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Theorick Twain
NPC Info
Location Past Nesaak
Quest Involved Fate of the Fallen,

A Hunter's Calling

Theorick Twain is one of the four adopted children of Marius Twain with the ability to control ice. He defended Nesaak and its surroundings against the corruption, until he froze himself and Nesaak Forest in the quest Fate of the Fallen to stop corruption from spreading.

In Fate of the Fallen, he's an NPC and gives the player Rickeo's flame to gain access to Ice Barrows and try to kill him. Theorick is located in Past Nesaak.


Theorick was born around 500 AP in the Wynn Province. He was very gifted in magic, but became an orphan at a young age due to the Corruption War. At some point in his young age, he was adopted by Marius Twain, who was travelling across Wynn in hopes of finding children with magical gifts that he could train so that they may become the protectors of Wynn. Marius had also adopted three other children: Mael, Dwendle and Rickeo. Marius took them all to his manor, the House of Twain, far from the dangers of the Nether Portal.[1]

Marius trained Theorick and his other children for many years, eventually turning them into masters. Theorick's gift was that of ice magic, which had an unique property, probably exclusive to him: it was able to slow down and almost immobilize the Corruption.[2] As Theorick grew older, however, he became more bitter and cold, ironically reflecting the type of magic he harnessed. At one point, he even threatened his adoptive brother Mael, saying that he'd "freeze his spirit out of him" if he didn't purge the spirits of those that Theorick killed.[1]

Eventually, Theorick moved to his hometown of Nesaak and began protecting it with his life, building a mansion near the town, in the Ice Canyon. However, unlike the other Twains, Theorick started demanding material and monetary rewards from the people of Nesaak, which he hoarded in his mansion, in exchange for protection.[3][4] Marius especially disagreed with this, which led to Theorick confronting him and throwing a rock at him in a fit of rage. Theorick then left the Twain family for good, fully dedicating himself to defending Nesaak on his own terms.[5]

In 570 AP, Marius Twain died, and Theorick and his brothers met at the House of Twain to attend their father's funeral. Soon enough, however, a fight broke out between Theorick, and Dwendle and Rickeo. When the two were about to kill Theorick, Mael stepped in and stopped the fighting, telling the three to leave: it would be the last time that Theorick would ever see his brothers.[6]

In 589 AP, after another small horde of Corrupteds came to attack Nesaak, Theorick decided to put an end to the problem by striking the Corruption at its core: he would freeze the source of Corruption, the Nether, from the inside. He ventured to the Roots of Corruption alongside a small team of highly-armored soldiers, and entered the Nether Portal. However, he came out broken and on the brink of insanity. To prevent himself from doing something catastrophic while he was still sane, Theorick decided to freeze the entire Nesaak Forest and stop the Corruption from ever coming close to Nesaak.[7] During the freezing, many of Nesaak's citizens who were hiding underground were also frozen to death.[8]

Afterwards, Theorick sealed himself within the Ice Barrows, falling into cryostasis. To this day, he awaits someone who would enter the Ice Barrows and put an end to his suffering.[7][9]


Theorick (Boss)
Species Human (Corrupted)
Level 54
Health 14500
AI Type Unknown AI
Location Ice Barrows

Theorick is also the boss of the Ice Barrows dungeon. He can be found in the present day as the boss of Ice Barrows.

Corrupted Theorick is the boss of the Corrupted Ice Barrows.

Theorick is also a boss in the quest A Hunter's Calling.


  • Theorick is the only member of the Twain family who is not dead. Although he is corrupted, unlike his siblings Dwendle, Rickeo and Mael, he is not truly deceased yet.