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The Moon SiteIcon.png
A normal sight of moon rise.... on the moon?
Discovery Lore
It seems the wizard's gravity spell made you fall all the way through space, landing on the moon itself. Weird.
Coordinates X: 192,200,000, Z: 192,200,000
Access Points 1215, -4935
Suggested Level 96
Involved Quests Recipe For Disaster

The Moon is an extraterrestrial location that can be accessed during and after the Recipe For Disaster quest, by climbing the Tower of the self-proclaimed "Space Wizard" Astralaus. In order to acquire both Quicksalt and Zork Rinds to complete Brie's Hearty Zork Stew Recipe in Recipe For Disaster, you must climb the tower and be sent to the Moon by Astralaus' magic.

Points of Interest

Humyn Settlement

After arriving on the Moon in the crash site of an alien spacecraft, travel over the ridge to the southwest to reach the most prominent feature of the Moon's surface, a small colony of an alien species called "Humyns". The settlement consists of several futuristic, subterranean habitats and greenhouses, and is populated by diminutive Humyns as well as a variety of Wybels, as can be found in other places like the Wybel Island in the Sky Islands. There is also a refinery which can be used to process Quicksalt into Zork Rinds and "Burnmilk", as well as a small rocket which can be powered with Burnmilk to return to Gavel.

The Regular Humyn is the only NPC in the settlement. During the quest, it explains how the Humyns crashed and temporarily settled on the Moon, and directs you to acquire and refine Quicksalt in exchange for the other items you need.

  • Regular Humyn: What takes you here, strangeling? What namings do you have? Hu-man? We claim Humyn! Bad choose, pick elsewhere strangeling!
  • Regular Humyn: Investigating for helping? How many conveniences! Humyns requires assistancing! You observers, humyns failflies into large crater-rock!
  • Regular Humyn: Burnmilk sprint out and one direction to retrieve it is quicksalt! We strike lucknugget and discover quicksalt on crater-rock!
  • Regular Humyn: Refined quicksalt gives burnmilk for spacezoom! Inconveniencing, spacezoom destroyed. Humyns create miniscule Spacezoom!
  • Regular Humyn: Only singular humyn can fit in current spacezoom. If strangeling helps humyns will let strangeling in spacezoom. Humyns can create new spacezoom in given time!
  • Regular Humyn: Humyns currently residing on crater-rock, meaning waiting is not result of death!
  • Regular Humyn: Quicksalt discovering in saltcave! Location north of village! Take many carefuls, strangeling, saltcave has falling danger!
  • Regular Humyn: To kick spacezoom into moving, humyns need [18 quicksalt]. Place quicksalts into machine to refine burnmilk!
  • Regular Humyn: Many lucks, strangeling "Hu-man", humyns cheerleading in village. When ready to travel to small spacezoom with burnmilk in hold!

If you return to the Moon after the quest and speak to the Regular Humyn again, it will provide some additional information, apparently referring to knowledge the Humyns gained from visiting the Blue Meteor.

  • Regular Humyn: How humyns converse Wynnic? Humyns uncover paper-read from blue space-rock!
  • Regular Humyn: Humyns have created other small spacezoom! Discover more quicksalt from saltcave to refine burnmilk to return to blue spacerock!

Quicksalt Cavern

 Location   The Moon   X   2490  Y     Z   -5255  Wynncraft Map 

A road leads northwest out of the Humyn settlement crater, and across the otherwise barren lunar surface to the Quicksalt mine. The mine is a long, winding cavern filled with collapsed rocks; at the end is a barrier, with a warning that the cavern is in danger of collapse, which can be walked through into a dark cavern where Quicksalt spawns. After collecting 18, begin to leave, and the mine will start to collapse. If you don't escape fast enough, you will be crushed and will have to wait a short time before retrying the escape sequence.

Throw 6 Quicksalt into each of the three hoppers in the Humyns' refinery, and you will receive Zork Rinds, Burnmilk, and one Quicksalt back. Afterwards, you can enter the small rocket nearby to return to the northeastern edge of the Sky Islands.

  • Regular Humyn: For many salts given by you, we obtained just right for burnmilk. For work by strangeling, we present you gift times two! Walk to the space boat close by for return home.
  • Regular Humyn: Keep extra salts and carry this zorks rinds of consecutive feastings!


  • The Humyns are probably space-travelers who in a series of bad events crashed and got stuck on the moon.
  • Wybels are for some reason spawning on the moon, confirming the Wybels class teacher from The Order of the Grook that the wybles came to earth from outer space.
  • Don't take the coords above in the moon overall info seriously, if you didn't get it yet, the combination of both x and z value there are equal to the average moon distance from earth in meters in real life.