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This page contains spoilers. Readers are discouraged from continuing if they want to discover features by themselves.

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Discovery Lore
With the death of Marius Twain, the family fell apart, leaving Wynn's protectors alone... or worse.
Coordinates X: 65, Z: -434
Suggested Level Combat level 45+
Uses Discovery
Requirements All other Nesaak Tundra Secret Discoveries found.

The Twains' Downfall is a secret discovery located in the Twain Lake, near the House of Twain. The discovery focuses on the funeral of Marius Twain, the foster father of the four Twain children.


Nesaak Forest
65, 71, -434
Wynncraft Map
  • Go to the Twain Lake and stand in the structure.

The Twains' Downfall1.png


The Twains' Downfall2.png

This cutscene is showing the Twain's at Marius' grave after he had died:

  • [Twain's Graveyard] 570 AP
  • Rickeo: Surprise, surprise, Theo. You're late.
  • Theorick: Don't even start, Ricke.
  • Rickeo: You're really into being cold, huh?
  • Dwendle: Look, we're all here for the same reason-
  • Theorick: Don't touch me.
  • Mael: Are you alright?
  • Rickeo: You shouldn't have done that.
  • Theorick: Now you've done it, Rickeo.
  • Mael runs away
  • Dwendle: Theo, stop.
  • Dwendle: Just this once.
  • Dwendle: Stop.
  • Theorick: Make me.

Theorick begins to fight against Rickeo and Dwendle.

The Twains' Downfall3.png

  • Dwendle: Thanks, Ricke...
  • Rickeo: Don't worry about it... Let's finish this, shall we?
  • Dwendle: Yeah. Dad should have done this a long time ago.

The fight scene continues.

The Twains' Downfall4.png

  • Mael: ENOUGH.
  • Mael: Are you out of your minds?? You were about to kill your brother!
  • Dwendle: I... You're... right. We...
  • Mael: You should leave. All of you. This isn't what being a Twain was about...
  • Theorick: Mph. None of us are Twains. Not me. Not you. We're an old man's delusion.
  • Rickeo: Mael... I...
  • Mael: I know, Ricke. Just go.
  • Mael walks over to his dad's grave
  • Mael: Dad... I'm sorry...
  • ???: Well... At least you can't say my funeral was boring.
  • Mael: What does all this mean? The Twains are over?
  • ???: The Twains ended the day Theorick left us. You should stay here though, there is one who will one day need your help...

The Twains' Downfall5.png


  • "???" is the spirit of Marius Twain.
  • By "there is one who will one day need your help..." Marius was likely talking about Bob.