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 Location   Wybel Island   X   -1296  Y     Z   -4675  Wynncraft Map 

The Wybel Boss Altar is located beneath the Wybel Island in Sky Islands.


The Boss Altar is activated by throwing 20 Wybel Fluffs into the hopper in front of it. After activating the altar, you get teleported to the boss room. From there you can enter the boss arena.


Orange Wybel
Type Melee
Level 140
Health 1540000
AI Type Unknown AI
Elemental Properties
Damage 2448-6248
Location Wybel Island

????: Oh... Looks like you fond me out. I had been expecting you not to find this place. Ah well!
????: You know, I'll just give you a chance to leave. Just turn around. We can just forget this ever happened.
????: If you come into my room, I won't hesitate to kill you. Are you really gonna throw away your life just to see me?
????: This is your last chance. I'm telling you. Turn right back around the way you came, or I can't be held responsible for what happens next.
????: You know what, no! I'm just going to kill you, no more chances! Let's see how you meet your horrible end!

The boss for this altar is the Orange Wybel. As you kill it, it will respawn until it has died five times. Depending on what phase Wybel is in, it can use the spells meteor, self destruct, heavy charge and heavy push. The higher the phase, the more resistance Orange Wybel has. Phases 1-3 have 870 Fire and Thunder Defense, Phase 4 has 1305 Thunder and Fire defense, Phase 5 has 1740 Thunder and Fire defense.


The arena is filled with different Locusts. For each Locust killed, another one spawns, and the Olux Plague Doctor constantly summons new ones as well. The limit is 199 Locusts in the room at once.

  • Disintegrator: These have 12100 health and deal 998-1498 neutral damage, 1-1 fire and thunder damage. Can use flame thrower and self destruct spells.
  • Disintegrator Core: These have 500000 health and are difficult to kill. They deal 1-5000 fire and thunder damage per hit and have Pull and Self Destruct spells.
  • Rowdy Wybel: These have 9500 health, but they only spawn when you stand on a golden pressure plate in the area. They deal 600-690 neutral damage and have the spells heavy slowness and heavy heal.


The Locusts frequently drop powders, but it is not recommended to try to kill them. The Olux Plague Doctor drops 128 Emeralds and has a chance to drop several untradable and powerful items.

640 emeralds






  • The phases of Wybel with 500000 health are rage states. Wait until it uses self destruct to fight it.