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Tisaun Sodeta
Allegiance Sodeta Guild
Information Founder of the Sodeta Guild, he was a hero of the people, who saved countless lives both in the Corruption War, and as leader of the guild. After his death the quality of the guild and its members declined.
Here lies our great founder, Tisaun Sodeta. May he guide us through the endless fight.
~ Tisaun's Gravesite at the Guild Hall

Tisaun Sodeta was a brave and capable soldier turned mercenary and guild leader. Back when he was still a soldier in the Corruption War, he would gain great fame for his killing of 1000 corrupteds with only a thin shirt and a rusty spear [citation needed]. Some time after this, he would create the Sodeta guild which is the oldest guild known about. They were led from Delnar Mansion deep in Dernel Jungle, where all sorts of powerful people used to come together to meet[1]. The guild and its members would become well known throughout the province as powerful but honorable warriors.

At some point, Tisaun and his guild would be noticed by the Gavelian government, who would ask the guild to move from their far away jungle home to a new structure in the province's central hub Cinfras. The guild would accept, and move to what is now called the Guild Hall. After this, Tisaun eventually died, and was buried in the hall, while the rest of the guild, and the others that would form after have lived in splendor.

The greatness of the Guild Hall may have been good for some, but after the Sodetas moved out of Delnar Mansion, the place started to fall apart. Even when the mansion ran into trouble, the guild didn't even bother to check on them, furthering how little they mattered now. In addition in more recent years the Sodeta Guild has become corrupt, with its newer members caring more about money and power than saving the people of the world[2]. If Tisaun were still around, it is unlikely he would recognize what the guild had become.


  • Tisaun's grave has an "unsettlingly powerful energy" around it, likely meaning that at some point there will be more information on him and his guild.
  • The battle that gave Tisaun his fame may have been the same one that ruined General Skien.
    • Skien believes Tisaun and his guild as traitors, probably because they sold out to the villagers.
  • The Sodeta Guild is the oldest known guild, and is part of the explanation behind player run guilds that can be made in their place of power.
    • This makes the actions of the player makes sense, as they're randomly running around places that clearly are not their job to worry about as a Ragni soldier, is understandable if you look at them like a member of a guild, who are often compared to mercenaries for hire in the current time.