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This page contains spoilers. Readers are discouraged from continuing if they want to discover features by themselves.

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Discovery Lore
Of the Twains, Theorick had a different idea of how defending the province should look and the rights that gave the defender. Eventually these differences lead to him breaking off from the family to found his own land.
Coordinates X: 39, Z: -246
Suggested Level Combat level 40+
Uses Discovery

Torn in Twain is a secret discovery located in Twain Lake. The discovery focuses around Theorick's relations with his family.


Twain Lake
39, 140, -246
Wynncraft Map
  • Go to 31, 68, -280. There is a rock within the stream which you can climb onto. Go in front of the rock and it will send you up the waterfall.

Torn in Twain1.png

  • There is a rock stuck at 39, 140, -246. Go near it to activate the discovery.

Torn in Twain2.png


This cutscene shows Theorick talking with Marius:

  • [1/11] Theorick: This is absolutely ridiculous! You know it is! You can't say it isn't!
  • [2/11] Theorick: The people can't defend themselves, you've seen them try. All it ends up doing is making our lives harder!
  • [3/11] Theorick: Why SHOULDN'T I ask for just a tiny bit of compensation in return? A mere pittance more than gratitude?
  • [4/11] Theorick: You can't fill someone's stomach with kind words, father!
  • [5/11] Marius: Theorick, listen-
  • [6/11] Theorick: Don't you DARE change the topic! I've listened to what you've said, and it's all nonsense!
  • [7/11] Theorick: Platitudes and non-answers, never any straight conversations with you. Never, not once!
  • [8/11] Marius: I can only warn you, Theorick. Leaving us will be the province's end. I brought you all together for a reason. Think of the consequences of your actions.
  • [9/11] Theorick: Pah! As though you are! I'm out in the thick of it, saving the province! What have YOU done, except put a roof over our heads?
  • [10/11] Theorick: You hardly taught me anything! Dwendle hardly taught me anything! Rickeo hardly taught me anything! And Mael actively makes me stupider every time he opens his mouth!
  • [11/11] Theorick: Open your eyes and knock the wax out of your ears! This can't continue as it is!

It ends with Theorick throwing a rock near Marius.