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Tunnel Trouble
Quest Info
Length Long
Location Detlas
Province Wynn
Combat Level 6
Starter NPC Captain Fenor
Reward As follows:

Tunnel Trouble is a long level 6 quest. This is the first long quest in the game.


The military of Detlas and Ragni need the player's help to clear out a passageway that would allow fast travel between Detlas and Ragni. The player is required to help a miner inside the tunnel, until something peculiar happens.

Stage 1[]

» Talk to Captain Fenor in front of Detlas at [379, 67, -1569].



  • Captain Fenor: Ah! You must be a new recruit! Well, I've got a mission for you.
  • Captain Fenor: There's an old cave behind me. It was used in the Corruption Wars...
  • Captain Fenor: We used it for quick and easy travel between Detlas and Ragni. It’s been abandoned for years.
  • Captain Fenor: This cave could prove to be very useful for future recruits who need to travel between Detlas and Ragni.
  • Captain Fenor: Now, here's where you come in - I need you to clear out that cave route so we can use it once more! Good luck, soldier!

Stage 2[]

» Enter the cave behind Captain Fenor.

384, 67, -1557
Wynncraft Map


  • Miner Linton: Ah, recruit! You must be the one Cap'n Fenor sent!
  • Miner Linton: Well, let's get started then!
  • Miner Linton: Help me clear this debris. Just walk up to it and give it a good shove for me!

Stage 3[]

» Help Miner Linton remove the debris blocking the path.
Right-click the debris to shove it and clear the path.



  • Miner Linton: Nice job! Let's move cautiously, we don't really know what's down here...

Stage 4[]

» Clear the cave of possible roadblocks.

Image Name Level Health AI Type Abilities Elemental Stats Drops Location
Zombie(TunnelTrouble).png Zombie (Lv. 5) 5 19 Melee AI - -
Rotten Flesh

Sturdy Flesh
Ragni-Detlas Tunnel


  • Miner Linton: Wait... Do you hear that? Ah, monsters! Do your job soldier!

Kill the mobs.

  • Miner Linton: Wha?!
  • Miner Linton: Ah, that cave-in just blocked the path! Defend me while I try and make a hole!

Defend Miner Linton by killing all the Zombies. (If you do not kill them, they will not actually attack Linton, but they may swarm you if you let too many live.)

  • Miner Linton: Keep it up! I think I'm half way there!
  • Miner Linton: Aha! I can see the other side! Just a little more...
  • Miner Linton: Got it, I made a hole! Quickly, let's go before we're overrun!

Continue down the cave.

  • Miner Linton: This cave barely seems worth the trouble to me...
  • Miner Linton: This wall of debris is much too big for us to be able to move. What do we do now?
  • Miner Linton: hmm... Maybe if we- wait, what's happening to the wall to the right?
  • ???: Oh, uh... Hi... Well, this is a little awkward... I'll just... Go.
  • Miner Linton: ...Who in the world was that? You can go check that hole out if you want, but I'll stay here and try to think of a solution to this debris.

Stage 5[]

» Investigate the small hole to the right of the large pile of debris.



  • Drale: Oh... Didn't expect you to follow me... Well, um... Hi! This will sound mad but...
  • Drale: I'm Drale, and I'm on a mission to free these cows from the enslavement of Katoa Ranch.
  • Drale: Those farmers stole those cows. They are sacred animals. Now they're about to turn them into steak! If you were to help me, maybe I could help you...
  • Drale: Go free those innocent cows from enslavement! Gosh I wish I was a cow.

If you try to walk away during this conversation, Drale will say:

  • Drale: Where are you going? Come here and talk to me first.

Stage 6[]

» Free the cows without being seen by the farmer.



  • Bylvis: Ah, good to see my cows are all in tip-top shape! Welp, time to feed the townsfolk again!
  • Open the gates of the cow pens to free them! Don't let the farmer see you!

Free the cows.
You need to open three gates, with two Scared Cows each.

Image Name Level Health AI Type Abilities Elemental Stats Drops Location
ScaredCow.png Scared Cow 1 Invulnerable None AI - - - Bylvis' Cow Pens

If you are caught:

  • Bylvis: Huh? Hey!
  • Bylvis: What do you think you're doing down here? This is private property, you know!
  • You were caught! Try again!

Note: You can still be caught after the cows are released, and you will need to free them again.
If you are not caught:

  • Looks like you freed the cows successfully. You should return back to Drale.

Stage 7[]

» Return to Drale about your success.



  • Drale: Thank you so much, but we're not done yet. We need to get these cows out the province.
  • Drale: There's a small opening behind me. Go through it and help me get these cows on a raft to Gavel!

Stage 8[]

» Help Drale push the raft with the cows out to sea.



  • Drale: There's the raft! Help me push it for the cows!

Push the raft.

  • Drale: And, that should do it! Be free, my friends! A new life awaits!
  • Drale: Again, thank you so much for what you have done this day. These cows deserve a better life than being farm animals.
  • How long have you been helping this lunatic steal cows? You realize you should probably get back to Linton.

Stage 9[]

» Return to Miner Linton back in the abandoned cave.



  • Miner Linton: Recruit, what took you so long? I've been waiting for an hour! What were you doing?
  • Miner Linton: ...You helped some crazy cow-obsessed lunatic steal cows from the local farm? Recruit, that's against the law you know...
  • Miner Linton: Oh, what do I care? Silly Bovemists.
  • Miner Linton: Either way, we still don't have any means to get rid of this giant pile of rubble...
  • Drale: Hello again, friend! Did I hear you needed help? Well, have no fear! Cows, to me!

Two free cows and Drale appear and push through the rubble.

  • Miner Linton: What in the world?
  • Drale: Since you helped me with my problem, I thought I should repay that favor by helping you!
  • Drale: Welp, see ya! Oh, and nice to meet you, miner! Now, let's get going my cows!
  • Miner Linton: ...What just happened? Am I seeing things? You know what, I don't want to know.
  • Miner Linton: Anyway, why don't you go on ahead? I'll be here guarding this passage so nothing else bad happens to it.
  • Miner Linton: It was an honor to adventure with you, recruit!

Stage 10[]

» Speak to Sergeant Klafson next to the Ragni entrance of the cave.



  • Sergeant Klafson: Recruit, Captain Fenor told me to meet you here, said if you came out on this side of that tunnel then you completed your mission!
  • Sergeant Klafson: You did a great deed today, soldier! We can now use this cave to travel easily between Ragni and Detlas! Great job!