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Side view of The Forgery
Discovery Lore
While this may look like a simple bridge on the way to Cinfras, above it floats The Forgery, the gateway to the Corrupted Dungeons.
Access Points -859, -4926
Suggested Level 70
Other Merchants Key Forge Merchant
Dungeon Scroll Merchant
Other Amenities Bank

The Forgery is a dark floating island hovering over the eastern edge of the Light Forest. Due to the sheer altitude of The Forgery, it must be accessed through a teleporter directly below the island. In The Forgery, you can take on Corrupted Dungeons and unlock rewards in the Forgery chest. The main area of The Forgery contains the Forgery chest and a few merchants, including the Key Forge Merchant, who allows players to use Nii Runes, Uth Runes, and Tol Runes to forge Corrupted Dungeon Keys. The area also has Bank access, however it, along with Rymek and Zhight Island, is a bank which does not include an Emerald Merchant. The bank is located outside of the Forgery, and players cannot use it while inside. Players can fast travel to and from all Corrupted Dungeons using teleporters atop The Forgery.


The Forgery was created an unknown amount of time ago, although it is stated to have been "ages ago".[1] The structure's creation was the accidental result of an experiment involving the Runes: the runes were moulded together,[2] which caused a cataclysmic reaction that created a fracture in spacetime and led to the creation of the Forgery. The fracture created long ago is where the Forgery draws its power from.[1] It is said that the powerful reaction created by the runes also led to the collapse of a civilization, however, whether this is true or not, is not known.[2][3]

After the catastrophe, powerful creatures called the Rune Guardians began appearing across Gavel to protect the runes.[4] Some such creatures are the Nii Guardians, guardians of the Nii Rune who have spread out across the east of the province,[5] and the Uth Guardians, who guard the Uth Rune and can be found in Corkus and Aldorei.[6] Slaying these ancient guardians is necessary to access the Forgery's Corrupted Dungeons.

Points of Interest


Forgery Chest

The Forgery Chest is the way you can gain a variety of rewards in the Forgery. When you run different Corrupted Dungeons, the rewards in the chest increase. You can open it anytime you want in the Forgery, though exiting the area or dying resets the chest. In order to get better rewards, you must run different dungeons. If you only run one dungeon multiple times, the chest's dungeon count stays at 1. Rewards from the chest include Experience Points, Emeralds, Runes, Tokens (items such as Witherhead's Rib or Theorick's Ice Shard) and Mythic Items. In order for a dungeon to count towards the chest count, you must finish it, and kill a certain number of mobs inside. This number is unique to each dungeon.

Dungeons Completed Experience Emeralds Runes Tokens Mythic Chance
1/7 300,000 ~128 ~1 0 0%
2/7 600,000 ~192 ~2 0 0%
3/7 1,050,000 ~300 ~4 1 0.2%
4/7 1,650,000 ~500 ~7 2 0.4%
5/7 2,250,000 ~750 ~10 2 0.6%
6/7 3,000,000 ~1000 ~12 3 0.8%
7/7 3,750,000 ~1500 ~12 3 1%

There are special rewards that you can get from the Forgery Chest, mainly Blood Melange, a consumable that adds 8 kills to the Forgery Chest, and if you have completed 7/7 Dungeons, then you get the Forgery Chain Piece, a trophy item that is 'Awarded to those who've bested the Forgery.'

There are also three Legendary gear rewards you can get, being Ensa's Faith, Remikas' Authority, and Tisaun's Valor.


  • Below The Forgery is a mystical pool of water, surrounded by mountainous spikes.


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