The Shadow of the Beast

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The Shadow of the Beast
Quest Info
Length Long
Location Olux Swamp
Province Gavel
Combat Level 54
Mining Level 20
Woodcutting Level 20
Fishing Level 20
Starter NPC Dereg
Reward As follows:

The Shadow of the Beast is a long level 54 quest situated in the Olux Swamp.

Preview[edit | edit source]

The tales of the beast are seemingly true, as Dereg points the way for the player to hunt down the beast. On the journey, the player finds various pieces of evidence while helping some people, and ultimately confronts the beast itself.

Stage 1[edit | edit source]

» Talk to Dereg in his house.

 Location   Olux Swamp   X   -1483  Y   47  Z   -5218  Wynncraft Map 


  • Dereg: Hello there... What are you doing out this far in the swamp? It's pretty dangerous you know.
  • Dereg: You're from the Wynn province you say? In that case you must not have heard of the beast that found its way into the swamp.
  • Dereg: The people of Olux think it's another scam to be sold "Monster protective dust" but I know it's real. I've seen it!
  • Dereg: I don't have any proof, though. Or I'd march right into Olux and tell all those people how wrong they are!
  • Dereg: I saw him walking over toward Tolem's farm, he left a trail behind him, it was dripping blood out its mouth.
  • Dereg: If you could bring me back [3 Pieces Of Evidence] and they could be anything at all, I'll reward you! Follow the blood on the floor and see what you can find!

Stage 2[edit | edit source]

» Search for evidence that the beast exists by following the blood on the ground.


  • There is a lot of blood and destruction here... Perhaps the farmer can tell you more.

Stage 3[edit | edit source]

» Talk to the farmer to get evidence about the beast.


  • Tolem: Oh, this is such a mess! And my axe is busted, am I going to get this fixed?!
  • Tolem: I can't pay for- AAAH! H-Human! What do you want?! Not a good time!
  • Tolem: Something destroyed my cow pen and wrecked up my entire farm!
  • Tolem: And they were solid, good-quality Willow, too...uff...
  • Tolem: Wait, what? You're hunting the thing? Well, that's fine and dandy, but do you think you could help here first?
  • Tolem: I have an idea of where it went, scratch my back, I scratch yours?
  • Tolem: Okay, this can work, this can work! I have to figure out how to fix this, and some of my cows ran off in a panic.
  • Tolem: So, you can take care of them while I re-plan my fencing. Simple enough, right?
  • Tolem: Three of my cows ran off. Look around the farm for them. They were eating, so look for fallen wheat on the ground!

Stage 4[edit | edit source]

» Bring back the three escaped cows near the two bridges and in the cave under the farm to Tolem.

Kill each escaped cow at each location and bring back their unique drops. Each cow has a different item.

 Location   Cow (Skin)   X   -1692  Y   55  Z   -5292  Wynncraft Map 
 Location   Cow (Beef)   X   -1706  Y   55  Z   -5276  Wynncraft Map 
 Location   Cow (Eye)   X   -1695  Y   39  Z   -5310  Wynncraft Map 


  • Tolem: Oh, back aleady? I haven't even finished my stuff, where are the cows?
  • Tolem: ...
  • Tolem: ...eheh. You. You're. This is a joke, right? We're having a chuckle?!
  • Tolem: Hff...haah...hrrgh...I...I can't bellevue...bellevue? Believe! I can't believe this!
  • Tolem: Uff, settle down, Tolem, settle can still salvage this...
  • Tolem: Alright, two things. Your new name is Idiot, and I'm changing our deal. You owe me [10 Willow Planks].
  • Tolem: You're going to help me get at least one thing around here working. You get the wood, I'll keep looking over the fencing.
Image Name Level Health AI Type Abilities Elemental Stats Drop(s) Location
EscapedCow(Skin).png Escaped Cow 53 1005 None AI -
Escaped Cow Skin
-1630 52 -5340
EscapedCow(Beef).png Escaped Cow 53 1005 None AI -
Escaped Cow Beef
-1720 56 -5300
EscapedCow(Eye).png Escaped Cow 53 1005 None AI -
Escaped Cow Eye
-1690 48 -5280

Stage 5[edit | edit source]

» Gather 10 willow wood from nearby trees and report back to tolem

 Location   Olux Swamp   X   -1770  Y   55  Z   -5240  Wynncraft Map 


  • Tolem: Oh lovely. Idiot's back! Joy of joys. Willow planks, please.
  • Tolem: Good. Even if you've got murder on the mind constantly, you have decent woodcutting arms.
  • Tolem: I'll sell the remainder of these planks to try and recoup the money for my cows you mulched.
  • Tolem: So go on, get out of here now. Make yourself useful and follow the giant footprints in the ground. Hunt something that NEEDS hunting, instead of cattle!
Image Name Level Health AI Type Abilities Elemental Stats Drop(s) Location
LooseLog.png Loose Log 1 1 None AI -
Marsh Robur
Lumber Yard at
-1770 55 -5240

Stage 6[edit | edit source]

» Follow the footprints to find another victim of the beast.

 Location   Olux Swamp   X   -1583  Y   52  Z   -5440  Wynncraft Map 


  • Kroac: Oh, I'll never be able to fix this with my back in this state...
  • Kroac: Oh, look at this...all my years of carpentry and my bad back does my poor house in.
  • Kroac: What on earth could have done this?! It must be the biggest beast in the swamp!
  • Kroac: I was just sitting inside having some dinner, I hear some rumbling, and suddenly my house is falling apart!
  • Kroac: You human folk are good with physical labor, I hear? Do you think you could help me out here?
  • Kroac: There's a mine just over there. Think you can get [10 Cobblestone] out of it?
  • Kroac: I'll go find someone who's selling any spare wood for the roof...

Stage 7[edit | edit source]

» Gather 10 Cobblestone from the nearby cave and bring it back to Kroac.

The location of place where you can mine the cobblestone is given here:

 Location   Olux Swamp   X   -1572  Y   41  Z   -5418  Wynncraft Map 

» Then fix 4 holes in/on the roof.


  • Kroac: Did you get enough cobblestone? I found a guy down the street selling this top-quality Willow...
  • Kroac: Good, perfect. That should be enough. Though, I do have one other thing to ask you, soldier.
  • Kroac: My back's already screaming at me just from lugging the wood over here, there's no way I can climb up there and fix the roof like this.
  • Kroac: I can compensate you for the trouble, but d'you think you could do some patchwork for me with that cobble?
  • Kroac: Oh, you're a saint. Can't imagine why the guy was grumbling about humans... Just climb right on up the ladder!

Stage 8[edit | edit source]

» Keep following the tracks of the beast.

 Location   Olux Swamp   X   -1445  Y   47  Z   -5529  Wynncraft Map 


  • Rileen: Aah, no! There were people in that house
  • That must have been the beast! The villagers need help first though!
  • Rileen: Wah! H-Human! Get away, there's nothing you can help with here!
  • Rileen: All your type does is break and hurt! You have more in common with the giant there than any of us!
  • Rileen: Aah, there's so many people hurt already, don't make it worse please!
  • Rileen: We don't even have any medicine...
  • Rileen: Ugh, think Rileen! You have the herbs, what else goes into the poultices...
  • Rileen: Oh, right! Fish oil.... but I don't have a rod, gah!
  • Rileen: There's no way I can get [10 Salmon Oil], even if that pond out back is teeming withy fish...
  • She just keeps worrying over what she can do. Seems like getting the oil might help her calm down.

Stage 9[edit | edit source]

» Gather [10 Salmon Oil] for Rileen

  • No, there's no time to make a fishing spear- AAH! You're still here? What do you WANT?!
  • W-wait, what's... is this... This is salmon oil! Ten bottles of it! heard me talking?
  • And you went out of your way to... What kind of human are you? I've only ever heard horror stories about your kind.
  • ...
  • ...maybe you're not so bad. I don't have anything that I can give you in return, but thank you, still.
  • Wait, you were chasing the giant? That's why you were here? That... that's amazing news!
  • I think it went into the cave east of here. Go for it! Stop that thing before it causes more damage!

Stage 10[edit | edit source]

» Find the cave of the beast by following the footprints behind Rileen's house.

 Location   Olux Swamp   X   -1384  Y   45  Z   -5529  Wynncraft Map 
  • Looks like the giant it through here... prepare for the battle.
  • The giant door has opened. Don't leave without the giant's bone, proof of it's death.

Stage 11[edit | edit source]

» Go deeper into the cave.

Spoiler alert: The hidden text contains spoilers relating to The color-coded door.
To open the door with the color code, you must count the number of wool four of the colored mobs drop and press the buttons in that order and color:
  • 1 Wool - Pink Zombie
  • 2 Wool - Light Blue Zombie
  • 3 Wool - Green Zombie
  • 4 Wool - Yellow Zombie

Hence, the order is: pink, light-blue, green, yellow



Stage 12[edit | edit source]

» Kill the beast and return to Dereg.

 X   -1483  Y   47  Z   -5218  Wynncraft Map 


  • Dereg: You're back! Any luck hunting the thing down?
  • Dereg: What? You actually found the beast?! Heck of a hunting job, human!
  • Dereg: You wouldn't be back here if you didn't manage to kill it... which means our problems are solved, right?
  • Dereg: Heheh! That bone powder looks giant enough to me! Great job, bucko!
  • Dereg: Y'know, come to think of it, I remember something that might be interesting to your sort.
  • Dereg: The weapon merchant in Olux researches cryptids as a hobby, and that beast seemed one-of-a-kind to me.
  • Dereg: You should show hime that bone powder! He might have some good gear for you.

Tips[edit | edit source]

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