava: To hell with this! I'll show everyone! I'll show how great we could be! You'll see, chief!
  • Avos Chieftain: I can't believe you worked with her, soldier. Well, now you know to avoid her.
  • Avos Chieftain: ...It appears she left some device on the floor. You might as well take them. And here, take these. We haven't had the chance to thank you regarding the Factory.


  • To try to get the most ingredients in Stage 7, choose the middle panel first to get a random enhanced microchip, and then choose the left one to get 2 more microchips. If you don't care about the ingredients, and want to finish as quickly as possible, choose the right instead.
  • It is recommended to first click the shelves, then the feathery crate, then the floating book and finally the Wisteria tree in the distraction minigme for the highest likelyhood of winning.