The Hidden City
Quest Info
Length Long
Location Thesead
Province Gavel
Combat Level 88
Starter NPC Narder
Reward As follows:

The Hidden City is a long level 88 quest located in the Gavel Province.


A secret human settlement is about to be revealed to all of the Gavel Province, and the player must stop the person who is going to reveal the city.

Stage 1

» Speak to Narder.

661, 78, -5069
Wynncraft Map


  • Narder: A Human! Agh! Don't worry about getting me medical attention, I've got this under control...
  • Narder: It's a broken leg. I'm already getting it treated, but I have a job to do elsewise- and a time sensitive one, too.
  • Narder: I won't be able to do it like this, but it doesn't matter if I'm the one who carries it out. It just needs to be done.
  • Narder: I don't work for villagers, I was hired to come here by other humans... there's something you must keep secret.
  • Narder: Swear it! If you're going to take the job, and my payment for it, you must be silent about it!
  • Narder: Do you agree?
  • Narder: Good. To business then.
  • Narder: There is a hidden town in the canyon here. Up in the mountains- it was built and run by humans.
  • Narder: Now, the villagers have very strict rules about humans living in their lands, and it's VERY illegal.
  • Narder: I was contacted by the Mayor because he is aware that the town may have become... compromised.
  • Narder: The job is to figure out who and why, of course. To let this slip could collapse the treatise between our races.
  • Narder: I've never been to the city in the mountains, but I was given instructions. Here, I'll write down the location in your book.
  • Narder: Be aware though, they won't let you in unless the area is safe. They can't risk villagers wandering in.
  • Narder: Good luck.

Stage 2

» Head to [890, 47, -5388] to find the human town.

978, 91, -5399
Wynncraft Map


  • Curious Villager: Hm? Oh, a fellow adventurer, I see! I'm sorry, but this discovery is mine to make. There's something strange about that door...
  • Curious Villager: Deadly gasses? Nonsense! As you can see the two of us are breathing just fine.
  • Curious Villager: You want me to leave? Why, so that you can have all of the glory for yourself? Ha, not a chance!
  • Curious Villager: The only way I'm leaving is if I can get that door open or if the whole cave starts crashing down on us.

Stage 3

» Cause the cave to collapse

Spoiler alert: The hidden text contains spoilers relating to causing the collapse.
Go up the ladder and follow the path until you get to the rock spire on the ceiling. Use a spell on the rock to cause the fall.


  • Curious Villager: Gweh! I just had to go running my mouth about the cave collapsing! I'm out- if you have any sense you'll leave too!
  • A loud mechanical noise can be heard coming from the door.

Stage 4

» Go up to the door and inspect the noise.

Stage 5

» Talk to Eltom Guard.


  • Eltom Guard: Thank you for getting rid of that curious villager! We thought he'd never leave.
  • Eltom Guard: I've never seen you before. Who gave you access to the town?
  • Eltom Guard: You're here in place of the detective the mayor hired?
  • Eltom Guard: Normally, I wouldn't believe that, but come in. We're desperate.
  • Eltom Guard: If you ever need to leave and get back, I can simply open the way.
  • Eltom Guard: You probably should be going now. Our mayor can get impatient.

Stage 6

» Talk to Mayor Eoric in the town hall.

942, 119, -5550
Wynncraft Map


  • Eoric: What are you doing here? I'm writing an important letter, this better be worth my time.
  • Eoric: What? Narder sent you? Why'd he send a Ragni soldier?
  • Eoric: I didn't think the army were authorized to know about Eltom, especially Fruma recruits.
  • Eoric: Anyway, Eltom's secrecy is in great danger. We have found evidence of the traitor.
  • Eoric: We have locked down all of the exits. No one leaves or enters without my permission.
  • Eoric: We need a detective to sniff out the traitor and expose him.
  • Eoric: Start by asking the citizens around here about anything suspicious they've seen.
  • Eoric: When you find the culprit, remember to leave him alive! The guards will take care of him.

Stage 7

» Ask Eltom Citizens about the note.


  • Reder: Sorry, detective, but I haven't seen anything suspicious. In fact, I haven't even left my house for the last week.
  • Nichye: The only suspicious thing I've seen is a hooded man walking around. There's not many people in Eltom so it's weird.
  • Sybeth: If you want to find out anything, the best person to ask is Lumilda. She's in her bakery, next to the Scroll Shop.
Spoiler alert: The hidden text contains spoilers relating to Lumilda's Location.
1021, 109, -5480
Wynncraft Map

  • Lumilda: Ah, detective! What brings you to the sweet Lumilda's Bakery?
  • Lumilda: Hm, yes, there is a weird person coming through.
  • Lumilda: It's a hooded man. Never seen the face. A trouble maker, if you ask me!
  • Lumilda: He's been here a few times, usually writing things on a piece of paper. That man's a real mystery. No one even knows where he lives.
  • Lumilda: One time my grandson couldn't resist and followed the man. Last thing he saw was the man leaving through the Eastern Exit.
  • Lumilda: Ain't that a place to start, sweetheart?

Stage 8

» Inspect anything beyond the Eastern Exit.

1020, 112, -5534
Wynncraft Map


  • There appears to be a cave up above.
Spoiler alert: The hidden text contains spoilers relating to Solving the Memory Puzzle.
To solve the puzzle, remember the block colors and click the button on the block that has changed in each of the three patterns. If you have trouble remembering, you can take a screenshot.

Stage 9

» Inspect the house.


  • ???: Ah. You must be the detective then. None of those half witted Eltomites would figure it out.
  • ???: I guess the Grook is out of the pen then.
  • ???: This town shouldn’t even be here. Humans aren't allowed to settle in Gavel.
  • ???: These Humans couldn’t be bothered to fight their own war, so they hid an entire city here.
  • ???: Traitor? I’m no traitor. I'm just looking to carry out the law where it needs to be carried out. Nothing personal, yes?
  • Ardulf: Maybe they'll actually use "Ardulf" instead of saying "freak" once they've seen the good I can do for them!

Stage 10

» Read the note on the table.


  • Notes:
  • - Airship leaves Eltom 6:15 to Thesead
  • - Mayor's office on the top layer of Thesead
  • - Remember to set up Dwarven bank account

Stage 11

» Head to Eltom's Airbase.

968, 152, -5463
Wynncraft Map

Stage 12

» Talk to Hilan.


  • Hilan: H-h-help!
  • Hilan: Hooded man... Climbed tower...
  • Hilan: Requested to use a ship... I refused...
  • Hilan: He beat me up... And left...
  • Hilan: Hurry!

Stage 13

» Head up to the Airbase's Tower to confront the hooded man.

Stage 14

» Board the Eltom Cargo Ship.


  • Ardulf: What are you doing here? Why are you protecting this illegal town?
  • Ardulf: The Villagers will not be happy about Eltom. This could seriously harm the Gavel-Wynn relationship.
  • Ardulf: You can't stop me. You wouldn't murder one of your own, would you?
  • Ardulf: I will tell the mayor of Thesead all about this place, and claim my reward for doing so. I will be rich and if you want to stop me you will have to do it yourself!
  • You feel a very heavy blow to the back of your head. You wake up here.

Stage 15

» Escape your cell and find a way to sabotage the ship.


  • To escape your cell, you must pick this weird lock. It seems that the spinning a ring inside will spin the rings next to it another way
Spoiler alert: The hidden text contains spoilers relating to solving the lock picking puzzle.
To solve the first puzzle: Press the left cyan button 5 times and the left gold button 5 times.
  • Note:
  • To Hilan.
  • The ship you're running is a mess. This is the third time I've had to repair a coolant leak here.
  • The Corkian machines are great, but they aren't eternal. At this rate, you'll need a new ship every winter.
  • Is it that hard to understand that no liquid should enter the engine?
  • -Engineer Bertin
Spoiler alert: The hidden text contains spoilers relating to solving the puzzle.
Punch the pipe in the room with the note. Go up the stairs and right click the brewing stand to get Nemract Whiskey. Right click the whiskey on the broken pipe.
 » Go down the cargo hatch.

Stage 16

» Talk to Thesead's Mayor at the top of Thesead.

832, 113, -4994
Wynncraft Map


  • Thesead's Mayor: What brings a human to my office?
  • Thesead's Mayor: A letter? Oh, that. The one about Eltom? Don't look so worried. The secret is safe with me.
  • Thesead's Mayor: Yes, I know about Eltom. After all, its mayor is my ex-husband.
  • Thesead's Mayor: It may seem weird, a love between a villager and a human. I know, but our race did not stop us from being in love.
  • Thesead's Mayor: The person who left the letter about Eltom is our son, Ardulf. As soon as Eoric found out about our child, he panicked and left me.
  • Thesead's Mayor: Ardulf will never be accepted as a half breed... Still, I hope he's OK.
  • Thesead's Mayor: Huh, oh yeah, one more thing. The switch under the table... go on, press it!


  • When you press the button under the desk in Thesead's Mayor's office, a secret passage in the wall opens up. When you go inside, you get teleported to Eltom's Mayor's office.
  • Similarly, there's a hole outside of Eltom's Mayor's office that teleports to Thesead's Mayor's office.


  • This quest got minor improvements in 1.20.
    • There are now occasional earthquakes that can occur in some stages.
    • Instead of faking a cave-in to make the Curious Villager go out, you simply had to just guide him out.
  • In the room directly above the cargo hold in the Airship, you can see maps depicting Nesaak, Ahmsord and Rymek.
  • In Stage 15, there is a secret that can be found. Behind the table containing the Nemract Whiskey, there will be a pressure plate that can be pressed to reveal a valley. Inside the valley are not only multiple spots to grind resources, but also a Mad Explorer mob as well as an NPC called the 'Explorer's Journal.' There is also a Talking Mushroom dialogue that can be triggered here.
  • Just after stage 10 there If you talk to the note you will get some unique dialogue referencing the the character Veekhat from the quest Cowfusion.
Spoiler alert: The hidden text contains spoilers relating to The Hidden City.
"It's Ardulf's notes. Doesn't seem like there's anything else to them... Rifling through the papers doesn't reveal any other plans, but there's a letter buried in the stack. Something about how Ardulf's half-breed nature inspired someone's research progress...? The letter is signed with an excessively flowery signature- It's so ornate that the only letter you can actually make out is a V. There also seems to be a subscription to some kind of monthly picture-painting service enclosed... All it offers is various painting of plain cows with muscular bodies crudely scribbled onto them. The subscription hasn't been filled out."

Image Name Level Health AI Type Abilities Elemental Stats Drops Location
100px Mad Explorer 90 4700 Melee - - - Hidden Valley
Spoiler alert: The hidden text contains spoilers relating to The Hidden City.

Day 1 -- I've just arrived in this remote place. No signs of life so far. Finding this treasure should be easy.
Day 4 -- While looking for the treasure I encountered an orcish camp. I didn't see any orcs though, but for now I will keep my distance.
Day 8 -- I decided to check up on the camp. No orcs to be seen anywhere. I can explore the western part of this valley safely.
Day 15 -- There is nothing in the lower part of the valley. Perhaps the treasure isn't real?
Day 16 -- Success! I might've found a lead to the treasure. Under the river there was a chest with a note inside of it. The note points to an area by the big, smoking volcano. That must be it. I know it!
Day 17 -- Today is the big day. I am headed to the volcano right now with my mining equipment. Who knows, maybe the cave where treasure is has caved in?
Day 20 -- Looks like the cave has indeed caved in. I've been clearing out the stones for three days straight with no sign of a treasure. But I will not give up. The treasure is somewhere here. It is.
Day 25 -- Eight days of digging and I hit a wall of bedrock. There is no way the treasure was in that cave. Maybe the note was there to mislead me? I'll have a look at the valley once more to see if I can find the treasure.
Day 28 -- I've turned the whole place upside-down and the most valuable thing I've found is a spear from the orcish camp. I didn't fake my death for this!
Day 30 -- Maybe someone else took the treasure? Clearly, someone else has been here before me. Who built these bridges? They didn't just pop out of nowhere! Maybe they didn't find the treasure? Maybe they didn't because it wasn't there?
Day 34 -- I'm going stir-crazy. The food supply is low. My last hope is a gulch I can barely see...I'll have to climb it to escape. There is no treasure here, for certain!
...the handwriting is different on this next page.
The fool wandered into the inescapable gulches of this canyon. We empty husks preside over it, banished here by the very sorceror we sought to eliminate.
He met his fate through a simple slip. We saw it all- and we find this is as far as we can go. The sorceror's spell prevents our movement further.
His ranks join ours, the lost heroes, whose lives who stripped away and whose work has tarnished with needless bloodshed. To any who should venture here...
We have pushed forward a cannon. It is the only escape we could provide from our eternal outpost. If you use it, however, you must take a vow to us.
Dismantle the corrupt Guilds that plague this land. They no longer protect the land as they ought once have done. Fight till your last breath for that- without drawing a sword.

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