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Thesead CityIcon.png
The mining town of Thesead
Discovery Lore
Thesead is one of the smaller cities of Gavel, but its coal industry has kept it thriving. However, recently the coal mines have shut down.
Coordinates X: 845, Z: -5123
Suggested Level 85
Standard Merchants
Armour Merchant Level 81 - 84
Weapon Merchant Level 82
Potion Merchant Level 80, 85
Other Merchants Scroll Merchant
Emerald Merchant
Other Amenities Bank
Item Identifier
Powder Master
Quest Starts The Canary Calls
The Hidden City

Thesead is a large mining town located in Gavel. Unlike some other Gavel towns such as Olux and Gelibord, Thesead is quite well-off with resources, as it is a mining city and is surrounded by numerous trees and farms. It is the largest city of three in the Canyon of the Lost and an important respawn point for the region. Thesead is located in a valley enclosed with few entrances; no hostile mobs spawn around it.


Unlike other cities in Gavel, Thesead has enjoyed peace throughout the years due to its distance from the Decay, and even though there's an even bigger danger relatively close to the city, it has been able to survive relatively easily. The main resource that powers the town is coal, which it has plenty of thanks to the coal mines just outside the city walls. However, recently, due to a Fleris entering the mine and releasing toxic gas throughout the cave systems, it was forced to shut down.[1]

Similarly to other Villager-run cities in the province, Thesead is led by a mayor. However, the mayor of Thesead has been having a secret love affair with the mayor of a nearby town, Eltom. This is especially scandalous due to the fact that Eltom is a Human city: Humans are not allowed to create towns in Gavel. The only people who know about this affair are the mayors of the two cities, and their child, Ardulf. Eltom's existence itself is a secret, something that Ardulf wishes to exploit to report the city to the Gavel Government and get rich out of it.[2]


Thesead Map.png

Points of Interest[]


  • The Item Identifier tower
  • The bank building which has entrance at both floor 1 and 2 of the city


Thesead's Mayor


Fast Travel[]

  • There is a button under the mayor's desk which when pressed opens a teleport to Eltom (After completing The hidden city)


  • Thesead's name is derived from the quadbrid (moderator, GM, builder, CMD) Headset_O.