Wynncraft Wiki
NPC Info
X: 164 Z: -3226
Location Selchar
Quest Involved Craftmas Chaos

Tom is the quest start NPC for the "Craftmas Chaos" quest. He is located in Selchar.

He has a younger version, Tommy (X: -6794; Z: -11480), in Past Selchar, and an older version, Old Tom, in Future Selchar. Both are quest NPCs in the Craftmas Chaos quest.


He was born in Selchar 40 years ago and meets the player as Tommy when he is 10 years old. He had a friend named Wendy at this time. As Old Tom he is 70 years old, and lived in Selchar his whole life, even though it got corrupted by the evil Crystal Summoners. When you first talk to him, he doesn't know you, but after talking to young Tommy, he remembers you.