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The Hunger of Gerts Part 2
Quest Info
Length Long
Location Gylia Plains
Province Gavel
Combat Level 78
Starter NPC Gerten Chief Lobo
Required Quest The Hunger of Gerts Part 1
Reward As follows:

The Hunger of Gerts Part 2 is a long level 78 quest revolving in the Gylia Plains, more specifically around Lake Gylia.


After finding a secret letter from the villagers, Gerten Chief Lobo presents the player with the letter, in which the player finds out that there is a 'battery farm', that they must investigate.

Stage 1[]

» Talk to Gerten Chief Lobo. Bring the Gert mask

 Location   Gylia Plains   X   -141  Y   82  Z   -5607  Wynncraft Map 


  • Gerten Chief Lobo: Hello gert! Is sad time for all gert! We no food, because big bad tower block our tunnel!
  • Gerten Chief Lobo: All small gert starving! No good! But there hope! I find paper with pig on! Must be food paper!
  • Gerten Chief Lobo: Wait! Gert speak again! Ooo! You speak better than other gert! Must be smart gert! Read paper, gert no know how read!
  • Gerten Chief Lobo: What read? Is food? Tell gert! Gert angry! Or hungry!
  • Gerten Chief Lobo: What be battery farm? Gert not know! ... What?! Villager keep animal in cage and treat bad?
  • Gerten Chief Lobo: Gert know villager bad! All of time! First take Gert food, after do bad to animal! Gert more angry!
  • Gerten Chief Lobo: Gert may do bad, but gert care for animal! You, gert, smart and strong! Find bad villager and kill!
  • Gerten Chief Lobo: Also bring food from farm too! Gert starve! Need food!
  • The note says that the battery farm is located under Jitak's house. Start by investigating his house!

Stage 2[]

» Head to Jitak’s house.

 X   -169  Y   32  Z   -5470  Wynncraft Map 


  • As you try to enter the farmer's house, the iron golem pushes you back. Find a way around!

Stage 3[]

» Find another way into Jitak's house by looking around.

 X   -176  Y   32  Z   -5481  Wynncraft Map 

Stage 4[]

» Talk to Gerten Excavator.

 X   -181  Y   22  Z   -5472  Wynncraft Map 


  • Gerten Excavator: No gert allow to enter my tunnel! Dig alone now! Leave or gert say to chief!
  • Gerten Excavator: What? Chief send gert? Why chief send? Tell!
  • Gerten Excavator: Battery farm? What that? Gert not know the name! Tell!
  • Gerten Excavator: O! That bad! Why villager do bad to animal? Villager bad! Gert must stop ba-... Baddery farm?
  • Gerten Excavator: Gert get it on first time! Very smart! How we stop it? Animal should be free and in gert belly, not in bad farm!
  • Gerten Excavator: This hole? It lead to bad farmer basement! Why ask? Yes, gert can go in!

Stage 5[]

» Enter Jitak's basement using the hole Gerten Excavator has dug.

Stage 6[]

» Find a way in to the battery farm from Jitak's basement.

Image Name Level Health AI Type Abilities Elemental Stats Drops Location
BasementImp.png Basement Imp 79 3240 Melee - ❋ Def
✹ Weak
- Jitak's basement

Stage 7[]

» Find a way out of the first room of the battery farm.

Spoiler alert: The hidden text contains spoilers relating to finding a way out.

Follow the blood trail, press the stone button on the piece of birch wood.


  • Big Butch: A guest? I've not had a real guest in quite a while.
Image Name Level Health AI Type Abilities Elemental Stats Drops Location
WeakChicken.png Weak Chicken 78 2680 Passive - - - Battery Farm

Stage 8[]

» Find a way out of the second room of the battery farm.


  • Big Butch: This place is what feeds half of Gavel. Some say it's not humane. I say we aren't Human.
  • Big Butch: Most Villagers don't even know where their food comes from. They just buy and eat it.
Image Name Level Health AI Type Abilities Elemental Stats Drops Location
DefensiveArrowTurret.png Defensive Arrow Turret 80 4500 Ranged - ✦ Def
✤ Weak
- Battery Farm
MeatAbomination.png Meat Abomination 82 6000 Melee - ✹ Dam
✤ Def
✦ Weak
- Battery Farm

Stage 9[]

» Talk to Captured Gert.


  • Captured Gert: O! Human! Come close so gert can eat human! Gert hunger! Wait! Smell like gert, look like human! Must be weird gert! Gert help gert!
  • Captured Gert: Big bad villager take gert and gert friend in cave! Put here and kill! I only survive! Other got kill!
  • Captured Gert: Bad villager use thing next to gert for kill other gert! Cut other gert in pice! Then put together! Then drag away! Very scary!
  • Captured Gert: Can gert help? Gert want live! Big villager very bad! Gert eat villager!
  • Captured Gert: Power room? Gert hear noise above! Maybe power? Go check! Gert hunger!

Stage 10[]

» Turn off the power.

 X   -1011  Y   18  Z   -7870  Wynncraft Map 


  • The power has been turned off. The gert can now escape.

Stage 11[]

» Talk to Captured Gert.


  • Captured Gert: Gert no hear more noise! Gert turn power off? Gert happy! Gert leave now! Thank!

Stage 12[]

» Leave the third room of the battery farm.

Image Name Level Health AI Type Abilities Elemental Stats Drops Location
SpikedMeatAbomination.png Spiked Meat Abomination 83 3750 Melee - ✹ Dam
✤ Def
✦ Weak
- Battery Farm


  • Big Butch: The truth is, if they knew, if they saw, would they reconsider their ways? Maybe.
  • Big Butch: Since you're my guest, would you like to hear a story? Of course you would.
  • Big Butch: Unless you are blind, you should've noticed my work, my pretties.
  • Big Butch: They are made of meat. Butchering animals all day is lonely work. I need friends.
  • Big Butch: There are these creatures called Gerts. They obviously have no brain. It was so easy to trick them into my experiments. To become my friends.
  • Big Butch: Yes, that's right! All of the abominations are actually Gerts who have been reassembled.
  • Big Butch: Why do you care about them? They are just pests to us. They care only for hunger.
  • Big Butch: Well, it's not like the people of Gavel will find out where their food really comes from, the secret dies with you! They will forever more live in blissful ignorance!

Stage 13[]

» Defeat Big Butch and put 1 Security Card into the Security Machine.

Image Name Level Health AI Type Abilities Elemental Stats Drops Location
BigButch.png Big Butch 87 65000 Melee Pull
Heavy Multihit
✹ Dam
✤ Def
✽ Weak

Security Card
Battery Farm


  • ???: In order to gain access to the exit, one must put [1 Security Card] into the Security Machine.
  • ???: Checking the Security Card. Success. You may now pass.

Stage 14[]

» Leave Big Butch's room.

Stage 15[]

» Talk to Gerten Chief Lobo with 1 High Quality Meat Crate.


  • Gerten Chief Lobo: Gert back? Did stop the farm? Bad villager must die!
  • Gerten Chief Lobo: Good! Gert do good job! Get meat too? Smart gert best gert! Very thank! Gert not starve anymore!
  • Gerten Chief Lobo: Wait! Gert have something! Have 1 Gerten Ritual Mask! You earn!


  • Bring the Gert Mask with you before you head out for the quest.


  • The quest is a sad reflection of the meat industry in real life.