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Tunnel Trouble
Quest Info
Length Long
Location Detlas
Province [[{{{province}}}]]
Combat Level 5
Starter NPC [[{{{npc}}}]]
Reward As follows:

As follows

Tunnel Trouble é uma missão longa de nível 5 quest. Essa é a primeira missão longa do jogo.


Os militares Detlas e Ragni precisam da ajuda do jogador para limpar uma passagem a qual irá permitir uma viagem rápida entre Detlas e Ragni. O jogador é requisitado a ajudar uma mineradora dentro do túnel, até algo peculiar acontecer.

Estágio 1[]

» Fale com Captain Fenor na frente de Detlas.

Captain Fenor
380, 68, -1569
Wynncraft Map


  • Capitão Fenor: Ah! você é o novo recruta! Bem, nós temos uma missão para você.
  • Capitão Fenor: Tem uma velha caverna atrás de mim. Ela foi usada nas Guerras da Corrupção...
  • Capitão Fenor: Nós a usávamos para viajar facilmente entre Detlas e Ragni. Ele ficou abandonada por anos...
  • Capitão Fenor: Essa caverna poe ser muito útil no futuro para recrutas os quais precisam viajar entre Detlas e Ragni.
  • Capitão Fenor: Agora, aqui que você entra - Eu preciso que você limpe toda essa caverna e então poderemos usa-la novamente! Boa sorte, soldado!

Stage 2[]

» Enter the cave behind Captain Fenor.

384, 67, -1557
Wynncraft Map


  • Miner Linton: Ah, recruit! You must be the one Cap'n Fenor sent!
  • Miner Linton: Well, let's get started then!
  • Miner Linton: Help me clear this debris. Just walk up to it and give it a good shove for me!

Stage 3[]

» Help Miner Linton remove the debris blocking the path.


  • Miner Linton: Nice job! Let's move cautiously, we don't really know what's down here...

Stage 4[]

» Clear the cave of possible roadblocks.


  • Miner Linton: Wait... Do you hear that? Ah, monsters! Do your job soldier!

Kill the mobs.

  • Miner Linton: Wha?!
  • Miner Linton: Ah, that cave-in just blocked the path! Defend me while I try and make a hole!

Defend Miner Linton by killing all the Zombies.

  • Miner Linton: Keep it up! I think I'm half way there!
  • Miner Linton: Aha! I can see the other side! Just a little more...
  • Miner Linton: Got it, I made a hole! Quickly, let's go before we're overrun!

Continue clearing the cave.

  • Miner Linton: This cave barely seems worth the trouble to me...
  • Miner Linton: This wall of debris is much too big for us to be able to move. What do we do now?
  • Miner Linton: hmm... Maybe if we- wait, what's happening to the wall to the right?
  • ???: Oh, uh... Hi... Well, this is a little awkward... I'll just... Go.
  • Miner Linton: ...Who in the world was that? You can go check that hole out if you want, but I'll stay here and try to think of a solution to this debris.

Stage 5[]

» Investigate the small hole to the right of the large pile of debris.


  • Drale: Oh... Didn't expect you to follow me... Well, um... Hi! This will sound mad but...
  • Drale: I'm Drale, and I'm on a mission to free these cows from the enslavement of Katoa Ranch.
  • Drale: Those farmers stole those cows. They are sacred animals. Now they're about to turn them into steak! If you were to help me, maybe I could help you...
  • Drale: Go free those innocent cows from enslavement! Gosh I wish I was a cow.

Stage 6[]

» Free the cows without being seen by the farmer.


  • Bylvis: Ah, good to see my cows are all in tip-top shape! Welp, time to feed the townsfolk again!
  • Open the gates of the cow pens to free them! Don't let the farmer see you!

Free the cows.

If you were caught:
  • Bylvis: Huh? Hey!
  • Bylvis: What do you think you're doing down here? This is private property, you know!

You were caught! Try again!

  • Looks like you freed the cows successfully. You should return back to Drale.

Stage 7[]

» Return to Drale about your success.


  • Drale: Thank you so much, but we're not done yet. We need to get these cows out the province.
  • Drale: There's a small opening behind me. Go through it and help me get these cows on a raft to Gavel!

Stage 8[]

» Help Drale push the raft with the cows out to sea.


  • Drale: There's the raft! Help me push it for the cows!

Push the raft.

  • Drale: And, that should do it! Be free, my friends! A new life awaits!
  • Drale: Again, thank you so much for what you have done this day. These cows deserve a better life than being farm animals.
  • How long have you been helping this lunatic steal cows? You realize you should probably get back to Linton.

Stage 9[]

» Return to Miner Linton back in the abandoned cave.


  • Miner Linton: Recruit, what took you so long? I've been waiting for an hour! What were you doing?
  • Miner Linton: ...You helped some crazy cow-obsessed lunatic steal cows from the local farm? Recruit, that's against the law you know...
  • Miner Linton: Oh, what do I care? Silly Bovemists.
  • Miner Linton: Either way, we still don't have any means to get rid of this giant pile of rubble...
  • Drale: Hello again, friend! Did I hear you needed help? Well, have no fear! Cows, to me!
  • Miner Linton: What in the world?
  • Drale: Since you helped me with my problem, I thought I should repay that favor by helping you!
  • Drale: Welp, see ya! Oh, and nice to meet you, miner! Now, let's get going my cows!
  • Miner Linton: ...What just happened? Am I seeing things? You know what, I don't want to know.
  • Miner Linton: Anyway, why don't you go on ahead? I'll be here guarding this passage so nothing else bad happens to it.
  • Miner Linton: It was an honor to adventure with you, recruit!

Stage 10[]

» Speak to Sergeant Klafson next to the Ragni entrance of the cave.


  • Sergeant Klafson: Recruit, Captain Fenor told me to meet you here, said if you came out on this side of that tunnel then you completed your mission!
  • Sergeant Klafson: You did a great deed today, soldier! We can now use this cave to travel easily between Ragni and Detlas! Great job!