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As of 1.20 this is the current timeline of Wynncraft.


A lot of the information on this page is from this thread by FinnDestren


  • Non-colored text means that the info is from a quest.
  • Red color means that the info is from one of the lore libraries.
  • Blue color means that the info is from either a secret or a territorial discovery, not including the lore libraries.
  • Brown color means that the info is from a non-quest NPC.
  • Green color means that the info is told by something in a certain location (e.g. signs in Skien's Island) and isn't told in quests, discoveries, or by NPCs.
  • BP means Before Portal (Before the corruption portal's opening)
  • AP means After Portal (After the corruption portal's opening)

Before the Portal’s Opening[]

Unknown time before the Portal’s Opening[]

These events are pretty much confirmed or highly assumed to take place before the corruption portal was opened. They, however, do not yet have any exact dates.

  • Elves have connected with the Realm of Light for quite some time.[1]
  • The Light teaches the elves about morals.[1]
  • The Olm escape from their dark land into the Dernel Jungle. They later hide their immensely powerful crystals across the province.[2]
  • The Olm disappear from Wynn due to unknown causes.[2]
  • The Olm construct the Time Valley in Wynn.[3]
  • The humans of Fruma migrate to Wynn.[4]
  • Wynn is a human dominated province, mainly agricultural.[5]
  • When the Goliaths roamed the Gylia Plains and what they were.[6][7]

1400 BP[]

  • 2 Meteors crashed in the Gylia Plains, both of Purple and Blue colors. The crater formed would later become a lake.[8]
  • A massive empire rules in the Almuj Desert. However, their Emperor is killed by Hashr and the powerful sceptre is taken, causing the empire to fall beneath the sand.[9]

800 BP[]

  • Around this time, the Silent Expanse is discovered by the humans of Wynn. Four awfully powerful crystal shards are also excavated from the ground.[10]

400 BP[]

  • A Villager Scholar goes insane from two meteors that fell near his house, mutating into and becoming the first Gert.[11]

After the Portal's Opening[]

0 AP[]

  • The War of the Realms begins. Light starts to fade.[12]
  • The Decay appears in Gavel, starting with the first Parasite from Dern.[13]
  • Miners of Wynn uncover the portal of corruption and unleash the enraged undead into the world. The Corruption Wars begin. [5]
  • The corrupted entity known as Bak’al begins to spread darkness all over the Wynn Province. [14]
  • Ancient Nemract is destroyed by the first hordes of the undead. [15]
  • Fruma abandons all ties with Wynn and closes its borders, being fearful of the monsters. [5]
  • The Ahms region is ruptured by a Colossus, fracturing the area into The Void and Sky Islands and leaving hundreds deceased;[16][17] The ancient dragon of the Ahms region leaves Gavel, continuing its life in the atmosphere above the region.[18]
  • An elf known as Lari tries to find a cure to the Decay. [19]

78 AP[]

  • The people of Detlas begin to head towards Troms and Ragni for safety, as the numbers of the undead are increasing. [20]

100 AP[]

  • Dwarves begin to colonize the Molten Heights. They meet the natives of the area, the doguns, who won't accept the actions of the dwarves.[21]
  • The Dogun War begins.[21]
  • The dwarves chain up an Ice Drake and use it to destroy a dogun town. The doguns kill the drake, freezing the surrounding area completely and turning it into the Freezing Heights.[21]
  • The Colossus begins to go haywire. The Doguns attempt to stop it from fracturing the Canyon as it did to the Ahms region. [22]

162 AP[]

  • Bak’al attacks a farm near Ragni, killing the farmer and destroying the house. [23]

200 AP[]

  • Lari and another elf known as Dullahan have an argument over whether to subdue or kill the Parasite that is causing the Decay in Gavel. They eventually end up deciding that they must kill the Parasite. [19]

300 AP[]

  • The Doguns make their last stand in the Dogun War by defending the capital of Courag and summoning Garaheth. General Osseus and his army defeats Garaheth, and the Doguns surrender on the condition that the dwarves never bother them again. General Algard pretends to accept, but then turns on the Doguns, ending the war in a Dwarven Victory.[21][24]
  • Rodoroc is founded.[21]
  • The dwarves continue capturing doguns and turning them into stone for the next 700 years.[21]

347 AP[]

  • Bak’al, alongside his corrupted army, destroy a city in the Detlas Suburbs. There is only one survivor. [25]

464 AP[]

  • Bak’al attacks a small military outpost, killing all the soldiers there. [26]

550 AP[]

  • After an argument with Marius, Theorick leaves the Twain Family to fight the Corruption by himself. [27]

570 AP[]

  • Marius Twain dies and his funeral is held. However, during the funeral the remaining Twains break into a fight and eventually go on their own ways. [28]

573 AP[]

  • The Skyraiders start to lose their power in the Sky Islands.[29]

575 AP[]

  • Theorick Twain reigns in Nesaak and controls the population through fear and greediness. [30]

589 AP[]

  • Nesaak and its surrounding forest is attacked by hordes of the undead.[31]
  • Theorick Twain tries to fight against the corrupted invaders and forces himself to enter the portal to find a solution, coming back corrupted. He then freezes himself and Nesaak in order to save his home.[31]

623 AP[]

  • Garoth studies the effects of corruption and is pushed into the portal, becoming corrupted himself.[32]

650 AP[]

  • A splinter group from Fruma escape through the mountains of the northern coastline and arrive to the island of Corkus. [4]

750 AP[]

  • A riot in Cinfras overthrows the oppressive King Theden II. Gavel becomes a democracy.[6]

800 AP[]

  • The Gerten War ends in the victory of the villagers.[33]
  • The Gylia Watch is established and the Gylia Watch Tower is built.[33]
  • The Guardian of the Forest falls asleep.[34]
  • The Parasite emerges once again in Gavel. Lari and Dullahan both fight the Parasite, but Lari clings to her morals instead of killing it. As the Parasite is about to bite Lari, Dullahan takes the hit for her, causing his face to morph into a twisted one. [19]
  • The Heart of the Decay appears in Gavel, causing the surrounding land to wither away.[35]

817 AP[]

  • The Blue Cyclone flower arrives in Gavel from an unknown land. [36]

820 AP[]

  • The Citizens of Gelibord mistake the cause of the Decay to Dullahan. He is then beheaded by the citizens of Gelibord. Lari later found Dullahan's dead body, and quickly goes to the Lazarus Pit to revive him, however, Dullahan came back as a creature hellbent on revenge. [19]
  • Dullahan takes control of Gelibord Castle.[37]

823 AP[]

  • The Forbidden Prison is built to house Gavel's worst criminals.[38]

831 AP[]

  • Troms is on its knees, with later being saved by the dark shaman Slykaar, who would also become the city's protector.[39]

852 AP[]

  • Lari attempts to warn Senior Caritat to not build his mansion atop the start of the decay. Sr. Caritat does not follow the order, downplaying the threat of building the Caritat home atop the start of the Decay.[40]

854 AP[]

  • Horde of undead led by Bak’al attack Ragni, killing many of the residents. The remaining survivors are forced to hide in the sewers, where Bob is born, with his unknown mother, who wasn't originally from Ragni, dying in childbirth. [41]
  • Bob is adopted by a poor woman named Momo. [41]

866 AP[]

  • A smaller horde attacks Ragni once again. [41]
  • Bob, aged 12, leaves Ragni after having to kill his infected adoptive mother and is trained in knavery by Chak. [41]

871 AP[]

  • Mael Twain trains Bob, aged 17, in archery and dies shortly thereafter. The souls that could not be tamed by Mael are left in the Twain manor, becoming highly aggressive. [41]

872 AP[]

  • Lari tries to open up the entrance to the Realm of Light with brute force. It fails and deflects it to a surrounding cliff.[42]

876 AP[]

  • Bob, aged 22, is taught magic by the mage Ethe in the Nivla Village. [41]

881 AP[]

  • Troms is attacked by hordes of undead, heavily damaging the city. [41]
  • Bob, aged 27, arrives to Troms and is trained in the ways of a warrior by Fier. He also helps in rebuilding the city and gains popularity amongst the residents. [41]
  • The shaman Slykaar is abandoned by the people of Troms in favor of Bob. Bitter and humiliated, Slykaar goes underground to restart his demonic experiments for an army.[39]

882 AP[]

  • The corrupted armies of Bak’al begin to cross the river between Ragni and Detlas. [43]

883 AP[]

  • Bak’al's army begins to burn down Nivla Woods. [43]

884 AP[]

  • Bak’al's army continues advancing towards Ragni. [43]

886 AP[]

  • Bak’al's army breaches Nivla Woods and arrives to the Emerald Trail, becoming much closer to Ragni. [43]
  • Bob defends Ragni from Bak’al and fights him, ending in Bak’al's disappearance. [44]
  • The human population of Wynn begins to recover. [44]

892 AP[]

  • Gavel runs out of emeralds to mine. The villagers begin to search beyond the sea for more.[45]

900 AP[]

  • The waves of the Ocean are calmed by the mages, allowing colonization to become possible. [5]
  • The villagers sail the sea in order to find a cure for the decay and arrive to the province of Wynn. [5]
  • Maltic is founded as the first villager settlement in Wynn. [46]
  • An alliance is formed between the humans and villagers, which would go on to save the province. [5]
  • Villagers also teach humans greater magical powers. [5]
  • Fruma reopens their borders to offer their support for Wynn in the form of fresh recruits. [5]
  • The undead hordes find out about the sewers of Ragni and take over them, killing hundreds.[47]

913 AP[]

  • Atisun Caritat, the last surviving Caritat, is born.[40]

934 AP[]

  • Caritat Mansion falls into despair. [40]

945 AP[]

  • A large amount of guilds start to be created. [6]

950 AP[]

  • The three scientist brothers, Yahya, Nohno and Mehme, try to understand the meteor's power, which causes them to go crazy.[48]

970 AP[]

  • Selchar is founded in the Ocean as a bridge between Wynn and Gavel. [49]
  • A corruption relic is later found beneath the newly established island town. [50]

984 AP[]

  • Bob imbues his powers into his three loyal pets: Cluckles, Mooington and Baab. His chestplate is given to his friend Tarod.[51]
  • Bob disappears. Letters signed by Robert indicate him going to seal away a dark creature in a land "far" away. [52]

985 AP[]

  • Bob's Tomb is found in the eastern part of the Nesaak Forest. [53]

986 AP[]

  • A Dark Warlock accidentally kills himself while performing a ritual. [54]

1000 AP[]

  • Brand new recruits from Fruma are coming to Wynn in order to fight against the corruption. Among those recruits is the player. [55]

Currently unknown dates[]

  • The founding of all cities and towns of the known world.
  • The colonization of all the inhabited islands of the Ocean.
  • The start of the Gerten War.[33]
  • The start of the Villager-Orc War.[56]
  • When the Light Realm and Orphion became infected with darkness. (Most likely happened after the Parasite left Gavel for Orphion) [57]
  • When Skien was alive and when he died. (Happens at least sometime before and after the arrival of villagers in 900 AP.) [58]
  • When Marius Twain adopted the four Twain children. [59]
  • When Rickeo and Dwendle Twain died. (At least one of them died to Bak’al, that's for sure.) [59]
  • The submersion of Sarnfic.[60]
  • When Delnar Manor was raided by a pirate.[61]
  • Sodeta Guild time frame. [62]
  • When Tisaun Sodeta was alive. [63]
  • Founding of the Ice Nations and when their war started.[64]
  • The start of the war between the Eagle Tribe and Owl Tribe.[65]
  • When Captain Redbeard's ship crashed.[66]
  • When Captain Hastor was alive.[67]
  • When Captain Goldenclaw, the best pirate to date, was alive.[68]
  • The infection of the sacred Entamis tree.[69]
  • The constructions of Temple of the Legends (Location), Tower of Amnesia, Tower of Ascension (Location) and Legendary Island.
  • The establishment of Grookwarts, the school of magical arts and wizardry.[70]
  • When WynnExcavation was founded and when their excavation sites in Wynn were constructed.[71]
  • Qira creating/staying in the Hive.[72]
  • Sohso departing from Gavel and travelling towards Fruma. (Sometime after 950 AP)[73]
  • When Cerid, the smartest man in Corkus, was born.[74]
  • The construction of the Corkus Factory and when it was shut down. (Phinas in the Desperate Metal quest talks about the factory falling over two years ago, so the shutdown might have happened in the past ten years.) [75]
  • When the Caritat Mansion was built.[76]
  • When a Dern beast took over Alive Island, turning it into the Dead Island. And when that beast was killed by a warrior from Ragni.[77]
  • When Gale and Ohms were alive and when they died. [78]
  • When the dragon mentioned in Enter the Dojo was slain.[79]
  • The death of the fire demon Lethirath.[80]
  • When Remikas, the first Gavellian king, came to power. [81]
  • When the olm escaped into the Silent Expanse.
  • When the disaster foreseen by an olmic oracle happened and when the Silent Expanse fell to total darkness. [82]
  • When the light infiltrated the Silent Expanse by erecting a monolith to protect the lost miners of Lutho. [83]
  • The creation of The Eye by a dark being whom Bak’al serves. [84]
  • When the Forgery bursts from the ground after the combination the first runes.[85]
  • The construction of Eldritch Outlook.
  • When the Silent Expanse was abandoned by other humans and sealed away from outsiders.[86]
  • Founding of the Bovemist religion.
  • The 5th Age.[80]
  • The time of the giants and when they almost went extinct.[87]


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