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This page contains spoilers. Readers are discouraged from continuing if they want to discover features by themselves.

The Final Moments StructureIcon.png
The observatory in the Ruined Olmic City
Discovery Lore
Shortly after the portal broke into this hidden land, a beast from an unknown realm laid siege to the city forcing the Olm to his domain.
Coordinates X: 658, Z: -408
Suggested Level Combat Lv. 100+
Uses Discovery
Requirements Partial completion of A Journey Beyond

The Final Moments is a Secret Discovery found in the Ruined Olmic City, in the Silent Expanse. The Discovery is focused around the ruin of an ancient observatory in the city; it is located immediately south of the entrance of the Olmic Cathedral, very near the main road through the area taken during A Journey Beyond, and is not difficult to find. Like most of the city, the area is safe, and although the Omnispective Wanderer may sometimes spawn nearby, it is generally unable to follow you into the structure.

The Discovery covers the moments immediately before a meteor shower descended upon the city in ancient times, likely the first of many attacks upon the Olm by the forces of the Dern Beast.


Ruined Olmic City
658, 96, -408
Wynncraft Map
  • After entering the bottom floor of the observatory, a trail of blood leads up the central spiral staircase and through the subsequent empty floors. Continue climbing the ladders through the structure until reaching the highest domed chamber.


  • Inside is a raised platform with a telescope pointed out at the sky to the east. Approaching the eyepiece of the telescope will trigger a cutscene.


The Memory[]

Against a black backdrop, a fireball appears, rapidly approaching the viewer. An unnamed Olm Mage jumps back from the telescope, having just seen this fireball descending from the sky.

  • [1/4] Olm Mage: Crystallites. This is bad. Froner? FRONER? Are you there? We have a BIG problem.

The Mage descends through the tower to find Froner, the Olm Astrologer, pacing the floor below (a room, which, today, has its walls blown out and its floor drenched with blood.)

  • [2/4] Olm Astrologer: What? More meteors hitting the mountains again? When has that ever been an issue before?
  • [3/4] Olm Mage: There's a series of fireballs heading towards the city.
  • [4/4] Olm Astrologer: How long have we got left? We need to inform the–

Mid-sentence, the scene cuts to black. After viewing the cutscene, you will awake again next to the telescope.