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The Lost
Quest Info
Length Medium
Location Canyon of the Lost
Province Gavel
Combat Level 85
Starter NPC Dejol
Reward As follows:

The Lost is a medium level 85 quest based in the Canyon of the Lost.


After the player stumbles upon and talks to Dejol, the leader of his crew, he reveals that his crew has gone missing. Dejol then encourages the player to find and give letters to all five missing members that have up red flags so that were to be used if ever any of them went missing. Dejol's letters provide instructions for each of the members on how to get back to where he is.

Stage 1[]

» Talk to Dejol.

 Location   Canyon of the Lost   X   452  Y   28  Z   -4455  Wynncraft Map 


  • Dejol: Ho, traveller! I need the help of a true explorer. I can see it in your eyes, you are an adventurer like me!
  • Dejol: While you are here, adventurer, I could use your help with something. I have gotten myself into a small predicament in my travels.
  • Dejol: You see, me and five others were on a grand expedition to explore the entire canyon! Unfortunately, we ran into a slight problem...
  • Dejol: The Canyon of the Lost is clearly called that for a reason, within hours, we had lost each other!
  • Dejol: Luckily, we were prepared for it. We each carried a flag so if we ever got lost, we can raise it to be found.
  • Dejol: So what we didn't think about however is, who should walk to what flag.. We’re all probably sitting by our flags!
  • Dejol: I can see a flag from here, but I don't know where the others are. Can you deliver these letters to each of them, which should give them the instructions they need?
  • Dejol: Thank you! Okay, I written five letters, one for each member of my crew. Remember, they can't have gotten too far from their red flags. Come back when you have delivered all 5.

Finding The Crew Members (Stages 2-6)[]

There is no specific order you need to find these NPCs in.


Ansei is located close to where Kofis was. It is in the cave beside Ansei's Journal.

 Location   Canyon of the Lost   X   479  Y   81  Z   -4347  Wynncraft Map 


  • Ansei: How did I get up here? I was going to check out some of the plants here and suddenly I found myself up here...
  • Ansei: Why does that letter have my name on it? Is it for me? I'm grateful, but surprised. Thank you for bringing this to me.
  • Ansei: Ah, Dejol has raised his flag. That's good news, I shall head to him as soon as I can figure out how to get down here.


Felim is located in a cave with a ferocious bear.

 X   294  Y   87  Z   -4541  Wynncraft Map 


  • Felim: Ah! You startled me! Sorry, I've been very nervous ever since that bear dragged me in here. She must have thought I was one of her cubs.
  • Felim: Wait... did you save me? Thank you! Oh, a letter for me? Didn't expect to hear from anyone out ere...
  • Felim: Ah, Dejol wants me to find him. Okay, I'll head back to his flag once I've calmed down a bit from this whole bear thing.


Kofis is located near Dejol's blue flag and is located up close to the waterfall.

 X   505  Y   51  Z   -4463  Wynncraft Map 


  • Kofis: Guess it was pretty easy to find me. Probably because I didn't feel the need to explore every cave or tower, like the others.
  • Kofis: That letter, it's addressed to me! Give me that! Why did you even have it in the first place? Ah, never mind that. Let me just read it...
  • Kofis: I knew they weren't coming for me. Alright, I'll pack up my things and head to Dejol.


Sytis is located high up in a tower close to Yuge and Felim.

 X   324  Y   156  Z   -4526  Wynncraft Map 


  • Sytis: Sounds like you had a spot of trouble down there. I ran up here for safety, but I can leave whenever I want!
  • Sytis: Hm, a message for me? Well, give me the letter, then! I deserve to know this information!
  • Sytis: Dejol wants everyone to go to his flag? Typical. I've been waiting hours for people to come to me.


Yuge is located up a tower near Sytis.

 X   335  Y   128  Z   -4488  Wynncraft Map 


  • Yuge: How did you get up here? You must be quite the climber, like me. The view up here is fantastic, isn't it?
  • Yuge: A letter? For me? That's interesting, must be from someone in the crew. Hope they're all okay.
  • Yuge: Oh, thank goodness! Dejol managed to get a message to me. I've been looking for people up here for ages.

Stage 7[]

» Return to Dejol to tell him of your success.


  • Dejol: Ho, adventurer! Have you found my missing crew?
  • Dejol: You have? Are they all alright? Oh, thank goodness! If any of them were to get hurt, I would only blame myself.
  • Dejol: I will keep my flag raised until they get here!
  • Dejol: You helped me out by delivering those letters, so I will reward you. I do not need these emeralds, adventure is its own reward!


  • Put your render distance to 16 chunks (or if using Optifine, Far) so you can see every flag raised.