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The House of Twain
Quest Info
Length Short
Location The House of Twain
Province Wynn
Combat Level 49
Starter NPC Twendle
Reward As follows:

The House of Twain is a short level 49 quest situated at the The House of Twain, which is located south of Nesaak. It is a puzzle based quest that is very enjoyable.


Twendle, who is located up the river from Nesaak, asks the player to recover 1 Twain's Journal. To get the journal, the player must continue south to The House of Twain, and look for clues about how to find it.

Stage 1[]

» Talk to Twendle at The House of Twain at [12, 76, -456]



  • Twendle: Oh, hey you there! Are you heading down this road? You know it's a dead end, right?
  • Twendle: It leads to a an old mansion, that has fallen into decay.
  • Twendle: That mansion is the house of my ancestor; Dwendle Twain. It was a house of incredible heritage and magical powers, Dwendle himself was adopted into it.
  • Twendle: Marius Twain was the leader of the mansion, they fought against evil spirits, I think. The history of the house is not well-known, outside of a novel.
  • Twendle: I want to know the history of the mansion and uncover its secrets, but every time I get close, dark beings prevent me from entering.
  • Twendle: I am no soldier, and I don't think I will ever uncover the truth without your help. I can greatly reward you for your help.
  • Twendle: My ancestor left our family a large amount of emeralds. Beware though, traveller, the mansions secrets are incredibly difficult to uncover and the monsters are powerful.
  • Twendle: Unravel the secrets of the mansion and help me uncover the secrets of my heritage. Bring me [1 Twain Journal].
  • Twendle: This book has been hidden within the depths of the mansion and is protected by far more than puzzles or walls.
  • Twendle: I believe the spirits that now haunt the mansion will do anything to protect the book. I'm sure they think its their own, and the secrets it hides.

Stage 2[]

» Bring [1 Twain Journal] to Twendle

Spoiler alert: The hidden text contains spoilers relating to how to find the journal.
  • Enter the house, walk into the dining room on the right and then to the servant's area right by the table. Press the wooden button at [123, 74, -367] to open the iron trapdoor at [128, 74, -358]. Quickly jump down the hole opened under the trapdoor to reach the cellar.
  • In the cellar, place items on 2 wooden pressure plates behind the barrels, at [129, 63, -345] and [115, 63, -376], to access the secret room through the doorway at [105, 63, -360]. Inside the secret room, there is a sign saying "Throw tribute to the eyes of the beast, it shall guide you".
  • Exit the secret room and return to the entrance of the mansion.
  • For the next part of the puzzle, you will first need to get a ghostly helmet. To do this you must find three ghosts (prepare for jumpscares with each one):
    • The first is on the third floor, across from the stairs you go up to get to this floor, at [120, 84, -392].
    • The second is at the end of the hall on the third floor, in the last room, at [118, 84, -332].
    • The third is in the front left "garden" area of the mansion, at [97, 77, -378]. To get there, you have to go up the main stairs and then walk down the hall to the left, and go through the door behind the stairs that lead to the third floor.
  • Once you have all three items, take them to the cauldron room on the third floor and drop the three items in the hopper in the middle of the room, at [128, 86, -358]. A skeleton will then appear, and drop the ghostly helmet.
  • Identify the ghostly helmet right outside the mansion to wear it for the next section.
  • Note: If you already have a ghostly helmet, you can wear that one and do not have to do any previous steps in order for the quest to work.
  • In the dining room, the carpets near the fireplace resemble the face of a wither skeleton, with the two eyes marked by dark red particles. As the sign from earlier suggests, throw emeralds (or any other item) into both eyes to open the secret room behind the fireplace.
  • Once in the secret room, walk to the back and into the painting at [112, 75, -295]. The sign says "Give the riches you hold to the man whos house he once owned, and it will open a grave that does not belong".
  • As the sign suggests, throw an emerald onto the soul sand at the grave in the room. Then, quickly run out of the mansion and turn to the left to the small graveyard in front of the mansion (not the large one in the back). The quartz grave (the one that does not belong) at [66, 71, -314] should be open. You must be wearing the ghostly helmet at this point in order to enter the small graveyard.
  • Jump into the hole at the quartz grave and follow the cave down.
  • At the end of the cave you will reach a room labelled "The Prison Of Souls". A sign near the exit of the room states "The obsessions of the souls are the keys to freedom. -Mael". You must find the code to exit the room based on the number of decorative block items in each cell.
    • Cell 1 has 5 glowstone lamps, cell 2 has 7 leaves, cell 3 has 3 ender chests, and cell 4 has 2 emerald ores. Put in order, the code is thus 5732.
  • Once you enter the code, a door opens and you can fight the Phantom Twain to obtain the journal. Step on the quartz block in the back to leave the cave.
Image Name Level Health AI Type Abilities Elemental Stats Drops Location
LibrarySpecter.png Library Specter 50 160 Melee AI - ❋ Dam
❋ Def

Ghostly Quill
The House of Twain
LaboratorySpecter.png Laboratory Specter 50 160 Charge AI - ✹ Dam
✹ Def

Ghostly Ingredient
The House of Twain
GardenSpecter.png Garden Specter 50 160 Melee AI - ✤ Dam
✤ Def

Ghostly Seeds
The House of Twain
LostSoul(TheHouseofTwain).png Lost Soul 49 1100 Ranged AI - ✦ Weak
✽ Dam
✽ Def
- The House of Twain
Inside Cave
PhantomTwain.png Phantom Twain 50 16000 Melee AI Vanish
✹ Weak
✦ Dam
✦ Def

Twain's Journal
The House of Twain
Inside Cave


  • Twendle: I guess I put my faith in the right person. My history lies within these pages, and I don't intend to keep them secret. I shall make them public.
  • Twendle: Thank you traveller. As promised, here is your reward.


  • If the eyes of the wither skull in the dining room will not pick up your items, try switching servers to fix it.
  • If you are doing the quest with someone else, you will likely have to spawn each Ghostly boss twice separately so each of you can get a helmet.
  • The boss isn't too difficult if you come prepared, but it can sometimes catch you off guard with its vanish and pull spells, so be careful.
  • If you've already completed this quest previously as another character, then you skip gathering the ingredients to get the Ghostly Cap by simply reusing your old one.


  • Cell 4's prisoner is called Kal-El, in reference to the birth name of Superman.
  • You must first complete this quest in order to start the quest A Grave Mistake.
  • The Twain Journal obtained in this quest has unique dialogue when shown to The Envoy during the Festival of the Spirits