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The Hunger of Gerts Part 2
Quest Info
Length Long
Location Gylia Plains
Province Gavel
Combat Level 78
Starter NPC Gerten Chief Lobo
Required Quest The Hunger of Gerts Part 1
Reward As follows:

The Hunger of Gerts Part 2 is a long level 78 quest revolving in the Gylia Plains, more specifically around Lake Gylia.


After finding a secret letter from the villagers, Gerten Chief Lobo presents the player with the letter, in which the player finds out that there is a 'battery farm', that they must investigate.

Stage 1[]

» Talk to Gerten Chief Lobo. Bring the Gert mask

 Location   Gylia Plains   X   -141  Y   82  Z   -5607  Wynncraft Map 


  • Gerten Chief Lobo: Hello gert! Is sad time for all gert! We no food, because big bad tower block our tunnel!
  • Gerten Chief Lobo: All small gert starving! No good! But there hope! I find paper with pig on! Must be food paper!
  • Gerten Chief Lobo: Wait! Gert speak again! Ooo! You speak better than other gert! Must be smart gert! Read paper, gert no know how read!
  • Gerten Chief Lobo: What read? Is food? Tell gert! Gert angry! Or hungry!
  • Gerten Chief Lobo: What be battery farm? Gert not know! ... What?! Villager keep animal in cage and treat bad?
  • Gerten Chief Lobo: Gert know villager bad! All of time! First take Gert food, after do bad to animal! Gert more angry!
  • Gerten Chief Lobo: Gert may do bad, but gert care for animal! You, gert, smart and strong! Find bad villager and kill!
  • Gerten Chief Lobo: Also bring food from farm too! Gert starve! Need food!
  • The note says that the battery farm is located under Jitak's house. Start by investigating his house!

Stage 2[]

» Head to Jitak’s house.

 X   -169  Y   32  Z   -5470  Wynncraft Map 


  • As you try to enter the farmer's house, the iron golem pushes you back. Find a way around!

Stage 3[]

» Find another way into Jitak's house by looking around.

 X   -176  Y   32  Z   -5481  Wynncraft Map 

Stage 4[]

» Talk to Gerten Excavator.

 X   -181  Y   22  Z   -5472  Wynncraft Map 


  • Gerten Excavator: No gert allow to enter my tunnel! Dig alone now! Leave or gert say to chief!
  • Gerten Excavator: What? Chief send gert? Why chief send? Tell!
  • Gerten Excavator: Battery farm? What that? Gert not know the name! Tell!
  • Gerten Excavator: O! That bad! Why villager do bad to animal? Villager bad! Gert must stop ba-... Baddery farm?
  • Gerten Excavator: Gert get it on first time! Very smart! How we stop it? Animal should be free and in gert belly, not in bad farm!
  • Gerten Excavator: This hole? It lead to bad farmer basement! Why ask? Yes, gert can go in!

Stage 5[]

» Enter Jitak's basement using the hole Gerten Excavator has dug.

Stage 6[]

» Find a way in to the battery farm from Jitak's basement.

Stage 7[]

» Find a way out of the first room of the battery farm.

Spoiler alert: The hidden text contains spoilers relating to finding a way out.

Follow the blood trail, press the stone button on the piece of birch wood.


  • Big Butch: A guest? I've not had a real guest in quite a while.

Stage 8[]

» Find a way out of the second room of the battery farm.


  • Big Butch: This place is what feeds half of Gavel. Some say it's not humane. I say we aren't Human.
  • Big Butch: Most Villagers don't even know where their food comes from. They just buy and eat it.

Stage 9[]

» Talk to Captured Gert.


  • Captured Gert: O! Human! Come close so gert can eat human! Gert hunger! Wait! Smell like gert, look like human! Must be weird gert! Gert help gert!
  • Captured Gert: Big bad villager take gert and gert friend in cave! Put here and kill! I only survive! Other got kill!
  • Captured Gert: Bad villager use thing next to gert for kill other gert! Cut other gert in pice! Then put together! Then drag away! Very scary!
  • Captured Gert: Can gert help? Gert want live! Big villager very bad! Gert eat villager!
  • Captured Gert: Power room? Gert hear noise above! Maybe power? Go check! Gert hunger!

Stage 10[]

» Turn off the power.

 X   -1011  Y   18  Z   -7870  Wynncraft Map 


  • The power has been turned off. The gert can now escape.

Stage 11[]

» Talk to Captured Gert.


  • Captured Gert: Gert no hear more noise! Gert turn power off? Gert happy! Gert leave now! Thank!

Stage 12[]

» Leave the third room of the battery farm.


  • Big Butch: The truth is, if they knew, if they saw, would they reconsider their ways? Maybe.
  • Big Butch: Since you're my guest, would you like to hear a story? Of course you would.
  • Big Butch: Unless you are blind, you should've noticed my work, my pretties.
  • Big Butch: They are made of meat. Butchering animals all day is lonely work. I need friends.
  • Big Butch: There are these creatures called Gerts. They obviously have no brain. It was so easy to trick them into my experiments. To become my friends.
  • Big Butch: Yes, that's right! All of the abominations are actually Gerts who have been reassembled.
  • Big Butch: Why do you care about them? They are just pests to us. They care only for hunger.
  • Big Butch: Well, it's not like the people of Gavel will find out where their food really comes from, the secret dies with you! They will forever more live in blissful ignorance!

Stage 13[]

» Defeat Big Butch and put 1 Security Card into the Security Machine.


  • ???: In order to gain access to the exit, one must put [1 Security Card] into the Security Machine.
  • ???: Checking the Security Card. Success. You may now pass.

Stage 14[]

» Leave Big Butch's room.

Stage 15[]

» Talk to Gerten Chief Lobo with 1 High Quality Meat Crate.


  • Gerten Chief Lobo: Gert back? Did stop the farm? Bad villager must die!
  • Gerten Chief Lobo: Good! Gert do good job! Get meat too? Smart gert best gert! Very thank! Gert not starve anymore!
  • Gerten Chief Lobo: Wait! Gert have something! Have 1 Gerten Ritual Mask! You earn!


  • Bring the Gert Mask with you before you head out for the quest.


  • The quest is a sad reflection of the meat industry in real life.