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The Hunger of Gerts Part 1
Quest Info
Length Long
Location Gylia Plains
Province Gavel
Combat Level 77
Starter NPC Cikal
Reward As follows:

The Hunger of Gerts Part 1 is a long level 77 quest revolving in the Gylia Plains, more specifically around Lake Gylia.


The Gylia Watch needs help in finding out how Gerts commandeering attacks without them noticing. The player heads on to find out what is going on behind the scenes.

Stage 1[]

» Talk to Cikal.

 Location   Gylia Plains   X   -35  Y   68  Z   -5413  Wynncraft Map 


  • Cikal: Oh, ho ho. What is this? A Human? What brings you to Gylia Watch?
  • Cikal: Of course you know who we are! The Gylia Watch was founded over 200 years ago in wake of the Villager victory in the war.
  • Cikal: The war, m'boy! It's only the most famous war in Gavel! Well.. Maybe except for what happened in Molten Heights.
  • Cikal: But that's by the by. The Gerten War was a bloody, long war brought on by starvation.
  • Cikal: The Gerts are a brutish race. They are motivated only by hunger. They hunt whatever they can find.
  • Cikal: Our victory over those orange skinned brutes brought about the creation of the Gylia Watch.
  • Cikal: Where we now observe them day and night! Well, maybe not on poker night.
  • Cikal: The Gerts have since been subdued, left in their primary territory. They are so full of gluttony they say they are starving!
  • Cikal: We taught them how to farm animals now, so hunting is not necessary for them. Although it took years to do. They eat EVERYTHING.
  • Cikal: The Gerts… Stupid as they are seem to be behind some attacks recently.. But we haven't seen them move a bit!
  • Cikal: Still, can't hurt to check it out. I must stay here, if you want a job, go down to the two neighbouring farms and see what you can find out about the attack. Only come back to me if you find out how the Gert's are getting out of their camp.

Stage 2[]

» Search around the farms for clues.

 Location   Anof   X   -92  Y   34  Z   -5455  Wynncraft Map 


  • Anof: Another one! That's the third one this week. My poor livestock.
  • Anof: I'll lose my entire herd if this continues! What are the Gylia Watch doing up in that tower? Drinking Thanos brew all day?
  • Anof: Who are you? The Gylia watch are so lazy they are sending Humans now?!
  • Anof: What has this province become? Oh, look at this too, blood everywhere! That Gert clearly dragged the poor thing away…

 Location   Jitak   X   -185  Y   32  Z   -5473  Wynncraft Map 
  • Jitak: If you are looking for a suit or something, I can't help you. Now is a very bad time.
  • Jitak: Oh, you're here on behalf of the Watch? Ha, even sending Humans to do their work is not beneath them.
  • Jitak: All they do is sit up in that tower playing drinking games and act like they own this region!
  • Jitak: I reported the fact there is clearly a Gert camp right in front of my house and they just ignored me! Now look, my sheep are all gone!
  • Jitak: I even bought a golem to watch over! Got it for a good price because of some incident down at the Olux factory.
  • Jitak: You have to sort this out! Go to the Gert camp west of here and find out how they are doing all of this!
  • Jitak: Any information on how the Gerts are getting past the tower is invaluable!

Stage 3[]

» Inspect the Gerten Forwarding Camp nearby.

-241, 35, -5480
Wynncraft Map

Stage 4[]

» Enter the dark cave in the back of the camp.

Stage 5[]

» Explore the Gerten cave.

Stage 6[]

» Spy on the Gerten meeting.


  • Gerten Chief Snaga: Hello gert! Today we here for discuss our new tunnel! Very amazing! We see human dig, we learn from human! We dig tunnel too! Gert no dumb, gert much smart!
  • Gerten Chief Snaga: We dig tunnel under big tower that keep gert from farms! We go through tunnel and make camp! Then we use camp to eat farmer pig! Gert so smart!
  • Gerten Chief Snaga: Gert also dig tunnel under farmer house near this camp! The farmer so dumb! Gert smarter than farmer! We use tunnel to steal farmer sheep and cow!
  • Gerten Chief Snaga: We dig more tunnel next day! The tunnel will very big! Then we steal more pig from stupid farmer! Gert very smart! All you go hunt more pig!

Stage 7[]

» Tell farmer Jitak about the tunnel.


  • Jitak: Good to see you again. Gerts, for all their stupidity are incredibly powerful, you clearly know what you are doing.
  • Jitak: So, what did you find?
  • Jitak: A what? A tunnel?! How is this possible? I didn't think Gerts even knew there was an underground!
  • Jitak: Well if that's true, they must be tunnelling right under the Watch's nose! How did you guys not know about this?!
  • Jitak: Leave it up to the Watch to get outsmarted by a Gert. Right, well if this is true, you need to find the main tunnel.
  • Jitak: It won't be easy, but you could avoid fighting them all together with a simple disguise. If you get me [6 Gert Skin] I can make you a mask.
  • Jitak: It's the only thing I can do for helping me out. You can use it to get into the main Gert camp.
  • Jitak: You can get Gert skin from the Gerts at the camp west of here.

Stage 8[]

» Bring Jitak 6 Gert Skin.


  • Jitak: That didn't take you long. Here, let me make the mask.
  • Jitak:
  • Jitak: There. Try not to throw up because of the smell. What? Did you think wearing old Gert skin would smell like roses?
  • Jitak: Remember to play your part. Don't eat any fruit or vegetables in front of them. They only eat raw meat.
  • Jitak: Oh, and be a little more stupid. Gerts can't even count to 20. There is another camp just on the other side of the watch tower.
  • Jitak: I can't believe they don't know about it. It's like they aren't even looking in the right direction! Now off you go, the last thing we need is another Gert war.

Stage 9[]

» Go to the Gerten Camp.

 X   18  Y   34  Z   -5345  Wynncraft Map 

Stage 10[]

» Talk to the Gerten Captain.

 X   31  Y   34  Z   -5339  Wynncraft Map 


  • Gerten Captain: Hello gert! Want enter tunnel? Sure, you enter tunnel!
  • Gerten Captain: Wait! Gert remember something! Gert only go in tunnel with password! Gert have password?

Stage 11[]

» Find the password by killing the Solitary Gert at the end of the trail of blood from Anof's house (The guy across the canyon from the Gylia Watch tower) and return to the Gerten Captain.


  • Gerten Captain: Gert cave password now? Gert say password!
  • Gerten Captain: “Pig Hunt Potato”? Password right! Gert enter tunnel now!

Stage 12[]

» Inspect the tunnel.

 X   27  Y   31  Z   -5336  Wynncraft Map 


  • Gerten Captain: Ha ha! Human stupid! Gert dog smell human! You in prison now! Gert eat human later!

Stage 13[]

» Escape your cell.

Spoiler alert: The hidden text contains spoilers relating to escaping your cell.
To burst open the cell door, press the buttons next to the water buckets in order of least full to most full bucket.

Stage 14[]

» Escape the Gerten prison.

Stage 15[]

» Head to the cell.

 X   -808  Y   47  Z   -8217  Wynncraft Map 


  • Comor: Hey, you! Over here! Help me get out of here!
  • Comor: Oh, thank god someone finally showed up! I've been down here for days. You have to help me escape!
  • Comor: I already had a plan with another prisoner, but my partner has disappeared. We used to talk to each other when the guards weren’t there.
  • Comor: But now I can’t see or hear him. I’m worried that something bad has happened to him.
  • Comor: He said that he managed to steal a key from a Gert that kept smelling him. We were just waiting for a good opportunity.
  • Comor: Would you go and check his cell out? I would do it myself, but if you haven’t noticed, I cannot get out of my cell.
  • Comor: For some reason my cell is more protected than the others. My friend’s cell is just a little further along.

Stage 16[]

» Kill the Hungry Gert and return to Comor with the Cell Key.


  • The blood is still fresh. This can’t be good. Looks like the blood is leading to that narrow tunnel in the back of the cell. I should check it out.


  • Hungry Gert: I eat this villager, now I eat human!


  • Comor: So? Is he alright?
  • Comor: What's this? You found the key! Bleagh... Looks like it's been inside of a Gert! Wait… It has!
  • Comor: He's dead? No, that's impossible! We were going to escape together!
  • Comor: Uh... I don't know what to do. I guess I will tell his family once I get out.
  • Comor: As soon as I'm ready, I'll be going off. Thank you! I just need a minute.

Stage 17[]

» Escape the Gerten prison.

Stage 18[]

» Kill the Gerten Prison Warden and use the Barricade Key on Barricade Keyhole to escape.


  • Gerten Prison Warden: Human no escape! I stop human!

The barricade opens before you, as you put the key in the keyhole. You may go now.

Stage 19[]

» Leave the Gerten prison and return to Cikal to tell him about the tunnels.


  • Cikal: Welcome back, I was just about to go for a brew with the boys. What did you find?
  • Cikal: A tunnel going through the tower’s basement? What kind of nonsense is that?!
  • Cikal: How could they possibly have done that literally right under our noses! Who could have thought the Gerts were so smart! That is very uncommon.
  • Cikal: Right! After tonight’s drinking games we’ll get right on it! Thank you for your service to the Gylia Watch! Take this as a reward!


  • The Password is dropped by Solitary Gert.
  • You can get the Gerten Prison Warden to jump off the platform into the water, where you will be safe to attack him from above.