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The following page contains information about content that no longer exists in Wynncraft as of update 1.20 and has been archived for historical purposes.

Sorceress Tiek
Apprentice Tiek
Sorceress Tiek.png
NPC Info
X: -1259 Z: -5464
Location Dark Forest
Quest Involved Taproot

"Due to the rules of the Realms, I can not directly influence you. But I can tell you, you must seek out the one as old as the forest." -Tiek, Taproot, Stage 14

Tiek is the starting NPC for the quest Taproot. She is a Heliolux disguised as a villager sorceress tasked with finding help to save the Realm of Light. She is the starting point for the Realm of Light questline, which spans 3 quests.


Tiek is a sorceress that helps the player find the reason for the decay of the Dark Forest. Due to the Rules of the Realms she isn't permitted to directly tell the cause, though she helps the player to find it.
In the stages of the quest set in the past she's an apprentice, or simply named Tiek, therefore her name is simply Tiek.

Tiek's true nature is that she is a Heliolux, the native inhabitants of the Realm of Light. She was sent from the realm to seek help in the mortal plane as the Realm of Light was being endangered by dark beings. She did this by indirectly leading the player to the Guardian of The Forest who then led them to the entrance to the Realm.


 Location   Dark Forest   X   -1259  Y     Z   -5464  Wynncraft Map 

Tiek is located inside her house, the only area of the Dark Forest that hasn't succumbed to the Decay.