The Qira Hive (Location)

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The Qira Hive NaturalIcon.png
A screenshot of The Hive
Discovery Lore
This towering nest is the Qira Hive, a challenge against the powerful creations of the enigmatic Qira.
Coordinates X: 350, Z: -5400
Suggested Level 80
Quest Starts The Qira Hive
Type/Biomes The End
Monsters ???
Uses Quest, Grinding

The Qira Hive is the place where Mistress Qira resides, along with her fellow companions. This location is used solely for the quest The Qira Hive, and used for nothing else besides grinding. The Hive Shop is also located here, where you can buy various prizes for your vouchers that you receive after you complete each division.

Hive Shop[edit | edit source]

The Hive Shop is where the Hive merchants, which sell armor, accessories, and weapons to the player in exchange for Hive vouchers, are located. More information on the Hive Shop can be found here.

Division Rooms[edit | edit source]

The Division Rooms are where Qira's army is located. They are connected by a large open area found at the end of the main staircase, and can be accessed by entering the division's respective tunnel. They are the main location in The Qira Hive quest, but serve no purpose outside of the quest.

Servant's Quarters[edit | edit source]

The Servant's Quarters is another area inside the main Hive structure. Its main entrance can be found at (357, 31, -5460), although it is possible to climb in through openings all around the Hive. It contains Hive Servant NPCs, Hive Servant mobs, and Tame Hive Scuttlers, but otherwise has no functional purpose.

Mobs[edit | edit source]

The list of mobs and information in The Qira Hive can be found here.