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Tribal Sanctuary SiteIcon.png
The Boss Altar
Discovery Lore
This disused Iboju burial site seems to have been turned into a camp for the risen tribal zombies. Foreign chanting is a constant ambiance here.
Coordinates X: -711, Z: -656
Access Points Jungle
Suggested Level 57
Involved Quests The Passage
Type/Biomes Jungle
Monsters Tribe Zombie (Lv. 51)
Tribe Zombie Mystic (Lv.55)
Boss Tribe Zombie Chief (Lv. 60)
Uses Quest, Grinding
Requirements 4 Zombie Eyes


Iboju Village
-711, -656
Wynncraft Map

The Tribal Sanctuary is a Boss Altar located by a pond at the base of a cliff near Iboju Village.


The Boss Altar is activated by right clicking the altar with 4 Zombie Eyes in hand. After activating the altar, you are teleported to the Tribal Sanctuary. From there you can enter the boss arena.


Tribe Zombie Chieftain: Outsiders! Kill the outsiders!
Tribe Zombies: Kill the outsiders!


The boss is the Tribe Zombie Chief, an undead Iboju chief, who must be killed in order to complete the boss altar. He is a melee enemy who can deal a decent amount of contact damage, so it is advised to keep a fair distance to him. In addition to this, he also has a powerful close-range Multihit spell, which further increases the need of not staying too close to the boss. He moves around the arena with Charge spells and occasionally pushes the player back. The boss has Crowd Control Immunity, also known as CCI, which means that it is immune to most knockback, stunning, blinding, slowing, etc.

Accompanying the boss are two types of minions: basic Tribe Zombies, and Tribe Mystic Zombies, which can heal the boss. It is heavily recommended to take down the Mystic Zombies fast, so that they won't heal the boss later on in the battle. The Mystic Zombies can be recognized from their partly golden armor (see image in table below).

Image Name Level Health AI Type Abilities Elemental Stats Drops Location
TribeZombieChief.png Tribe Zombie Chief 60 62000 Melee Charge
Air: Weakness
Earth: Damage, Defense

128 Emeralds

Broken Antic Bead

4-10 Antic Beads

Kahontsi Ohstyen

Ohonte Kerhite

Onenya Hronkas
Tribal Sanctuary
TribeZombie(TribalSanctuary).png Tribe Zombie 51 2500 Melee - -
Zombie Eye
Tribal Sanctuary
TribeZombieMystic.png Tribe Zombie Mystic 55 6666 Melee Heal Fire: Weak
Zombie Eye
Tribal Sanctuary


  • In general it's good to keep a fair distance to the boss at all times, unless you have to get closer to it in order to deal damage. When the boss is about to cast a spell, one should always stay away from it and be prepared to dodge a possible Charge coming towards the player.
  • A weapon with fire damage on it will help kill the Tribal Mystic Zombies quickly, and a weapon with air damage may help you take down the boss faster.


  • Prior to version 1.20.2, the Boss Altar required a total of 12 Zombie Eyes, but this amount was heavily cut down.