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Tomb of the Founders SiteIcon.png
Discovery Lore
Commanding the battalions of Molten Heights to victory, these two revered Dwarven leaders' likeness inspire all those who enter through this gate.
Coordinates X: 1076, Z: -5305
Suggested Level Combat Lv. 85+
Uses Discovery
Kindled Branch

Tomb of the Founders is a Secret Discovery located in the Molten Heights, close to the entrance. The discovery focuses on two individuals, Algard and Osseus, who are credited as key figures of the Dogun War. They led the armies during the war, as well as the armies that first seized the Molten Heights from the Doguns, which is why they are referred to as the Founders. The two statues at the discovery's location were built in honor of them.


 Location   Molten Heights   X   1076  Y   43  Z   -5305  Wynncraft Map 
  • Right click the burning branch to obtain a Kindled Branch.
  • Next, climb up on top of the two large statues. Use the nearby steaming geysers to get up there.
  • Right click all four of the statues' eye sockets with the Kindled Branch.


Algard's Tombstone

  • Algard, 65 AP - 307 AP
  • A protector of both friends and enemies. Rest In Peace.

Osseus's Tombstone

  • Osseus, 72 AP - 313 AP
  • A strong warrior with an even stronger heart. Rest In Peace.
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