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The following page contains information about content that no longer exists in Wynncraft and has been archived for historical purposes.

The Traveler
NPC Info
Location Detlas

The Traveler is an NPC dedicated to the Festival of the Blizzard. They could be found in Detlas from December 10th, 2021 to January 3rd, 2022. After the Festival of the Blizzard was over, they disappeared from Detlas.

Festival Invitations[]

The Festival Invitation minigame of the Festival of the Blizzard can be started by talking to The Traveler.


Pre-Task Dialogue[]

  • Upon the first time speaking to The Traveler:
    • The Traveler: Oh... Hello! That was quite a storm passing through here earlier, was it not?
    • The Traveler: I found myself passing through the area, and... well, it seems the storm has cleared up now. Probably for the better.
    • The Traveler: These folks here are quite a festive bunch, aren't they? Though, well... I can't help but feel that something's missing.
    • The Traveler: Hm... You look like you've traveled all over, yes? I have a proposal for you!
  • If you chose "I'm busy."
    • The Traveler: Ah... But of course. I should have known. Well... Should you find yourself bored of your affairs, come back here!
    • The Traveler: Maybe I'll still be here. Maybe I'll have moved on. It's hard to say with these sorts of things, you know!
  • Returning to the Traveler after previously declining:
    • The Traveler: Hm... Oh! You're back! Have you changed your mind?
    • The Traveler: Remember, I had a proposal for you. Would you like to hear it, this time?
  • If you declined, again:
    • The Traveler: Right... Right. I'll still be here for the foreseeable future, at the very least. Come back when you're ready to hear me out.
  • If you chose "I'm listening."
    • The Traveler: I'm glad you are! On your travels, surely you've met all sorts of people, yes?
    • The Traveler: If I point you in the direction of interested folks, you could invite them here! Share the winter spirit with others, and make this city a little less lonely.
    • The Traveler: I'm glad you're interested. I think... I think this idea could work quite well, if you bring enough folks.
    • The Traveler: Right! I have an idea for the first person you could invite. Seek the weary soldier, stationed neath an ancient stair. Once you've found them, come talk to me.
      • If you have not completed Enzan's Brother yet, then The Traveler will say:
        • The Traveler: Right! I have an idea for the first person you could invite. Though... it seems you have not fully met them yet. Complete Enzan's Brother, then come talk to me.
  • After inviting the Enzan and Therck to Detlas:
    • The Traveler: Hello, again! Looks like you found the person I told you about! And... he brought company? The more the merrier, I suppose.
    • The Traveler: Alright! This is a good start, but two is nowhere near enough for this place to feel... right.
    • The Traveler: I have a few more ideas for who you could invite... Ask me if you'd like to hear them. After that, it will take time for me to find more. Check back every 24 hours, that should be enough time.
    • The Traveler: In the meantime, enjoy the festivities. I hear a Wynnter Fair is being held this year!
    • The Traveler: Otherwise... Is there anything else I can help you with?

After these tasks are completed, The Traveler will switch to the generic and repeatable dialogue they have.

Recurring Dialogue[]

  • The Traveler: ...Oh! Hello. Is there anything I can help you with?
  • "[1] Who should I find?"
    • If you have other NPCs that have not yet been invited:
    • The Traveler: (First line varies)
      • The Traveler: Alright! More ideas, coming right up.
      • The Traveler: Sure. Who should you invite...
      • The Traveler: Okay, let me think.
    • The Traveler: {Hm./Ah.../Let's see.../Oh, I've got one./Right...} {Hint}. Think you'll be able to find them?
      • If you have not yet completed the quest for the invitee:
      • The Traveler: {Hm./Ah.../Let's see.../Oh, I've got one./Right...} {Hint}. I don't think you're ready to invite this person, actually! You'll need to complete {Quest} first.
    • The Traveler: I have some more ideas, if you'd like to hear them?
    • [1] "Tell me another." (This repeats the dialogue until there are no more hints left)
      • When there are no more hints left to give:
      • The Traveler: ...And that's all I've got right now. Happy searching!
    • [2] "That's enough."
      • The Traveler: Alright! You know where to find me if you want a pointer.
    • Having found all of the available NPCs:
    • The Traveler: Well... I'm out of ideas, right now! It looks like I've already invited everyone I told you about.
    • The Traveler: I'll think about who else you could bring here. Come back in x hours, and I'll have an answer for you.
      • Having found every NPC: (This replaces the second line)
      • The Traveler: And I think that'll be all my ideas for the Wynnter season!
  • "[2] Why are you here?"
    • The Traveler: Why am I here... That's a fair question, though... I'm not sure I can answer it.
    • The Traveler: I've traveled the world for... well, for longer than I can remember. Which is its own issue... heh.
    • The Traveler: But, ah. I found myself in front of this city just after the storm had come to an end, with no memory of how I got here.
    • The Traveler: Maybe I was... called here. I'm not sure why, or by what force. But I'm here now, and I guess I'll stay here until the festivities end.
    • The Traveler: If I come up with anything else, I'll let you know. For the time being, let's just enjoy the festivities, yes?
  • "[3] Tell me about something."
    • The Traveler: ...I could try, though I may not have anything of note to say.
    • The Traveler: What is it you want me to tell you about?
    • Emblem of the Bonfire
      • The Traveler: ...A bonfire. I'm afraid I don't know anything about this item you've given me. Where did you get it from?
      • The Traveler: You got it from a man in an orange cloak? Something about that feels familiar... but I can't quite pinpoint what.
      • The Traveler: Bonfires... Hm. I'll keep thinking! Just, ah... If you ever see this man again, be careful. Something about these flames reminds me of...
      • The Traveler: Nevermind. Just stay safe out there, alright?
    • Emblem of the Spirits
      • The Traveler: ...Spirits? I've certainly seen my fair share of those on my travels... Though, nothing on the scale of what you've described.
      • The Traveler: It's strange, how these people you've met can appear and disappear overnight. I can't say I've ever heard of this group, though that's not saying much...
      • The Traveler: Ah. Either way, if what you say is true, they don't seem hostile. Just strange. Much like myself, maybe?
      • The Traveler: I'll keep thinking! Maybe I'll be able to come up something, even despite my poor memory.
    • The Yeti
      • The Traveler: Oh! So you met Gerald, then? Don't mind him, he's perfectly harmless. Unless you have food on you, that is...
      • The Traveler: We met at some point on my travels. He didn't have anywhere to go, so he followed me... And we've traveled together ever since!
    • Souvenir Sweater Merchant
      • The Traveler: Yes... him. I've been keeping my distance. I worry that if he initiates conversation, I'll come out of it with five new sweaters.
      • The Traveler: Truth be told, I'm not entirely sure how he does it. Every day that goes by, I see someone else with a festive sweater! It's ridiculous.
    • Enzan and Therck
      • The Traveler: Ah, right. The brothers. I... I envy what they have, I think.
      • The Traveler: Even despite their distance, you can feel that unbreakable bond they share. I suppose that's to be expected, though. They are brothers, after all...
      • The Traveler: Ah, don't mind me. I've just been traveling alone for a while. Being in a place like this helps stave off the loneliness, I suppose!
    • Alem
      • The Traveler: Who? Oh, you mean- Right, yes, I remember now.
      • The Traveler: ...He unnerves me, to tell you the truth. As soon as he arrived, he took one look at me, and said something ominous. Just the word "memory," I think.
      • The Traveler: I have a sense that he knows something about me that even I myself don't know. which isn't that surprising, considering who he...
      • The Traveler: Right, right. Alem. His name is Alem. I think that's all I have to say about him.
    • Frozen Orchid
      • The Traveler: Oh, a frozen orchid! I've seen these things growing around the Lusuco area. They're quite beautiful, aren't they?
      • The Traveler: Apparently they hold a strange magic within them... A leftover from when the region froze, maybe?
      • The Traveler: Well, wherever they come from, they're very interesting. I'll have to keep an eye out the next time I'm in the area!
    • Stormcaller
      • The Traveler: You say you got this from Santa? It certainly feels like their kind of thing, though its craftsmanship... This thing is very old.
      • The Traveler: Its power reminds me of... something. Something familiar. Maybe from the Santas...? No, it's not that. Hm.
      • The Traveler: Well, uh. It's yours now, I suppose! Now you'll have the power to control the... weather. The weather? Not here, though.
      • The Traveler: ...It hasn't stopped snowing since I got here, has it? I wonder... Oh, uh, right. Stormcaller. Very interesting artifact.
    • "Nope."
      • The Traveler: Well... alright. Let me know if you need anything else.
  • "[4] How long will you be here?"
    • The Traveler: Well, from what I've heard, the festivities will end in X days. I'll be here until then.
    • The Traveler: Staying longer... It doesn't feel right. To move from place to place is my nature. I can't stay for too long.
  • "[5] Nothing."
    • This option ends the dialogue.

Receiving the Emblem of the Blizzard[]

  • The Traveler: Hello! I, ah... I've heard gift-giving is a large part of this festival, from those I've spoken to about it.
  • The Traveler: And... Well, I have something to give you, clearly. I'm not quite sure where I got this thing, but... it's important.
  • [+1 Emblem of the Blizzard]
  • The Traveler: Anyways, is there anything I can help you with?

Hidden Dialogue[]

This dialogue is only available if you have shown the Traveler the Emblem of the Bonfire and the Emblem of the Spirits, as well as receiving the Emblem of the Blizzard.

  • The Traveler: ...Oh! Hello. I, uh... I've been doing some thinking, and I think I've figured something out. Let me know when you're ready to hear it.
  • The Traveler: Otherwise, is there anything I can help you with?
  • [3] "Tell me about something."
    • "What did you have to say?"
      • The Traveler: Right! Ah, I think I have something. It's not very clear, but... Something.
      • The Traveler: The two emblems you showed me... And the one I offered you, as well. They're important, I believe. A way to...
      • The Traveler: You mentioned two figures, but there was a third. I can't quite recall what he looked like, but he... Hm.
      • The Traveler: I can't remember... Whatever happened... it wasn't his fault. You have to let him know it wasn't his fault.
      • The Traveler: We weren't meant to be here, but we are, and... And I'm not sure why. I don't know what it means, yet.
      • The Traveler: There's not much time left. Soon, I'll have to go, and I can't tell you more. I'll... forget again.
      • The Traveler: And, ah... There's more ahead. But I can't be here for it. It's your path to take, and your choices to make.
  • "Can you repeat what you said earlier?"
    • The Traveler: Ah... I can try. It likely won't be... clear, but. I'll try.
    • The Traveler: There was something about... emblems. Important emblems. You need to hold on to them for... some reason.
    • The Traveler: Hm... Two figures... Three, maybe? It's important that there are three. Maybe.
    • The Traveler: I... That's all I have for you. I'm sorry I can't help more. There's this sort of fog, following me wherever I go.
    • The Traveler: And whenever it reaches me, I start to lose myself. Maybe... maybe that's why I came here in the first place. But, would that mean...
    • The Traveler: Hm? What were we talking about?