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The Hero of Gavel
Quest Info
Length Long
Location Ahmsord
Province Gavel
Combat Level 99
Starter NPC Excited Fan
Reward As follows:

The Hero of Gavel is a long level 99 quest taking place in Ahmsord.

Stage 1[]

» Find out what's happening in the center of Ahmsord at [1028, 112, -4544]


  • Excited Fan: Hmm.. I might have just enough for one tier 3... Why are you standing there?
  • Excited Fan: What all these people are here for? Don't tell me you don't know about the Siegfried contest.
  • Excited Fan: Are you SERIOUS?! It's the biggest thing happening since the last contest last month!
  • Excited Fan: Whoever wins the big scavenger hunt gets to go on an adventure with Siegfried himself.
  • Excited Fan: This year, I think I even have a good chance tow in!
  • Excited Fan: Huh? Oh, you want this ticket? No way, this one's mine. Go get your own at that little shop.

Stage 2[]

» Get a Siegfried Scavenger Hunt ticket in the center of Ahmsord at [1034, 115, -4533]


  • Scavenger Hunt Collector: Tickets for sale! You! Would you like to join the great Siegfried Scavenger Hunt?
  • Scavenger Hunt Collector: Entry is completely free, and if you win, you'll get to adventure with Siegfried himself!
  • Scavenger Hunt Collector: You're interested? Great! Here, it's all quite simple.
  • Scavenger Hunt Collector: The ticket shows what items you need to find. It's split into three tiers.
  • Scavenger Hunt Collector: The first two, they're for the common folk. But if you REALLY want to win, you need a tier 3 item.
  • Scavenger Hunt Collector: Heh, you can even bring all three and you're practically guaranteed to win!
  • Scavenger Hunt Collector: Here, take the ticket. Come back with your items and you'll be entered into the draw.

Stage 3[]

» Bring all three limited Siegfried Collection items to the merchant in Ahmsord Center at [1034, 115, -4533]

Spoiler alert: The hidden text contains spoilers relating to collectibles information.
You will need 12,288 Emeralds, or 3 Liquified Emeralds to purchase all 3 items.

Item 1/3 – Siegfried Mug (2048 E) – Llevigar [-2122, 53, -4570]

Item 2/3 – Siegfried Mask (4096 E) - Cinfras [-453, 47, -4981]

Item 3/3 – Siegfried Autograph (6144 E) – Ahmsord [1032, 110, -4589]


  • Scavenger Hunt Collector: You’re back! Let me see your items.
  • Scavenger Hunt Collector: This… Wow, all of them? Let me take a look at these…
  • Scavenger Hunt Collector: They’re all authentic! You must be ri-I mean, you must be a huge fan of Siegfried!
  • Scavenger Hunt Collector: Give me a moment here…
  • Scavenger Hunt Collector: Okay, I’ve entered you into the draw. The event’s taking place at the Golden Eagle Theatre.
  • Scavenger Hunt Collector: Just turn toward the bank and follow the signs, the winner will be selected when everyone gets there.

Stage 4[]

» Go to the Golden Eagle Theatre behind the Bank in Ahmsord at [1119, 124, -4555] for the winners to be announced.


  • Announcer: Welcome, welcome everyone! We’re only waiting on a few more people before we begin.
  • Announcer: Ah, there we go! I believe we’re all set now.
  • Announcer: Welcome everyone, to the monthly SIEGFRIED FESTIVAL SCAVENGER HUNT!
  • Announcer: Today, we are once again celebrating the heroic deeds of Siegfried!
  • Announcer: All of you, my fellow gavellians, have adventured far and wide to gather rare items across the province.
  • Announcer: And yet, I cannot announce the winner…
  • Siegfried Fan: SIEEEGGFRIEED!
  • Siegfried: Hello, Citizens of Gavel!
  • Siegfried: Thank you all for participating in this fantastic scavenger hunt around Gavel! Siegfried: The winner of this hunt will have the privilege of going on a once-in-a-lifetime, fully authentic, adventure with me!
  • Siegfried: Now, without further ado: I shall announce the winner!
  • Siegfried: And the winner is…
  • Siegfried: <playername>!! Congratulations!
  • Siegfried: <playername>, please head to the backstage area to my right for your adventure. Thank you everyone!!

Stage 5[]

» Meet Siegfried backstage in the Golden Eagle Theatre to go on your adventure!


  • Siegfried: Welcome <playername>! Congratulations on winning the scavenger hunt!
  • Siegfried: Today, you’ll be going with me on one of my glorious adventures.
  • Siegfried: And to get there, we’ll ride in the great Siegfried Airship!
  • Siegfried: It’s up at the airship docks – I’ll teleport us there!
  • Siegfried: (translated: Gavellian) MAGICAL MAGICKY MAGIC MAGICSPELL. Teleport!
  • Siegfried: TELEPORT!

Stage 6[]

» Travel with Siegfried on his airship at the Ahmsord airship docks at [1101, 129,-4513]


  • Siegfried: Here, follow me onto the airship!
  • Siegfried: And away we go!
  • Siegfried: Impressed by my piloting skills? Dodging these islands isn’t a challenge at all for the mighty Siegfried!
  • Siegfried: I rode an airship much like this one when I saved Ahmsord from the dragon.
  • Siegfried: Right now we’re heading to a cave on the far east of the region.
  • Siegfried: We’ll have to navigate its treacherous corridors and defeat terrible beasts to get to the treasure at the end.
  • Siegfried: Why don’t you go get my map from the upper level of the airship, and we’ll get ready for our adventure.
Spoiler alert: The hidden text contains spoilers relating to upper deck.
Grab both Siegfried’s Map and the Rope in the upper level
  • Siegfried: How much lon- Oh, you brought the map!
  • Siegfried: We’ll need to use this map to navigate the dangerous cave we’re going to.
  • Siegfried: How did I get this? Well-er- I always prepare before my adventures!
  • Siegfried: Anyway, we’re about to land now – be careful not to fall off!

Stage 7[]

» Enter the perilous cave on the eastern edge of the Sky Islands with Siegfried at [1493, 104, -4805]


  • Siegfried: Here we are, the great Cave of Treasure-Hoarding Evil Creatures!
  • Siegfried: Speak to me when you’re fully prepared for this dangerous adventure.
  • Siegfried: This cave is exceedingly dangerous, so make sure to follow my instructions.
  • Siegfried: I’ve got decades of experience bravely adventuring in these caves, so I know what I’m doing.
  • Siegfried: Onwards! <playername>, stay right behind me!

Stage 8[]

» Follow Siegfried through the cave on the eastern edge of the Sky Islands at [1493, 104, -4805]


  • Siegfried: You sure took your time getting here! No matter.
  • Siegfried: I adventure in caves such as these often to get rid of the evil beasts dwelling within.
  • Siegfried: If it wasn’t for me defeating them before they could even--
  • Siegfried: Woah, stop! This might look like a harmless decoration, but it’s a trap!
  • Siegfried: Stay behind me, I’ll open it with my magic spell. (translated: Gavellian) OPEN!
  • Siegfried: Aha! I’ll protect you from the guardian, you deal with the rat! Siegfried: Take THIS!
  • Siegfried: Ow- I mean, hah! That was easier than swatting a fly for the mighty Siegfried!
  • Siegfried: Seems like we’re done here! That must have been a very difficult fight for you.
  • Siegfried: The caves I adventure in are filled with terrifying beasts similar to those.
  • Siegfried: WAIT! Don’t move, that boulder is about to fall!
  • Siegfried: Wow, that was close! Of course, I saw that coming and had no risk at all.
  • Siegfried: You might say that we can’t go further, as it’s blocking our way. But I can fix that!
  • Siegfried: And no more boulder! Only one as powerful as I can do that.
  • Siegfried: All we must do now is cross a perilous bridge over the Endless Chasm.
  • Siegfried: Aa, why did- Woah, careful! It looks like the bridge fell.
  • Siegfried: But this is not such an obstacle as you might think, for I can, uh, jump over this chasm!
  • Siegfried: Here I go!
  • ???: WAIT!
  • Siegfried: The spell--
  • Siegfried: AAAAAAAAAAAAAH!

Stage 9[]

» Jump after Siegfried into the pit at the end of the cave.

You should jump in after him.

He’s unconscious. Perhaps there’s something around here to wake him up?

Stage 10[]

» Find a way to wake Siegfried.

Spoiler alert: The hidden text contains spoilers relating to waking up Siegfried.
Collect the Ancient Bucket & Mining Explosive. Head to the body of water and fill the bucket

This should wake Siegfried.

Stage 11[]

Find a way deeper into the cave and lead Siegfried there with you.

  • Siegfried: AAAAAAGH!
  • Siegfried: Aaaaggggh my LEGS MY LEGS AAAGGH SO COLD!
  • Siegfried: SO COLD so PAINFUL…
  • Siegfried: Why couldn’t I THINK when I signed that STUPID CONTRACT that I’d end up here!?
  • Siegfried: …Well, this is it.
  • Siegfried: They aren’t gonna come rescue us, you know. We’re on our own.
  • Siegfried: Why are you so calm? DON’T YOU SEE?!
  • Siegfried: WE’RE ON OUR OWN! This is REAL now! No coming back after ‘dying’, no more obvious traps, no more Siegfried. If I die here, I DIE! No coming back!
  • Siegfried: I.. I can’t do this. We’ll just starve here, in this cave… where nobody will ever find our bodies.
  • Siegfried: Stop looking at me! You figure out how to get us out of here, I’m just a worthless actor! Tell me if you find anything, I- I need a moment alone.
Spoiler alert: The hidden text contains spoilers relating to deeper into cave.
Investigate opening in the cave at 4468, 11, -5333
  • Siegfried: You found something? Ok. I’ll… follow you then.
  • Siegfried: WHAT WAS THAT SOUND?! A- are you sure we should go into there?
  • Siegfried: MY ARM! IT HIT MY ARM!
  • Siegfried: … I think I can manage.. OW!

Stage 12[]

» Venture deeper into the cave with Siegfried.

  • Siegfried: You.. You got us out of there!
  • Siegfried: I didn’t think we’d ever find a way out of there…
  • Siegfried: … Well, I guess we should keep going. M- Maybe there’s a way out?
  • Siegfried: L- Look! There’s plants and light up ahead! A WAY OUT!
  • Siegfried: Come on, follow me!
  • Siegfried: AAAH!

Stage 13[]

» Rescue Siegfried from the trap OR leave him there.

Rescue Siegfried[]

Spoiler alert: The hidden text contains spoilers relating to saving Siegfried.

There are two ways to save Siegfried: Either place the Mining Explosive against the wall or complete the parkour to break the rope anchor.


  • Siegfried: W- What just happened?! I’m trapped in here!
  • Siegfried: … It’s… some sort of trap. I can feel the ground heating up!!
  • Siegfried: T-That was terrifying… Y-you saved my life. Thank you <playername>… I wasn’t prepared for real danger like this.

Leave Siegfried[]


Siegfried has died in the cage. You'll have to find your way out yourself.

Stage 14[]

» Rest before continuing through the cave.

Rescue Siegfried[]


  • Siegfried: …What? Houses, and a well? All the way down here?
  • Siegfried: It’s… empty. And the houses sure don’t look like anyone’s lived here for.. centuries.
  • Siegfried: OW! MY LEGS! And my arms, too! E- Everything hurts so much.. I need to sit down. I think I turned my arm the wrong way.
  • Siegfried: I’ll just.. rest here a bit. W- would you mind taking a look around for something we can eat? I can.. hardly move.

There’s some small caves around here.. Maybe there’ll be something edible there?

Spoiler alert: The hidden text contains spoilers relating to feeding Siegfried.
Head to the small cave opening to the right of the large house, and go all the way up until you see a nest surrounded by Ravenous Crawlers. Right-Click the nest to get a Soft Slime. You will need this for later, so DO NOT THROW IT AWAY. Then, head to the large house, up the stairs, and into the cave opening, and you will find a Stale Sandwich on the right side.


  • Siegfried: … Was this a sandwich at some point?
  • Siegfried: It barely has any resemblance to one.
  • Siegfried: Well… I doubt there’s anything better around here. I- I’ll take it.
  • Siegfried: OW!! I think I broke my teeth! This is like eating stone!
  • Siegfried: … I th-ow-ink I’m ready to- ow- move on. Let’s get go-oow-ing.

Spider Egg:

  • Siegfried: ... Is this the food you found?
  • Siegfried: I guess it's... the best that could be found here. You say you cooked it yourself?
  • Siegfried: I'll give it a try, then. Doubt there's anything better around here.
  • Siegfried: These are... amazing!
  • Siegfried: Thank you, <playername>! I feel much better. I can head deeper as soon as you're ready.

Uncooked spider egg:

  • Siegfried: ... These look disgusting.
  • Siegfried: I guess... I'll eat it, if it's the only food around.
  • Siegfried: Let's see... How do i even eat these?
  • Siegfried: Ugh... These are awful.

This area seems like a good place to rest before moving on. Siegfried would have been overjoyed to see this.

Stage 15[]

» Venture deeper into the cave.

Rescue Siegfried[]


  • Siegfried: You know… my name is actually Gurix.
  • Gurix: Sound extremely Corkian, I know. They made me use Siegfried because it sounds less foreign, I suppose.
  • Gurix: AAAH! Get away!
  • Gurix: OW! <playername>, I think this web is poisoned! Quick, get me out with one of your spells!
  • Gurix: Thank you <playername>. I’ll.. I’ll follow you from now on. Clearly you’re more prepared than I am.

Stage 16[]

» Find your way through the spider burrows.

Rescue Siegfried[]


  • Gurix: <playername>? I think that giant web there is being held up by the platforms on the walls.
  • Gurix: I think… Maybe you can cut them down? I’ll stay here, I think it’s the safest place. I’ll call for you if a spider webs me again.

Those lines of silk from the big web are holding it up. If you cut all three, it might break.

Blue Rocks Web
4793, 60, -5192
Red Mushroom Web
4764, 51, -5218
Green Slime Web
4803, 52, -5207
  • Gurix: You did it! The web fell!
  • Gurix: Let’s head onwards, I don’t want to deal with any more spiders.

Leave Siegfried[]

Maybe that web would fall if you cut the ones supporting it?

The Big Web has been cleared!

Stage 17[]

» Venture deeper into the cave.

Rescue Siegfried[]


  • Gurix: Hey, wait up! Thanks for saving me there.
  • Gurix: Hm… I’ll bet you an emerald these tiles are trapped.
  • Gurix: What are these little green thingies? <playername>, try right-clicking one and see what happens.
  • Gurix: Woah, I think the other tiles got activated when you disarmed that one!
  • Gurix: I think that tile’s disarmed! Let’s head onwards!
  • Gurix: Hmm.. I think I see how these work.
  • Gurix: So if I use this button…
  • Gurix: It disarms the tile! Here, I’ll disarm the next one!
  • Gurix: And now this one!
  • Gurix: AAH! That burns!
  • Gurix: Well.. I think I see now. It’s a bad idea to disarm one of the same type that you’re standing on.
  • Gurix: Well.. you try these out. Tell me when to follow you further.
Spoiler alert: The hidden text contains spoilers relating to duo puzzle solution.

There are two ways to cross this tile puzzle. Either start on the left with the Warper Tile, then move up to the Launcher Tile, or start on the right with the Launcher Tile, and then move up to the Warper Tile. Make sure to Right-Click Siegfried to follow you before you begin either side.

Leave Siegfried[]

It seems like disarming that tile activated the other Launchers...

Spoiler alert: The hidden text contains spoilers relating to solo puzzle solution.

There are two ways to cross this tile puzzle. Either start on the left with the Warper Tile, then move up to the Launcher Tile, or start on the right with the Launcher Tile, and then move up to the Warper Tile.

Stage 18[]

» Find a way across the chasm in the ancient temple.

Rescue Siegfried[]


  • Gurix: … This temple is… Sort of fascinating, honestly.
  • Gurix: It feels similar to the ruins back above, but… Better, uh… better preserved. Maybe those faded over the millennia?
  • Gurix: … Hmm. Clearly there’s a path further in that direction.
  • Gurix: <playername>, look! That could be a teleporter to the other side!
  • Gurix: It’s… surrounded by those tiles. I don’t think I’ll live if another hits me… Tell me when to follow you.
Spoiler alert: The hidden text contains spoilers relating to duo puzzle solution 1/2.

Click Gurix to follow you. Start from Warper Tile between the two Burner Tiles, move up to the Launcher Tile, then left to the Burner Tile with the first beacon. Right-click Gurix to have him stay at the beacon.

  • Gurix: <playername>, I think I know what these are for! If we activate both at once, the teleporter might start up! I can stay at one, and activate it as soon as you activate the other.
Spoiler alert: The hidden text contains spoilers relating to duo puzzle solution 2/2.

From the Burner Tile, move up to the Warper Tile, up again to the Launcher Tile, the Left to the Warper Tile with the second beacon. Once activated, head to Gurix the same path you took, then head right to the Warper Tile, then up to the Burner Tile, then right into the Teleporter.

  • Gurix: I’ve activated mine, let’s see if this works!
  • Beacon: Teleportation Activation Successful! Exit teleporter is now active.
  • Teleporter: Teleport Successful!

Leave Siegfried[]

The tiles on the left seem to need multiple people... maybe you can use the ones on the right to get across?

Spoiler alert: The hidden text contains spoilers relating to solo puzzle solution.

Start from the Launcher Tile between the Warper and Burner Tiles, then move up to the Burner Tile, then move up onto the teleporter. Then move right to the Warper Tile, then move up to the Launcher Tile, right to the Burner tile, and then down to the beacon. Once activated, follow the opposite path back to the teleporter.

  • Beacon: Teleportation Activation Successful! Exit teleporter is now active.
  • Teleporter: Teleport Successful!

Stage 19[]

» Venture deeper into the cave.

Rescue Siegfried[]


  • Gurix: <playername>, it worked!
  • Gurix: I.. I honestly didn’t think the teleporter would still work. The ancient villagers’ magic must have been really powerful.
  • Gurix: .. Let’s keep going, then. I think I can see something up ahead.

Stage 20[]

» Find a way to escape through the skylight at the end of the cave.

Rescue Siegfried[]


  • Gurix: Another town? Or another part of the same one? I’m not sure..
  • Gurix: This one even seems to have a forge and a tailor.. It was a full, proper village!
  • Gurix: That.. is that sunlight?
  • Gurix: <playername>, look! I can see the sky from here! M- maybe there’s a way to get up!
  • Gurix: I think.. what if we can this geyser somehow? It looks dormant, but I feel like we can activate it again.
  • Gurix: You take a look around, I’ll be resting a little. I don’t think I’ve ever walked this much in my life…
Spoiler alert: The hidden text contains spoilers relating to geyser solution.

Use the Ancient Bucket and head to the forge at 4942, 44, -5192, and fill the bucket with lava. Then, place it into the geyser to activate.

  • Note: If you lost the bucket you can re-obatain it at 4996 45 -5215
  • Gurix: Woah! The geyser’s active!
  • Gurix: W-Wait.. that’ll be quite a long fall after we get launched up. Can you try making some safety equipment, like a parachute or some really soft boots?
Spoiler alert: The hidden text contains spoilers relating to boots & parachute solution.

Get cloth from the tailor's building at 4964, 46, -5225. Use the rope and cloth to make a Makeshift Parachute, and the Soft Slime to make Well-Cushioned Boots.

  • Gurix: You’ve already made something? Let me see.
  • Gurix: This looks… usable? It’s something, at least.
  • Gurix: Probably the best we’ll get down here. Are you sure you don’t need anything for yourself? No? Okay.
  • Gurix: I can’t wait to see the look on their faces when we get back. We’ve just saved the legacy of Siegfried!

Leave Siegfried[]

.. Is that sunlight at the other side of the cave? Maybe you can use this geyser to escape?

Spoiler alert: The hidden text contains spoilers relating to geyser solution.

Use the Ancient Bucket and head to the forge at 4942, 44, -5192, and fill the bucket with lava. Then, place it into the geyser to activate. Then, go near it and you will be blasted out.

  • Note: If you lost the bucket you can re-obatain it at 4996 45 -5215

Stage 21[]

» Escape the cave!

Rescue Siegfried[]


  • Gurix: Woah! The parachute worked!

Stage 22[]

» ???

Rescue Siegfried[]


  • Gurix: W-we made it? …<playername>, WE DID IT! WE’RE BACK! HAHAAA! I’M ALIVE!
  • Siegfried: Hello there! It is I, Siegfried, and I just stopped the threat that was this cave!
  • Siegfried: Hah, that’s a great costume you have there! Looks just like me!
  • Gurix: What? I- I’ve been REPLACED?
  • Siegfried: Hah, don’t mind the jokester over there. He does have an impressive costume though!
  • Two Siegfried Agents called '???' will approach Gurix
  • Gurix: W-what's going on here? You can't replace me!
  • ???: This way, please.
  • The two Siegfried Agents will then escort Gurix
  • Siegfried: Look over there! Those must be fireworks to celebrate my victory!
  • Gurix: Wait, wha-
  • Gurix disappears along with the two Siegfried Agents
  • Siegfried: Well, anyways! You had a really bad fall in that cave there. I carried you out myself, you must’ve had some wild hallucinations.
  • Siegfried: Even though it was your own mistake, I’ll return you the emeralds you spent on the scavenger hunt. What was it, [5 Liquified Emeralds]?
  • Siegfried: I must return to Ahmsord for the celebration now. Perhaps we will meet again at the next scavenger hunt!

Leave Siegfried[]

  • Siegfried: Hello there, human! It is I, Siegfried! You must have just missed how I expertly ended the threat of this monster-ridden cave!
  • A Siegfried Agent named '???' runs up to Siegfried
  • ???: Wait!
  • ???: *inaudible*
  • Siegfried: <playername>, I'm glad to see you managed to get out alive. That must have been quite a fall into the chasm.
  • Siegfried: Of course, I got out easily using my spells and great knowledge of caves! Well, I must be off now. Maybe we may meet again if you win the next scavenger hunt!
  • ???: As compensation for your unfortunate accident, Siegfried will return you the emeralds spent on purchasing scavenger hunt items.
  • ???: That should amount to... 5 Liquid Emeralds. We apologize for the difficulties you encountered during your adventure with Siegfried!


  • If you save the Mining Explosive either by leaving Siegfried to die or completing the parkour, it can be used to explode the wooden wall where the Stale Sandwich is. Behind will be a crate that rewards the player 10 Emerald Blocks.
  • You can craft Hard Leather Boots with Leather and another ingredient, although they are practically useless since they only give 40 HP to the wearer.
  • You can get a rusty pickaxe at the front of the cave. Later, you can break a bolder in the way of the portcullis chains, opening up the portcullis.


  • Rescuing Siegfried will give the player Siegfried Agent's Key, which gives access to Siegfried's Grave, a hidden part of the Monument to Siegfried outside of Cinfras.
  • While the player is in the cave there is a villager near where Siegfried breaks the bolder and another who casts a spell. This, along with Siegfried's response to the map foreshadow the fact that Siegfried is an actor. This is also foreshadowed when Siegfried claims his navigating skills on the airship ride, but under him is another villager with the "pilot" title, meaning he wasn't navigating at all.
  • There are several plays relating to Siegfried that were going to happen later in the theatre.
    • 1:00 - Siegfried and the Dwarves
    • 3:30 - Greatest Adventures of Siegfried
    • 6:00 - Bob: The Siegfried of Wynn
    • 7:00 - Siegfried Fights the Dragon CANCELLED
    • 9:00 - Early Life of Siegfried
    • Coming Soon - Sky's Kitchen: Cooking with Siegfried!
  • Throughout the stages of the quest in Ahmsord, there will be Siegfried Fans with several pieces of dialogue.
Spoiler alert: The hidden text contains spoilers relating to The Hero of Gavel.
Before starting The Hero of Gavel:
  • Siegfried Fan 1: Hey, that's the mug I dropped!
  • Siegfried Fan 2: No, this is mine.
  • Siegfried Fan 1: THIEF! GIVE IT BACK!
  • Siegfried Fan 1 will then hit Siegfried Fan 2
  • Siegfried Fan 2: Ow! Fine, take it!
  • Siegfried Fan 2: How can I win an adventure now?

After the announcer reveals Siegfried will announce the winner:

  • Siegfried Fan: SIEGFRIED!!
  • Siegfried Fan: It's SIEGFRIED!
  • Siegfried Fan: It's him!
  • Siegfried Fan: SIEGFRIED PICK MEEE!
  • Siegfried Fan: SIEEEGGFRIEED!
  • The previous Siegfried Fan will run towards the stage, and is then pushed back by a Siegfried Agent
  • Siegfried Agent: Stay back!

When Siegfried is about to announce the winner:

  • Siegfried Fan: Finally!
  • Siegfried Fan: I better win, I bought his mug!
  • Siegfried Fan: Maybe I'll win this time?

After Siegfried announces the winner:

  • Siegfried Fan: THE HUMAN?!