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This page contains spoilers. Readers are discouraged from continuing if they want to discover features by themselves.

Totem Pole SiteIcon.png
The abandoned prayer cave that the eagle tribe used as a hideaway from the sandstorms.
Discovery Lore
Following the death of the Emperor, sandstorms raged across the land, and the Eagle Tribe was forced to take refuge in an abandoned prayer cave.
Coordinates X: 1410, Z: -1605
Suggested Level 29
Uses Discovery
Requirements Wooden Eye

Totem Pole is a Secret Discovery located within the Eagle Tribe towards the Northeast of Rymek. In the cave there are 2 houses, one of which contains a NPC note labelled Journal. When entering this cave, a cutscene is triggered with ghosts of the Eagle Tribesmen who were living in the cave. They explain how they think that the sandstorms going on outside the cave are magical and they need a magical solution to solve it.


1410, 84, -1609
Wynncraft Map

Talk to the Eagle Tribesman.

  • Eagle Tribesman: Not only did the Owl Tribe steal our totem but also stole one of our Idol's eye!
  • Eagle Tribesman: The totems hold great protective magical power. Without all the parts, it can not function.
  • Eagle Tribesman: It is probably hiding away somewhere at the Owl Tribe. Maybe if there's peace we can return it.


1075, 84, -1628
Wynncraft Map
  • Go to the Owl Tribe and enter one of the houses. In it there should be particles coming off of the Wooden Eye. Right Click it to get it.


1418, 84, -1605
Wynncraft Map
  • Go back to the Eagle Tribe and go back to the Eagle Tribesman. Climb up the mountain to the left following the stone path. Jump on to the top of the totem's head and place the eye in the empty spot.


1468, 84, -1619
Wynncraft Map
  • Follow the Totem's arm towards a cave and go inside.



Tribe Member: The sandstorm has been raging on for months, we HAVE to leave.

Tribe Member: We won't make it out there..

Tribe Member: We won't make it in here.. We're almost out of food.

Tribe Member: Sandstorms usually only last days, maybe weeks. We must have upset the gods.

Tribe Member: I don't think so. I feel the lingering stench of betrayal in the air.

Tribe Member: This is a magical storm. We need to find a magical solution.

Tribe Member: Either way, we need to leave, or we're dead.

Tribe Member: I wonder what is happening out there in the citadel?


  • To exit the cave, walk to the north of the cave and exit through the hole
  • If you try to retriever the cutscene, you will get stuck in the cave and you won't be able to escape. This is believed to be a bug.


  • In one of the houses inside the cave, there is a journal that says, "It's a child's book. It's covered in pictures of sandstorms featuring some kind of stick." This stick is believed to be the Emperor's sceptre.