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NPC Info
X: -535 Z: -1588
Location Nivla Woods
Quest Involved Enzan's Brother

Therck is the brother of Enzan, who Enzan describes as a jerk. He is an NPC involved in the quest Enzan's Brother, and gives the player First Steps at the end of the quest. He does not appear to be a generous and nice fellow, as he states after the quest that he "doesn't have time for the player" and that he is annoyed that people keep "expecting free stuff". During the quest, he asks the player to bring him an Energy Mushroom in hopes that it will give him the energy to climb the stairs he is standing in front of.


Nivla Woods
-535, 69, -1588
Wynncraft Map

Therck is located on the Emerald Trail, in front of some large stairs, near the entrance to Nivla Woods.


  • Before the completion of Enzan's Brother:
    • Therck: I don't have time to talk with you right now, move along!

Festival of the Blizzard[]

This dialogue pertains to content from the Festival of the Blizzard.

  • Upon being talked to after talking with The Traveler:
  • Therck: Go on, I don't have time for you. My brother keeps sending me people all the time.
  • [1] "There are festivities in Detlas."
    • Therck: ... Pardon? You want me to come to Detlas? What, do I look like I have all the time in the world? I'm rather busy here, thank you.
    • Therck: Let me guess, did my brother put you up to this? It's very like him, trying to get me to 'take breaks,' as he puts it. Nonsense, all of it.
  • [2] "Did you ever manage to climb those stairs?"
    • Therck: What? Oh, the stairs. Yes, I did manage to reach the top eventually. Alas, there was no treasure to be found.
    • Therck: Regardless, this is where I am stationed, and thus where I shall remain. Is that enough of an answer for you?
  • [3] "Goodbye."
    • Therck: Then be off, and leave me be! I don't have any more free stuff to give to you.
  • After starting the mini-quest to invite Therck to Detlas:
  • Therck: Did I not make myself clear? I'm not falling for any of my brother's tricks. Go to him, if you'd really like someone to talk to.
  • Talking to Enzan in Detlas:
    • Enzan: Oh, hey! Glad to see you made it. Thanks for the invite, this place looks great!
    • Therck: It looks... fine. Passable. I would prefer it if you hadn't forced me into this sweater, Enzan.
    • Enzan: Oh, come on. The sweaters help you get into the Wynnter spirit! Besides, I got a great deal for them. Buy ten sweaters, get two free!
    • Therck: And, brother, if I may ask. What will you do with the remaining ten?
    • Enzan: Well, those are mine as well! So I can switch between them when I want to. Variety is important in one's life, you know.
  • Talking to Therck in Detlas:
    • Therck: I see... you are here as well. I suppose you had something to do with my brother's insistence we take a holiday?
    • Enzan: Oh, stop being so grumpy. We are here to enjoy ourselves, Therck.
    • Therck: And your definition of 'enjoying yourself' includes wearing these tacky sweaters?
    • Enzan: Why, of course it does! Tacky sweaters are an important part of festive spirit.
    • Therck: Good grief... Fine! I'll 'enjoy' myself, as you want me to.
  • Further conversation with Therck:
    • [1] "Are you enjoying the festivities?":
      • Therck: I... suppose I am enjoying my time off. Perhaps I was a bit hasty to write it off as a waste of time.
      • Enzan: Great to hear! I'm glad I dragged you along when I heard about the event.
      • Therck: Hm. You could have done so without forcing me into this tacky sweater, brother.
      • Enzan: Ah, but the sweaters are fun! You have to admit they're fun.
      • Therck: I will do no such thing.
    • [2] "I reached the top of your stairs.":
      • Therck: And? I did too, as a matter of fact. I was deeeply disappointed by the lack of treasure.
      • Therck: I suppose we don't always get what we want, do we.
    • [3] "I don't need anything.":
      • Therck: Then leave me be, would you? I'm trying to relax.
  • Gift-Giving Dialogue:
    • Therck: Hm. Welcome back.
    • Enzan: Therck, it's gift-giving season. You have to give them a gift.
    • Therck: ...What? I didn't sign up for this, brother. I don't even...
    • Therck: Alright, fine. For your gift, you can have... this chain I found. I'm sure it has some sort of value.
    • [+1 Corrupt Chain
    • Therck: Now that that's out of the way... Did you need anything?


  • Therck's name sounds like jerk, a fitting name for his personality.
  • Therck used to give an ingredient called Therck's Chain; multiple of these could be used to create a very powerful low level armor set.
  • Therck not being able to climb stairs became a joke in the community, commonly referring to those stairs in the Emerald Trail as Therck Stairs.
    • This has also caused the east gate of Ragni to also be referred to as the Enzan Wall.