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This page contains spoilers. Readers are discouraged from continuing if they want to discover features by themselves.

The Grand Archive SiteIcon.png
Discovery Lore
This magnificent library holds some of the oldest pieces of literature known to the world. However, not all scriptures have been archived in these halls...
Coordinates X: -309, Z: -4880
Suggested Level 70
Uses Discovery
Requirements None

The Grand Archive is a Secret Discovery located in the Guild Hall in Cinfras. The player enters The Grand Archive, which contains a lot of books on the history of Cinfras County. The player can interact with these books to learn more about the history. There is also a Librarian in the Grand Archive.


Guild Hall
-320, -4895
Wynncraft Map
  • Go to the above coordinates in the Cinfras Guild hall. Right-click the purple flameholder to pick it up.


Guild Hall
-317, -4881
Wynncraft Map
  • A bit further, on the wall to the left, there are a few platforms. Parkour up these platforms and climb the three ladders.


Guild Hall
-309, 89, -4880
Wynncraft Map
  • In the room at the top of the tower, right-click the wooden wall with the flameholder and enter the space that opens up.


  • The exit is at the bottom of the Grand Archives.


End of Royalty - Cinfrasian Uprising[]

It goes without saying that our history was moulded by the royals.
Their influence lasted for more than a thousand years after Remikas crowned himself the first king of our nation.
But all rulers will eventually fall. When our lands were crying from famine and disease, those who ruled only admired the horizon.
We slaughtered the orcs, became the conquerors of the west and the true rulers of Gavel. But was that not enough? No. Not for our king, Theden II.
The heart of Gavel was bleeding with deception. In 750 AP, through the streets of Cinfras, the public began their revolts against their... silent king.
For weeks many were killed and the red fires blazed through the streets, but the voices of the courageous continued growing stronger.
All attempts to stop the riots were repressed. The uprising was a force as strong as the mightiest waves. Soon enough, the final defense was broken.
Though once the mob arrived at the grand hall, the king already laid dead.
The royalty was over. A new age rose as a sun from the darkness. Only the people have the power now.
However, there are those who do not share the same vision with us. Those who dare to defile our democracy.
And to those, we say... An Gavellen.

Study of the Goliaths[]

The Goliaths of Gylia, as they are named, have slumbered outside of our cities with no truth to their origins.
Overwhelming amounts of historians have tried to figure out their mystery, to no avail.
Texts as far back as from the 5th Age mention them. And unfortunately the majority of knowledge before the cataclysm, as with many other things, is gone from our grasps.
Machines of the First Men. Bringers of the apocalypse. Soldiers of the gods. Such theories have emerged from our baffled minds.
In particular, the mythical Afenian War has been the most popular source among the people, though myths are... sadly to say, myths.
There are so many paths to take when we try to understand something that could very well be ten thousand years old.
But as long as these Goliaths continue to hide their enigmatic truth, we are left to rely on our own interpretations.

A Scholar's Perspective on Gerts[]

One of the pages has been bookmarked.
And yet, there is no written record from the ancient villagers about the gerts up until the early 6th Age.
This has many implications. A common theory among the uneducated masses is that they arrived on our lands along the meteors of Gylia.
Clearly, this is simply impossible, as no creature can survive such an impact. But then again the meteors could've protected them somehow.
Alas, I digress. A more accepted theory is that the savages were lured to the meteors out of hiding in another region, such as the canyon.
This I find more believable, as weak minds are drawn to great power. Though the problem with this theory is...
A large stain renders the next page unreadable.

Ancient Scrolls[]

The italicized text is in High Gavellian.
Most of the writing is faded and the paper is well worn.
...They arrived... the Canyon. The tremors... To protect us?
...One... larger than... others... not... The Colossus? ...Calm for now.
...Bugs... the forest... Guardians have fallen... Doomed?
But they... replaced with... more aggressive... Keep distance...

Fall of the Twins[]

Born from another, condemned each other.
One sought for the truth, the other for solace,
but did not treat themselves as brothers.
Breaking through heaven was the young one's dream.
It's call hollowed the souls of the frightened,
but it was not enough to bring a flow to the stream.
The younger one fell, as the ambition brought it down.
The older one watched with grief and sorrow,
only to wear its long desired crown.
Though only for a while, the survivor smiled.
The claws soon ravaged and the blood flowed wild,
as from a nameless place judgement had arrived.

Guild Records 1-100[]

This is a complete record of all known existing guilds as of 945 AP.
If a guild cannot be found here, consult a later record.
A new record will be provided within a year of the previous record's publication, if a guild has not been registered anywhere.
The following is a long list of boring statistics... Seems like there was a large uptick in guild creation around the creation of this log.

Librarian NPC[]

The Librarian is at the bottom of the Grand Archive, near the Guild Records.

  • Librarian: Ah, a fellow connoisseur of literature like myself! It's good to see another intellectual within these ancient halls.
  • Librarian: And when I say ancient I mean it. This library is almost as old as the city itself. It's a wonder how much our ancestors knew all those years back.
  • Librarian: It is a shame though that not many are interested in our history. This place has become so underused that the Guild Hall has started placing its records here.
  • Librarian: Ha! Can you imagine? They care more about those groups of mercenaries than the old ways of our forefathers. Complete insanity!
  • Librarian: Ah, look at me talking your ear off. You likely have more important matters to attend. Well, I shan't keep you here any longer. Farewell!