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The Mercenary
Quest Info
Length Medium
Location Nemract
Province Wynn
Combat Level 30
Starter NPC Mylo
Reward As follows:

The Mercenary is a medium level 30 quest centered in Nemract and Almuj.


The player is asked by Admiral Amerigo to sneak through the Invaded Barracks and assassinate commander Takan.

Stage 1[]

» Talk to Mylo in Nemract at [184, 54, -2141]



  • Mylo: These are dark times, weary traveler! Nemract is at its weakest!
  • Mylo: Our warriors have been massacred! We are completely defenseless!
  • Mylo: We once had a brave commander who lead us to victory, but I fear he has turned!
  • Mylo: He is the reason our warriors are dead! He led them into a trap, I'm sure of it!
  • Mylo: His name is Takan. He's been acting strange ever since his brother was sentenced to death by Admiral Amerigo.
  • Mylo: Sadly, I can't prove of his treachery. I desperately need your help! You must investigate further!
  • Mylo: Go talk to Admiral Amerigo in Almuj. Ask him about Takan, then ask him for reinforcements immediately!
  • Mylo: What!? You don't know how to reach Almuj? Just venture past Saint's Row and through the savannah!

Stage 2[]

» Talk to Admiral Amerigo in Almuj at [978, 83, -1973]



  • Amerigo: I have no time for you, stranger! Almuj's army is in panic!
  • Amerigo: You are here for Takan? In Bob's name, of course he's a traitor!
  • Amerigo: You came too late, he has already caused us much trouble!
  • Amerigo: After leaving Nemract, he came to Almuj's barracks and lead a surprise attack of bandits! The carnage!
  • Amerigo: I was just about to lead the rest of my army to retaliate, but perhaps there is a better way.
  • Amerigo: Since it would seem that Nemract needs my army, I need you to take care of Takan. Who knows what he could be up to!
  • Amerigo: However, the bandits that have taken over the barracks will be too strong for you! You must use stealth instead of force.
  • Amerigo: Go to the barracks in the corner of the desert and assassinate Commander Takan. Bring me his badge!
  • Amerigo: There should be a way to sneak in from a hole blasted on the far west side of the barracks that I escaped from.
  • Amerigo: In fact, the trail of blood I left behind might lead you to him! You should be able to find him in the command room.

Stage 3[]

» Sneak into the Barracks at [1349, 77, -2283] and assassinate Takan

Spoiler alert: The hidden text contains spoilers relating to how to get to Takan.

Follow the trail of blood (redstone) that Amerigo mentioned and parkour over the rooftops. There is an exploded hole at the left edge of barracks. Proceed through there, and through a number of passageways and parkour sections, while avoiding the various hostile mobs, to get to Takan. Since Takan has very low health and no attacks, you only have to worry about the other bandits when sneaking through the barracks.

Image Name Level Health AI Type Abilities Elemental Stats Drops Location
ShadowSpearsBandit(Melee).png Shadow Spears Bandit 33 260 Melee AI - - - Invaded Barracks
ShadowSpearsBandit(Ranged).png Shadow Spears Bandit 33 260 Ranged AI - - - Invaded Barracks
ShadowSpearsJuggernaut.png Shadow Spears Juggernaut 28 2400 Melee AI - - - Invaded Barracks
Takan.png Commander Takan 30 5 None AI - -
Takan's Badge
Invaded Barracks

As you get closer to Takan, the following dialogue will play:

  • Takan: The commanding officers are aristocrats, all of them! They deserve to suffer for their selfishness!
  • Takan: Now that we have taken over their barracks, we can take over all of Wynn and make them suffer!
  • Takan: Today is the dawn of a new era... GAAHHH!

Stage 4[]

» Bring back Takan's Badge to Amerigo at [978, 83, -1973]



  • Amerigo: Stranger, report!
  • Amerigo: You... You did it?! That was rather fast, I must say!
  • Amerigo: You have done this city proud, stranger. Almuj stands for another day then.
  • Amerigo: Please take this small reward as a token of the city's appreciation... Hm...
  • Amerigo: No, not a small reward. I will give you something that one such as yourself more than deserves.
  • Amerigo: This is not any mere piece of gear. This is spoken of in fantasies, in fables.
  • Amerigo: Such items have special abilities that are far beyond any of the normal magic powers you find on most things.
  • Amerigo: This one, in particular is only awarded in very certain cases, and can be considered a medal of honour. Be proud!
  • Amerigo: Now run along, I have to collect my honorary badge for taking out Ex-Commander Takan.


  • When you enter the command center, sit on top of the ledge, so the bandits won't be able to get to you.
  • When invading the barracks, you can skip the entire parkour by going in through the exit hole located at [1451 -2213].