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Trade Market
NPC Info
Location Detlas, Troms, Llevigar, Cinfras, Rodoroc, Ahmsord, Corkus City, Selchar, Lutho

The Trade Market is a global in-game trading post that can be used to easily trade with other players in Wynncraft. The Trade Market can be accessed via the NPCs located in most big cities such as Detlas, Cinfras or Lutho.

Using the Trade Market[]

The Trade Market is used for players to sell items to one another. Items that can be sold in the trade market include

The Main Menu[]

The main menu of the Trade Market

The main interface of the market displays a list of all the newest available trades. There is a variety of options down the right side which allow for differing functionalities.

  • The Front Page Filter allows you to change the level range of the items that display on the front page. This defaults to the level range that your current character is in.

  • The Reveal Item Names option allows you to reveal an un-identified item's name and potential statistics. This takes a fee for each item, however, it also allows un-identified items to be sold on the market.
  • ArrowUp.png The Back to Page # button allows for ascending one page in the main menu.
  • ArrowDown.png The Forward to Page # button allows for descending one page in the main menu.

  • The Search Item button allows for searching using a variety of filters.

  • The Sell Item button opens the menu to list an item on the market

  • The View Your Trades button opens the Trade Overview menu which shows you all of your items currently held by the market.

Viewing Your Trades[]

The trade overview menu of the Trade Market

The Trade Overview menu is accessed via the View Your Trades option on the main menu. It shows all of the player's orders on the market, which can be filled, unfilled, or cancelled buy or sell orders. The amount of trade slots depends on the player's rank: 5 slots by default, 10 with VIP and VIP+, and 15 with HERO or CHAMPION.

Creating a sell order[]

The listing menu of the Trade Market

The listing menu can be accessed both from the Trade Overview menu or from the Main Menu. In this menu, items can be listed and sold on the market. To select the item to sell, simply click on it in your inventory. The amount to sell can be selected using the plus icon and the cost per item can be selected via the emerald icon. The trade is listed once the confirmation tick has been pressed. There is also a price check option on the right which shows the Highest Seller, Lowest Buyer and 2 Week Average prices.

All items placed for sale on the market will present the buyer with a 5% transaction fee. Therefore, the price displayed on the market will be higher than the initial intended price. This transaction tax is not paid to the seller.


The search menu of the Trade Market

The search menu is accessed via an icon on the Main Menu. It allows for searching and creating a buy order for any item that can be bought in the Market. Searching for an item with a specific set of characteristics, including its name, can be achieved using the numerous filters. After you search for an item, you can also sort through the results under several criteria: most/least recent, most/least expensive, and by level.

Creating a buy order[]

The buy menu of the Trade Market

Upon selecting a specific item, the quantity and price to buy the item at can be specified on the buy menu, and a buy order can be opened, which can be filled depending on offerings on the market. This allows you to automatically buy items on the market until you reach the amount of items you want.


Wynn Province[]

There are only two Trade Markets: one in Detlas, the central hub of the Wynn plains, and another in Troms, the main town of the Jungle.


The Trade Market in Detlas is located at the Eastern path of the town, on the path that would lead to the Black Road. The NPCs are located under a small awning.

506, -1573
Wynncraft Map


The Trade Market in Troms is located North of the main square where the bank is. The NPCs are up a flight of stairs and under a small shed.

-857, -979
Wynncraft Map

Gavel Province[]

There are a total of four Trade Markets in the Province of Gavel: the first is in the quartz city of Llevigar, the second is in Cinfras, the central hub of Gavel, the third is all the way up in the Molten Heights in the dwarven city of Rodoroc and the final market is in the floating city of Ahmsord, the heart of the Sky Islands.


The trade market in Llevigar is on the North-Western side of the bank, close to the stairs that would lead down to the ground floor. The NPCs are located under a small quartz shed.

-2010, -4491
Wynncraft Map


The trade market in Cinfras is located North of the town's center. (TBA)

-471, -4962
Wynncraft Map


The trade market in Rodoroc is located east of the city's bank and across from the blacksmith. The NPCs are under a similar looking stall as the blacksmith's, but with a blue and red tarp rather than a dark grey one.

1011, -5074
Wynncraft Map


The trade market in Ahmsord is located in the main open-air plaza of the city, west of the large circular building housing the bank and identifier. The NPCs are located under a gazebo with a wooden roof directly next to where you would exit if you were to take the Juggler's Tavern in Cinfras.

1000, -4565
Wynncraft Map


The only trade market located in the ocean is on the island of Selchar. The NPCs are located under a blue tent in the island's center, close to the link bridge that connects the main island to the bank

107, -3195
Wynncraft Map

Corkus Province[]

The only trade market in the Corkus Province is in the Corkus City. The NPCs are located north-west of the city center underneath a large blue tent with blue cloth lying all over the ground.

Corkus City
-1618, -2936
Wynncraft Map

Silent Expanse[]

The only trade market in the entirety of the Silent Expanse is in Lutho. Coming in from the Eyeball Forest via the southern gate, the NPCs are located on the other side of the Obelisk and bank underneath a black and blue canvas.

1008, -723
Wynncraft Map