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The following page contains information about content that no longer exists in Wynncraft as of update 1.19 and has been archived for historical purposes.

The Tower of Amnesia
Quest Info
Length Medium
Location Tower of Amnesia
Province Wynn
Combat Level 25
Starter NPC Tinemild
Reward As follows:

The Tower of Amnesia was a medium level 25 quest which granted the player access to the Tower of Amnesia, a tower that allows skill points to be reset.


Tinemild requires the player to prove worthiness by bringing back various Teleport Scrolls to him, in order to gain access to the Tower of Amnesia.

» See: Scroll Merchant

Stage 1

» Talk to Tinemild at the entrance of the Tower of Amnesia, close to Elkurn.


  • Tinemild: The Tower of Amnesia is the place where powerful adventurers go to forget.
  • Tinemild: What do they want to forget? Who knows. Past errors that they wish to erase from their memory, most likely.
  • Tinemild: Maybe you are one of them? Maybe you wish to forget some of your past mistakes?
  • Tinemild: Unfortunately, we cannot let every one in the tower…
  • Tinemild: Prove to me that you are worthy of entering by bringing me a teleportation scroll of every major town in the province.
  • Tinemild: This will be a long quest, and it might take you multiple years to finish it. You might not even be strong enough to visit all of those towns.
  • Tinemild: Let's start with Ragni. Hopefully this shouldn't be too hard for you. Bring me back [1 Ragni Teleportation Scroll].

Stage 2

» Bring back 1 Ragni Teleportation Scroll.


  • Tinemild: Good. Now, bring me [1 Detlas Teleportation Scroll].

Stage 3

» Bring back 1 Detlas Teleportation Scroll.


  • Tinemild: Not bad. Let's make this a little bit harder now. Bring me [1 Nemract Teleportation Scroll].

Stage 4

» Bring back 1 Nemract Teleportation Scroll.


  • Tinemild: Great. We'll see how far you can go. Bring me [1 Selchar Teleportation Scroll].

Stage 5

» Bring back 1 Selchar Teleportation Scroll.


  • Tinemild: Impressive. Now let's see if your skin can endure the hot climate of the desert. Bring me [1 Almuj Teleportation Scroll].

Stage 6

» Bring back 1 Almuj Teleportation Scroll.


  • Tinemild: Very Good! But can you travel trought the cold and harsh climate of Nesaak? Bring me [1 Nesaak Teleportation Scroll].

Stage 7

» Bring back 1 Nesaak Teleportation Scroll.


  • Tinemild: Congratulation. You can now access the tower to purify your mind from your past mistakes.


  • All scrolls, except for Selchar, can be bought in Nesaak.
  • Get all of teleportation scrolls before you continue the quest. It will save you a lot of time trying to complete this quest.
  • If one buys from the towns, the exact amount needed is 3 EBs (192 Emeralds) and 22 emeralds, coming to a grand total of 214 emeralds. Although buying from the towns is not recommended until later on, as some towns are too difficult to access when the quest is first available. Trading with other players is an option, although one may have to pay more than usual.
  • If you visit Nesaak and Selchar before you start this quest, buy the scroll. It will make this quest easier.


  • Before the 1.12 update, players were also required to bring a Troms scroll back to Tinemild, and the player level requirement was 21. At level 21, it was almost impossible to reach Troms, and so this last scroll was removed and the quest level was adjusted to 25.
  • The quest was replaced by Recover the Past in 1.19 Silent Expanse update.
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