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The Parasite
NPC Info
Location Orphion's Nexus of Light
Quest Involved Realm of Light II - Taproot,
Realm of Light III - A Headless History

The Parasite is a dark creature originating from the Realm of Dern. It was sent to Gavel Province from Dern in order to leech the Province's light, and is the progenitor of the parasitic Hatchlings, which are responsible for draining the light and spreading the Decay throughout the northwestern regions of the Province. After establishing a foothold of Decay in Gavel, it departed and infected Orphion himself, the embodiment of the Realm of Light.

The Parasite and its Hatchlings are directly or indirectly involved in numerous Quests in Gavel, as well as the Secret Discoveries added throughout the Province in the 1.20 Gavel Reborn Update. It ultimately appears as the final boss of Orphion's Nexus of Light, a Raid in the Realm of Light unlocked after completing the fifth and final part of the Realm of Light questline.


Arrival in Gavel[]

Depicted in Realm of Light II - Taproot, the Parasite first arrived in Gavel Province in 0 AP, in an event Orphion refers to as The Equinox.[1] It emerged in the modern-day Dark Forest and immediately began spreading darkness, before being waylaid by Lari and Dullahan. Lari tried and failed to stop the Parasite peacefully, but was eventually overpowered and nearly killed. Weakened from the battle with Lari, the Parasite burrowed underground, forming a cocoon where it would hibernate for the next few centuries to recoup its strength.[2]

Much later in 852 AP, Atisun Caritat's great-grandfather built his mansion above the place where the Parasite first emerged, to Lari's dismay.[3]


Depicted in Realm of Light III - A Headless History, the Parasite finally reemerged from its cocoon in 800 AP and was once again confronted by Lari and Dullahan, although it was much stronger than the first time they clashed. Lari again tried and failed to bind the Parasite without killing it; as it was about to bite and infect her with darkness, however, Dullahan sacrificed himself and was bitten in her place.[4]

After Lari lost her last chance to stop the Parasite's growing power, it was free to spread darkness in the Province in earnest. It made its new nest under a giant stump in the modern-day Kander Forest,[5] and spawned its Hatchlings to spread the Decay throughout Gavel for the next 200 years, from Olux Swamp to the Gylia Plains. Since then, the Decay and the Hatchlings have become one of the greatest threats to life in the Province.[6]

Infection of Orphion[]

In Ne du Valeos du Ellach, the ultimate Discovery in the Light Forest, it is revealed that at some point after spawning the Hatchlings in the Heart of the Decay, the Parasite created a portal and departed Gavel. With Orphion and the light weakened by the Decay,[7] the Dern Beast sent the Parasite directly to the Realm of Light, where it was able to infect and begin leeching the light from Orphion himself.[8]

In the Realm of Light V - The Realm of Light quest in the present day, the player and Lari eventually work together to enter the Realm of Light, to try and remove the Parasite and end the spread of darkness in Gavel. The Realm is already damaged by the darkness’ influence and is infested by numerous decayed creatures, but together they are able to reach Orphion’s palace, the Nexus of Light. After being accosted by Bak'al, Lari follows him through a portal to Dern, but the player is able to take on the Nexus and excise the Parasite.


The Parasite
Type Hostile Mob
Level 250
Health 1,050,000
AI Type Burst Ranged AI
Elemental Properties
Damage Fire

For more information, see Orphion's Nexus of Light#Boss.

Orphion's Nexus of Light is a Raid located in the Realm of Light, designed to be challenged by 4-6 players of combat level 80 or higher. The boss is Orphion, the Light Beast, berserk after being infected by the Parasite, an extremely challenging fight. After Orphion’s health has been reduced to around 80,000, however, the Parasite is ejected from his body, acting as the ultimate final boss of the Raid.

While not as difficult as the fight with Orphion preceding it, the Parasite is still a force to be reckoned with, a level 250 boss with a total of 1.05 million health and high health regen. It deals Fire damage and attacks by shooting large, difficult-to-avoid bursts of projectiles, with long pauses between attacks; these attacks become much more dangerous the closer you are to the Parasite. It is also quite mobile, using the Charge and Heavy Teleport Abilities, the latter of which can blind players in its path.

Perhaps more dangerous than the Parasite itself in this fight, however, is the Sanitizing Void. Although the Void does not move or attack normally, it periodically shoots deadly projectiles in 8 directions, dealing Fire and Water damage. It will also occasionally pull and trap a player in the center of the arena, making them an easy target for the Parasite. Trapped players can only be freed by depleting the Void’s 500,000 health. The Void respawns quickly after being defeated, however, making it a constant threat.

After defeating the Parasite, the raiding party are granted their rewards for beating the Raid. Orphion also states that with the Parasite destroyed, the Hatchlings are sterile, and he and Gavel can begin to recover from the Decay.

The Parasite's Hatchlings[]

The Hatchlings (Also known as Dernmites) are the descendants of The Parasite. They are commonly seen from the Llevigar Plains to the Gylia Plains, and they do everything the Parasite was supposed to after it leeched off of Orphion. They can first be seen in the Ultimate Discovery of the Olux Swamp, The Bane of Gavel, as they roam around and the surrounding forest decays to become a shadow of what it once was. They can also be seen in A Dividing Force, as Lari uses the opportunity to show the Player the barrier created to protect the Light Forest as a Parasite will emerge from the ground.

They also play a role in Realm of Light I - The Worm Holes, as Lari and the Player find out that the Mother Wyrm of the Grootslangs were eating a lot of Hatchlings, and thus, Lari purified the inside to rid it of the Hatchlings, although it also killed the mother Wyrm as a result. The descendants of the mother Grootslang were also infected with the Hatchlings, which is why they must be stopped to prevent them from destroying the province, in the Nest of the Grootslangs.

The Hatchlings also serve as a major character in the quest, Lexdale Witch Trials, as one is found in the home of a resident, Amira, and the Player can see the sheer effects of the Decay as a result of them traversing the tunnels. A species known as the Tunnel Dwellers have been ruined because of the Parasites, making the area they live in near-uninhabitable. After finally getting a cage to trap the Hatchling in from the Chieftain of the Tunnel Dwellers, the Hatchling then goes on a rampage, until the Hatchling becomes too tired to continue, and stops near Lexdale. Showing the Parasite to the Mayor, Amira is no longer subject to the witch trial she was on, and the Mayor says he will inform the government of Gavel about the eldritch creature.


  • The concept of the Parasite and the Hatchlings originated in the Succoru, a now-retconned species of dark creatures introduced in the 1.14 Gavel Expansion.
  • The Parasite is one of the three mobs in the game to have a dark red nametag, the others being The Eye and the main boss of Lava Springs, the Heart of Lava.