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NPC Info
X: -535 Z: -1588
Location Nivla Woods
Quest Involved Enzan's Brother

Therck is the brother of Enzan, who Enzan describes as a jerk. He is an NPC involved in the quest Enzan's Brother, and gives the player First Steps at the end of the quest. He does not appear to be a generous and nice fellow, as he states after the quest that he "doesn't have time for the player" and that he is annoyed that people keep "expecting free stuff". During the quest, he asks the player to bring him an Energy Mushroom in hopes that it will give him the energy to climb the stairs he is standing in front of.


Nivla Woods
-535, 69, -1588
Wynncraft Map

Therck is located on the Emerald Trail, in front of some large stairs, near the entrance to Nivla Woods.


Before the completion of Enzan's Brother

[1/1] Therck: I don't have time to talk with you right now, move along!


  • Therck's name sounds like jerk, a fitting name for his personality.
  • Therck used to give an ingredient called Therck's Chain; multiple of these could be used to create a very powerful low level armor set.
  • Therck not being able to climb stairs became a joke in the community, commonly referring to those stairs in the Emerald Trail as Therck Stairs.
    • This has also caused the east gate of Ragni to also be referred to as the Enzan Wall.