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The Sewers of Ragni
Quest Info
Length Medium
Location Decrepit Sewers
Province Wynn
Combat Level 5
Starter NPC Jenprest
Reward As follows:

The Sewers of Ragni is the first dungeon quest for Wynncraft. It is a medium level 5 quest, and introduces you to a part of Ragni's history during the hordes.


The Ragni military has been requesting help to help clear out sewage from the sewers, but no one is up for the job! Will you be the one to do it?

Stage 1[]

» The lieutenant at [-890, 60, -1874] needs help.



  • Jenprest: Soldier! Good timing. We've been requesting help for ages.
  • Jenprest: Looks like we have a blocked pipe in the sewers. No wonder no one wanted the job.
  • Jenprest: I'm going to need you to get your hands dirty. I'll need some assistance with the blockage.
  • Jenprest: Meet me up the hill at the sewer entrance, just right of this big drain here.

Stage 2[]

» Meet up with the lieutenant outside the sewer entrance at [-921, 78, -1918]



  • Jenprest: Ah you're already here. Coming up behind you soldier!
  • Jenprest: Here's the brief. We get in, deploy small explosives to dislodge the blockage and get out.
  • Jenprest: I forgot to mention this won't be without danger. There's all sorts of nasty things in this sewer. Keep your wits about you. Right, let's go!

Stage 3[]

» Explore the sewer and find the blockage.

Image Name Level Health AI Type Abilities Elemental Stats Drops Location
SewerBat.png Sewer Bat 5 14 Ranged AI - - - Ragni Sewers
CorruptedSewage.png Corrupted Sewage 6 ??? Melee AI - - - Ragni Sewers

Avoid the mobs in the tunnel. Part of the way through, you will have to do a short parkour. You will then see a mysterious dark figure run across the sewer, then Jenprest will appear at the end of the path.



  • Jenprest: Do you feel like there’s something lurking that doesn’t want us here?
  • Jenprest: Anyway, I’ve found the blockage. It’s right up ahead.
  • Jenprest: Here’s a small explosive. I placed one at the blockage already, if that alone doesn't work, use this.

Stage 4[]

» Find a way to fix the blockage.
You must do another short parkour up to the TNT block, then right-click it to blow up the blockage.
You will then be washed away to another part of the sewer as the sewage begins flowing again.

Stage 5[]

» Find a way out of the spooky sewer.

Image Name Level Health AI Type Abilities Elemental Stats Drops Location
BoneCrawler.png Bone Crawler 7 30 Melee AI - - - Spooky Sewer
RottingSkeleton.png Rotting Skeleton 8 34 Melee AI - - - Spooky Sewer
SkeletonReaper.png Skeleton Reaper 10 90 Charge AI - ✦ Dam
Reaper's Bone
Spooky Sewer
Next to Fence

Once you kill the skeleton reaper, right-click the fence with the Reaper's Bone to open the next section of passageway.

NOTE: It has been found that doing this quest at higher levels will make it undoable. You will be teleported into a small 3x3 box to the upper-right of where you would usually be teleported to when entering the Spooky Sewer.

  • The pillar seems very unstable...

Right-click on the base of the pillar to topple it, creating a parkour path for you to climb up. Once you enter the next chamber, the mysterious dark figure will appear again, then vanish.



  • ???: Release me...

Once the figure disappears, exit the room.

  • What is this weird sound? It sounds like running water.
  • The pipe is flooding! Run!

Parkour to the end of the pipe while outrunning the water to progress.

If you successfully escape the water:


  • Jenprest: Ah, you're alive. Looks like we underestimated the amount of sewage.
  • Jenprest: Let's get out of here. Do you still have the explosive I gave you?
  • Jenprest: Good, let's use it on this wall, it looks like we can break right through...
  • The explosion appears to be more powerful than expected!
If you are caught by the water:
  • You got caught in the water!
  • Waiting for water to evacuate...

You have to try to escape the water again.

Once Jenprest opens the exit, leave the sewers.

  • Jenprest: Oh no, oh no no no! Did you just open that? Come here immediately.

Stage 6[]

» Talk to Jenprest at [-890, 60, -1874]



  • Jenprest: Oh no...
  • Jenprest: Dungeons are sealed for a reason. This one used to be the old Ragni prison.
  • Jenprest: It has a horrible history. People used to hide here during raids.
  • Jenprest: Rumour has it that Bob, the hero of Wynn, was born in this very prison.
  • Jenprest: Now only proven parties of soldiers may enter if one has slain a key guardian.
  • Jenprest: You must go in and defeat the dungeon.


  • Jenprest, the starter NPC, is named after Jpresent, a former Wynncraft developer.