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The Nether TerritoryIcon.png
Access Points Nether Portal 170, -1300, the Lobby
Suggested Level 90
Type/Biomes Nether
Special Conditions PVP Enabled
Other Information
Global Area
Briefly.. I saw beyond. I do not have the words to describe... Cold yet searing. Land plagued by war and disease, and then I saw... it.
~ Garoth in Studying the Corrupt


The Nether is a world parallel to that which houses Wynn and Gavel, similar to the Realm of Light. It is nearly entirely corrupted, in a similar manner to the Roots of Corruption; the ground is made of netherrack and obsidian, vast oceans of lava surround the remaining land masses, and dark spikes of obsidian jut into the dark sky. Various ruins are also scattered around the realm, destroyed by the corruption. The Nether can, in fact, be accessed from the Roots of Corruption, and leaks through the Nether Gate into the province of Wynn.

The music track “Unyielding Influence” played while in the Nether.


Currently, the Nether is unreachable.

The Nether's main function in the modern day is as a free-for-all PvP arena. Rounds last for five minutes, and players fight each other using a combat system related to identifications, skill points and elements - the only difference between PvP and PvE is what you're fighting against. Players must decide their playstyle and where skill points will be put into in order to even have a chance. At the end of each round, the players with the most kills are announced and the arena resets itself.

The arena plays a large role in the Statistics system, and makes up a major leaderboard on the Wynncraft website, alongside the Guilds leaderboard and the Player Leaderboard. The PVP board is reloaded every five minutes, and shows the players with the most kills in specific time periods.

The general rules of the Nether Arena are as follows:

  • You will never lose or gain Soul Points in the Nether.
  • Horses cannot be used in the Nether.
  • You cannot duel or trade with other players.


The Nether was destroyed by the corruption an unknown amount of time ago, before the Nether Gate was discovered by human miners. After discovering emeralds on the other side of the portal among the red stone, the miners constructed a quarry around the gate and dug until they breached an unknown barrier; this allowed the undead out of the Nether, and the corruption quickly began to spread throughout Wynn.


  • The Nether map was rebuilt in the 1.11 Update.
  • The Nether was server-specific until the 1.10 Ocean Update, when it became shared across all servers.
  • The top 3 on the leaderboard used to receive one Gold Coin per round, but this was removed with the 1.12 Update.
  • Parts of the Temple of the Legends quest used to take place in the Nether, but they were moved to the Roots of Corruption instead.