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Quest Info
Length Medium
Location Nesaak
Province Wynn
Combat Level 43
Starter NPC Fredris
Required Quest Underwater
Required Item Breathing Helmet
Reward As follows:

Underice is a medium level 43 quest centered in Nesaak.

Preview[edit | edit source]

Underice chronicles some strange occurrences in the fishing village of Nesaak. All the fish have disappeared and the townsfolk need help investigating the cause of their issue. It is unknown whether the name is correlated to the quest required to receive the Breathing Helmet, Underwater.

Stage 1[edit | edit source]

» Talk to Fredris in Nesaak.


  • Fredris: I'm having trouble with the fish in our lake recently and I am sure the problem lies within the lake itself.
  • Fredris: I would like to commission you to investigate, but since it's freezing cold in our lake you need something to protect you. I heard the people in Maltic on the coast of Wynn have something that can help you.
  • Fredris: Would you mind coming back with a [Breathing Helmet I]? I think that should be everything you need.

Stage 2[edit | edit source]

» Go talk back to Fredris with a Breathing Helmet I in your inventory.


  • Fredris: What is this thing supposed to be? You know, I would really appreciate your help, but this [Breathing Helmet I] does not look like it's going to keep you protected.
  • Fredris: Would you mind heading to our local armour merchant and buying one of our [Breathing Helmet II]? I don't want you to drown. Just come back with the helmet and I will tell you about my problem.

Stage 3[edit | edit source]

» Buy a Breathing Helmet II and find the underwater cave.

Spoiler alert: The hidden text contains spoilers relating to Obtaining the Breathing Helmet II.
The Armour Merchant Sells the Breathing Helmet II.
 X   91  Y     Z   -821  Wynncraft Map 
Spoiler alert: The hidden text contains spoilers relating to Enter the underwater cave.
Enter the small house on the frozen lake and jump through the ice.
 X   160  Y     Z   -820  Wynncraft Map 

Stage 4[edit | edit source]

» Explore the cave underneath the frozen lake in Nesaak.


  • Calamaro: Who are you? You don't look like one of those villagers we stole the fi... Wait, they didn't send you to retrieve "their" fish did they?
  • Calamaro: For years we let them share the lake with us, the actual inhabitants of it, we were modest and took what we needed, we let them catch the rest. But then they went too far, they caught too much.
  • Calamaro: We didn't have enough to eat, we were forced to steal their fish, we would have starved otherwise. And now they want their fish, our fish back? We can't do that, I hope you understand.
  • Calamaro: However, we don't have to fight over the fish in the lake, we just need a [Mythic Everlasting Pufferfish], that would be enough, nothing else. We never wanted to steal the fish.
  • Calamaro: If you want to help us and the villagers, just follow the stream that flows into this lake to the south, you will find the best fishing ground there. The pufferfish should be around there too.

Stage 5[edit | edit source]

» Follow the river south to find the fishing dock.


  • Gernald: Oh you look a bit lost, let me help you, I've lived here for a long time, I know every corner and every snowflake.
  • Gernald: You're searching for a [Mythic Everlasting Pufferfish]? Hmm I heard that name before, my friend, Strato, told me about it years ago. If I remember correctly it is infinite, you can feed every single person in all the provinces from this single fish.
  • Gernald: Sadly Strato is no longer alive. He used to work and live in the woodcutting camp northwest of Nesaak. We always met here, caught fish and told each other stories. I really miss those times...
  • Gernald: Maybe you can find some sort of bait there, he had some of the best bait I have ever seen. You should be able to acquire some and throw it in water, maybe that will attract the pufferfish.
  • Gernald: Can I ask you something? As you might see I'm not the richest guy, or the youngest. If you manage to catch that fish, could you hand it over? I know we just met but you seem like somebody who would help an old man.

Stage 6[edit | edit source]

» Obtain the bait at the woodcutting camp northwest of Nesaak, use it to catch the fish and then give it to Calamaro or Gernald.

Spoiler alert: The hidden text contains spoilers relating to Retrieving the bait.
The bait can be gained by killing Strato's Soul in the left house in the woodcutting camp.
 X   -210  Y     Z   -898  Wynncraft Map 
Spoiler alert: The hidden text contains spoilers relating to Obtaining the pufferfish.
Drop the bait into the water directly beside the dock where Gernald is for the pufferfish to drop.


  • Gernald: Just look at those fish, I told you they love this bait.
  • Gernald: There it comes, the [Mythic Everlasting Pufferfish], I can't believe it!

Stage 7[edit | edit source]

» If you give the Mythic Everlasting Pufferfish to Gernald, Gernald's Amulet is acquired.

(However, there have been several cases of players not receiving their Amulet, as it is known to be broken)


  • Gernald: You decided to give me the fish? I wish Strato was still around, he would be so amazed. I can't show you how much this means to me, but take this little gift, please, promise me to never change.

» If you give the Mythic Everlasting Pufferfish to Calamaro, Calamaro's Slimy Token is acquired.


  • Calamaro: You found a pufferfish! Who would have thought such a small thing could solve our problem. I will start bringing back the fish immediately, but first we will have a nice hot soup. Please take this as payback for your services.
  • Calamaro: You can trade it at the shop right over there, it's hard to miss. I will give you a last advise, you don't want to eat that slimy fish.

Stage 8[edit | edit source]

» Meet up with Fredris in Nesaak and claim your reward.


  • Fredris: Oh you are done with whatever you were doing? I heard you ran around the whole place, I don't know if you were the right person to ask for help...
  • Fredris: I will just ask the next one who comes around, no need to have you run around all day. Take this, I appreciate your effort.

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • You'll need your Breathing Helmet in the quest.
  • Bring extra bait to the dock in case the pufferfish doesn't drop the first time, or in case you don't have enough time to catch it.