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Removed Content
The following page contains information about content that no longer exists in Wynncraft as of update 1.17 and has been archived for historical purposes.

Thieving Rodents
Quest Info
Length Short
Location Ragni
Province Wynn
Combat Level 2
Starter NPC Farmer Kelri
Reward As follows:

Thieving Rodents was an easy level 2 quest situated just outside of Ragni. It was replaced with Poisoning the Pest in the 1.17 update.


Farmer Kelri has lost his wedding ring. In order to avoid conflict with his Furious Wife, Kelri delegates the player to find his ring for him. After a failed attempt, the player is told by Kelri to look through the rat hive for his ring. After finding the real ring, the player hands it over to Farmer Kelri.

Stage 1[]

» Talk to Farmer Kelri.

 Location   Ragni   X   -756  Y   67  Z   -1661  Wynncraft Map 


  • Farmer Kelri: Oh ho ho! A fresh recruit!
  • Farmer Kelri: Good to see the army is starting to grow again! I've been waiting for a bit of help from someone with some backbone!
  • Farmer Kelri: You see, I have a bit of a rat infestation on my farm.
  • Farmer Kelri: Nothing I can't handle myself I assure you! But you see, one of the blighters stole my wedding ring, and my wife would kill me if she ever found out.
  • Farmer Kelri: I don't know which one took it, but if she sees me looking for it, she will find out. So could you go thump a few of them and find it?
  • Farmer Kelri: Bring me back [1 Wedding Ring] as soon as you find it! Oh, and, don't tell my wife. If you're able to help me, I'll reward you kindly!

Stage 2[]

» Kill Rats until they drop a wedding ring and return to Farmer Kelri.


  • Farmer Kelri: Oh, back so soon? That means you found it!
  • Farmer Kelri: Here, give it to me, and hopefully my wife won't see.
  • Farmer Kelri: Oh...
  • Farmer Kelri: ... This isn't my ring. This is a washer! The dang rodents must be in the nest! They really will eat anything.
  • Farmer Kelri: Maybe you could take a look in their hive for me? I know, it is a horrible place and I've been meaning to close it up.
  • Farmer Kelri: But the chances are the rat we're looking for is in there. Its over in the field, and don't forget to make sure my wife doesn't see you.
  • Farmer Kelri: Bring me [1 Wedding Ring] as soon as you take care of the rat who stole it!
  • Farmer Kelri: The nest is in the cave right over there.

Stage 3[]

» Find the ring in the hive and return to Kelri.

  • The Wedding Ring is inside the Giant Rat at the end of the rat nest in a cave, so you must defeat the giant rat to receive the ring


  • Farmer Kelri: Ohh, you found it! Thank the king! I think I might have gotten away with this afterall!
  • Farmer Kelri: Well, thank you very much soldier. Are you looking to head to Detlas soon? Its the hub city of the whole province, everyone goes there!
  • Farmer Kelri: I wanted to go once, but my wife wouldn't let me. You should go! Just follow the emerald trail through the forest.
  • Farmer Kelri: There are dangerous monsters there though, so make sure you are strong enough. Anyway, heres a small reward for helping me out.