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A screenshot of Troms Castle
Discovery Lore
The royal family of Troms has been the talk of the town lately. The king's son has gone missing, while the King himself remains reclusive and paranoid...
Coordinates X: -845, Z: -875
Suggested Level 55
Quest Starts WynnExcavation Site D

Lost Royalty

Troms Castle is a large building in Troms covering the south side. The entrance is right next to the Scroll Merchant, Armour Merchant, and Item Identifier. Throughout the castle, many Nobles and Legend Keepers can be found.

Points of Interest[]

Many "hidden" chambers are located in the dining hall/library of the castle. These chambers range from a secret chair room to a hidden library. A puzzle for the quest WynnExcavation Site D is located in a small hidden room by the bookshelves with black carpet on them.


Royal Advisor Carlos



  • Many of the hidden rooms are concealed by a painting suspended on signs, but due to a glitch, the paintings do not appear, leaving the rooms open for view.
  • Troms Castle got reworked in the (insert update) update with the Troms Rework.