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The First Room

Upon entering the Cherry Tree in Aldorei, you will be dropped into the first room, landing in a pit of water in the centre. Numerous stone pillars are scattered around the room, and a green trail leads to the lowest in the room; this is the start of a parkour course that must be completed to reach the door and the next chamber. Several Embassy Guards spawn on the floor in this room, but they cannot attack while you are on the parkour pillars.

The Second Room

The second room of the dungeon is pure battle; level 79 Embassy Druids spawn throughout the room, and must be evaded to continue. They use ranged attacks, so be careful to avoid as much damage as possible. When entering this room after completing the parkour, you will be on a ledge far above the floor; jump into the pit of water below, and fight or run past the Embassy Elves to reach the next room.

The Third Room

There is no barrier between this room and the previous, so be on the lookout for mobs that might attack you while here. This room is a puzzle; there are ten burning sconces attached to the wall, and four pressure plates on the floor: two stone, and two wood. Signs are also found near the locked exit of the room, reading "Continuously stand on the wood to light the fires" and "Continuously stand on the stone to extinguish". Each pair of plates, containing one wood and one stone, controls one row of flames on the wall; when the northernmost wooden plate is triggered, the top row of sconces will ignite, one by one, until all five are active. The northern stone plate will extinguish the top row one by one. The southernmost plates do the same thing, but for the bottom row. A sign is above the door, showing the correct pattern of lit and unlit sconces that must be achieved. This pattern can be created using the following steps, in the exact order:

Spoiler alert: The hidden text contains spoilers relating to the solution to the fire puzzle.

Starting from a blank position (all fires lit):

  • Stand on the north stone plate until three fires have gone out
  • Stand on the north wood plate until one fire has been lit
  • Stand on the south stone plate until all five fires have gone out
  • Stand on the south wood plate until four fires have been lit
  • Stand on the south stone plate until three fires have gone out

This should leave you with the same pattern as the one on the sign. Press the button next to the door to continue to the next room.

The Fourth Room

The fourth chamber in the dungeon is another battle room, laid out in a circle around a central raised platform. A miniboss, Embassy form of Kaeli spawns in the centre, using ranged to attack; in addition, several level 79 Embassy Guards defend the edges of the room. You can continue to the next room by simply running past the guards and stepping on the pressure plate in front of the door.

The Fifth Room

The fifth room is another parkour challenge, but slightly more complex; it requires both speed and coordination. The large square room you will find yourself in has two ledges on opposite sides of the room, and a black pit in the middle; falling into the pit teleports you back to the entrance of the room. However, when you step on the iron plate just inside the entrance, a series of parkour platforms will begin to appear; you must jump across these quickly as they appear, as they also disappear after a short time behind you. After crossing the pit by this method you will be at the other ledge, where a pressure plate can be pressed to open up the next chamber.

The Sixth Room

This room is another timed challenge, but no jumping is involved this time; all you have to do is run. The room is much longer than the others, and is obscured by vines, pillars and other debris; by the entrance to the room is a button, which will do two things: give you a high speed boost for a short time, and also unlock the door on the other side of the room for a short time. You must use the speed boost to reach the other end of the room before time runs out, or you will have to return to the beginning and try again. If you succeed in this task you will find yourself in the next room.

The Seventh Room

The seventh chamber of the dungeon is part battle, and part parkour. You must climb a spiral staircase made up of leaves of a giant sunflower that grows in the centre of the room, avoiding the holes in the path and jumping up to a hole in the stem, which leads to the second part of the room: the top of the sunflower. This section functions as another miniboss arena, housing the Embassy Brute Sahton. In addition, four ranged Embassy Sorcerers spawn on the petals of the flower, dealing damage. You can either fight the mobs or run right past them, using one of the petals as a bridge to reach the next room.

NOTE: In the quest book, the parkour section and the battle section are considered two different rooms.

The Eighth Room

The eighth room is another puzzle room, and like the third, there is a risk of Sahton following you into the room and attacking you while trying to solve the puzzle. This puzzle is based around light; several stained-glass "mirrors" are scattered around the room, each with an iron pressure plate to rotate them. A single sunflower stands in the centre of the room, facing east, and a glowing emitter is near one wall, with a button and a sign: "Bring the light to the flower to succeed". Another sign is found above the locked door: "Rotate the white to reflect the light". The goal is to rotate the ten mirrors, creating a reflective path for the light from the emitter to use to reach the sunflower. Each mirror can reflect in all four directions, and the light always travels in a straight line. Once the beam of light hits the east-facing head of the sunflower, the door will open and unlock the next chamber in the dungeon. The exact solution to the light puzzle can be found below.

Spoiler alert: The hidden text contains spoilers relating to the solution to the light puzzle.

The Ninth Room

The ninth room contains no enemies or challenges, and is only used for the quest. During Aldorei's Secret Part II, the player speaks to Elrund in this room, where he reveals the deception of the Sol Embassy. He then gives players a choice: fight the Embassy mage Vidobe through the right tunnel and win thousands of Emeralds, or leave through the left tunnel with nothing. The right path leads to Vidobe's arena, and the left leads to Togak's room (see below).

The Tenth Room (1): Vidobe

Vidobe's arena is an optional final boss battle of both the quest and the minidungeon, where you face Grand Mage Vidobe, level 85. Contrary to Elrund's claim, defeating Vidobe does not give any reward; leaving through the door at the end of the arena room simply returns the player to the ninth chamber. The dungeon can only be completed by taking the left path, to Togak.

The Tenth Room (2): Togak

The final room of the minidungeon, accessed by going left in Elrund's chamber, houses both Togak and the exit of the structure. During Aldorei's Secret Part II, Togak reveals the deceitful nature of everything the player has experienced throughout Aldorei, and is asked to use the items gained at the end of Part I to claim their reward from either Kansard or Corak. This marks the end of the quest, and the dungeon can now simply be exited.