Toxic Wastes

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Toxic Wastes PathIcon.png
Discovery Lore
An area unlike any other, the green slime seems to move in symphony across the land. The unbearable smell and acidity makes it almost impossible to live in.
Coordinates X: 965, Z: -925
Access Points Lutho: 982, -754
Void Valley: 1080, -940
Suggested Level 101
Involved Quests A Journey Further
Type/Biomes End
Monsters Hostile Mobs (Silent Expanse)

Toxic Wastes is a large, toxic land behind Lutho, and the third region in the Silent Expanse that the player will encounter. It is accessible north of Lutho, and requires the quest A Journey Further. The next Silent Expanse region after Toxic Wastes is the Void Valley.

Like all other areas in the Silent Expanse, the region is full of large darkness spikes caused by the Dern Portal. The thing that is unique about the spikes here is the fact that instead of purple swirls going around the spikes, there are green ones. Nearly all of the area is covered in a bright green toxic sludge, with only small gray spots being visible from under it. Vegetation is very sparce, with the only visible one being unknown purple plants growing from dark spots around the Wastes.

This land shows us how the realm of Dern and the power of Darkness can manifest in a large variety of ways, as all of the sludge here is infact one singular being that has merged from both monster and land[1]. The powers of this creature include mutating other beings, as can be seen from the Mutated Lutho citizens, but they are otherwise very unknown.

Points of interest[edit | edit source]

Buildings[edit | edit source]

  • Toxic Pit can be found at the north side of the Toxic Wastes, in front of a castle-like stone building. The pit is filled with slime blocks, and there are multiple jump pads around it to make exploring it easier.
  • Toxic Volcano is located at the very top of the Wastes in the west. It is a large, black, smoking pit full of green sludge.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The Toxic Wastes is currently the only area where Dernic fish can be gathered

  1. Toxic Bounce secret discovery