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The Maiden Tower
Quest Info
Length Medium
Location Olux Swamp
Province Gavel
Combat Level 51
Starter NPC Sherk
Reward As follows:

The Maiden Tower is a medium level 51 quest located in the Olux Swamp.


Sherk wants to win the attraction of a maiden atop a tower in the Olux Swamp, however, Sherk has yet to see the Maiden, and is surprised at the true result.

Stage 1[]

» Visit Sherk at [-2172, 54, -5118]

Olux Swamp
-2172, 54, -5118
Wynncraft Map


  • Sherk: Ah! What are you doing in my swamp?! Don't you know that Ogres live alone for a reason?
  • Sherk: Eh? You're from across the sea, a land called Win? You certainly don't look like a winner to me, ya small fry.
  • Sherk: Fine then. Consider yourself lucky I'm in a... mood. I'll talk with you instead of crackin' yer bones for my bread.
  • Sherk: Ogres are tough. We're independent and solitary folks. You don't bother us or interfere with our life, we leave you alone.
  • Sherk: That is, until it's time to find ourselves a partner. Then we'll turn over hell and highwater ta be together.
  • Sherk: And... well, when it's two ogres getting together, it's simple. But... I passed by a tall tower, and heard a Maiden's voice from inside.
  • Sherk: Ogres don't live in fairytale towers, or have a voice that could make flowers grow with its lovely lilt!
  • Sherk: I've been tryin' ta figure out how to approach this... I'm gettin' on in years, I need to find someone, and she's the girl.
  • Sherk: If you can help me out, I'll be real grateful. I'm sure I've got something that you'd like in exchange.
  • Sherk: Follow the rocky-looking path to find the tower. I'll meet with you there- prepare to be a wingman for an ogre.

Stage 2[]

» Follow the stones in the path to the tower at [-1997, 81, -5287]

Olux Swamp
-1997, 81, -5287
Wynncraft Map


  • Sherk: This is the place. She's up at the top... Remember, I won't stop 'til I meet her. Coming here means you're in for the long haul.
  • Maiden: I hear a voice outside! Oh, who might it be, I wonder~
  • Sherk: Here goes... Hello, fair lady of the tower! I am Sherk! I heard your voice on the road- and I must meet you myself! ...that's formal enough, right?
  • Maiden: Ohoho! An admirer? Such a lovely, rugged accent! However ...if you wish to meet me, I'd like to see your devotion, yes?
  • Sherk: Woman, you have no idea what you're sayin' when you ask for devotion.
  • Maiden: There is a lovely urn my father had before. He took it with him to his grave, and I do miss my dear father so.
  • Maiden: Retrieve the urn for me, so I can have a memento of him. Brave the crypts of Olux, behind the bank... And prove your devotion, dear suitor~
  • Sherk: ...I'll return! You'll get your urn, no doubt! ... ...and a lovely fine boot up my backside. I don't fancy a massacre for a piece of pottery, Win person.
  • Sherk: I go into Olux, I'll get attacked. I get attacked, I attack back. They'll come after us... wouldn't want to present her with that. You get that urn for me, alright?

Stage 3[]

» Find the urn in the Olux Catacombs, behind the Olux bank at [-1742, 66, -5593]

-1742, 66, -5593
Wynncraft Map
Spoiler alert: The hidden text contains spoilers relating to entering the tomb.

The code to enter the catacombs is purple, yellow, red, green.

Image Name Level Health AI Type Abilities Elemental Stats Drops Location
100px Urn Keeper 51 3750 Melee AI Heavy Weakness Water: Weakness
Earth: Weakness
Fire: Damage
Thunder: Damage, Defense
Ancient Urn Olux Catatombs
  • Sherk: And this is why I asked your help. As nice as blood spreads on toast, I have to reserve my sensibilities for the miss.

[-1 Ancient Urn]

  • Sherk: I've got you some compensation already, so don't worry about getting snubbed for credit. Thank you kindly for the help.
  • Sherk: Just one last thing. I doubt she'll be expecting an ogre of all people to climb up her tower. I don't want her to get frightened away.
  • Sherk: So, Win person. Care to temper her expectations before I arrive? Head up before me.

Stage 4[]

» Enter the tower and make Sherk confess his love to the maiden.


  • Maiden: Ohoho... you're one of those Humans I've read about, aren't you? Did you truly intend to be my suitor, dear?~
  • Sherk: Not exactly, milady! I'm the one seeking your affections- Coming up the ladder. I know I may not be a fairytale husband, but-
  • Maiden: Oh...my...goodness! A big, strong, strapping ogre!! Not a fairytale, my foot! And so polite too... Oh you'll make a perfect husband, heehee~
  • Sherk: ...ehm. I. Ah.
  • Sherk: Aren't your type supposed to be less... Ehm... Clefted? Grizzled? Pale?
  • Maiden: Oh, come here, Sherky-pie, give me a big kiss! And no need to worry, there's plenty more in store for my big hubby after that~
  • Sherk: Cor, lady! Even for an ogre you're layin' it on a bit thick! Aah, you see, ogres, and people like you, they have layers, right? And your first one is... Eh... ...rotten.
  • Sherk: Now I'm sure you'll find a nice lad somewhere who'll take you for who you are, but until you find someone who has no standards, shove your creepy lips where I can't see 'em!!
  • Maiden: ...I...I g-guess he was rotten to the core, despite his...l-luscious exterior ...but you'll make me feel better, right, you s-studly human? Right?! RIGHT?!!
Image Name Level Health AI Type Abilities Elemental Stats Drops Location
100px Tower Maiden 55 3150 - - - - Maiden Tower


  • At the back of the tower there are stairs leading down to a basement with a diary, which provides insight into the maiden's story.
Spoiler alert: The hidden text contains spoilers relating to the contents of the diary.

Dear diary...
I found this strange creature along the road outside the tower- it dug up from the ground.
It looked so spindly and thin- I decided to take it in as a pet. I've called her Fiona.
My father is confused as to what it is, and I am too, but it needs some loving care for certain…

Dear diary...
Fiona quite likes my father, it seems! I keep finding her scratching at his door.
She seems to like to bite, too...it is a habit I'll need to train out of her, given it leaves my skin pale.

Dear diary...
My father has died today... I found Fiona atop him. She must have been trying to comfort him...
His funeral rites are being sorted. I cannot write more...at least I will have my dear pet.

Dear diary...
...Fiona was the problem to begin with. I feel sickly and pale, and it all started when she arrived!!
I didn't want to admit it- She is the reason my father died, and the reason that I look like death when I look in the mirror!!
The only consolation is that she seems to have disappeared on her own. Good riddance to her!
I dearly need a man to comfort me during these times... Not even a man, anyone will do!!

  • The pet seems to have actually been a Parasite of Decay, as it might have been starved of light, and leeched off of the light of the Maiden and her father.
  • The name Sherk is an anagram of Shrek, which is a reference. The original Shrek movie has Shrek rescue a princess to rid his swamp of fairy-tale creatures.
  • Sherk mentioning the Maiden having layers at Stage 4 is a reference to a line in Shrek, with Shrek saying "Onions have layers."
  • If you see Sherk again after the quest, Sherk will have a wooden donkey in the center of his house, as a reference to his companion, Donkey.
  • This quest got updated in 1.20. To see the original quest, see The Maiden Tower (1.19).