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Quest Info
Length Medium
Location Coastal Trail
Province Wynn
Combat Level 8
Fishing Level 1
Starter NPC Omango
Reward As follows:

Underwater is a medium length level 8 quest started along the Coastal Trail near Maltic.


Omango requests the player to explore an old shipwreck from Gavel, however, they need a Breathing Helmet to explore the wreckage. To get one, they find Sayrr, who offers to give them the Breathing Helmet in exchange for 10 Gudgeon Meat.

Stage 1[]

» Talk to Omango located at the North of Maltic at [-540, 34, -2020]



  • Omango: Hi, my name is Omango. I am a resident of the Maltic village, on top of the hill.
  • Omango: As you may know, our people came to your land years ago, and this is the ship they used.
  • Omango: They brought lots of luxurious goods with them. Most of them got lost in the wreck.
  • Omango: But recently, a small hole has opened in the shipwreck here. It is believed that fortune is hidden within it.
  • Omango: Unfortunately, nobody has been able to explore it. It is too deep, no creature can survive underwater that long!
  • Omango: However, my old friend Sayrr is a fisherman, and I know that he has a very special helmet...
  • Omango: If you convince him to give you this helmet, and find the treasure, I'll give you a part of it!
  • Omango: Sayrr is out on his boat, but the cave next to me is a quick way over to where he does his fishing. Be careful on the way, though.
  • Omango: When you finally have the helmet, explore the ship and bring me back [4 Ancient Treasure]. Good luck.

Stage 2[]

» Talk to Sayrr about the Breathing Helmet

Fishing Boat
-409, 40, -2155
Wynncraft Map


  • Sayrr: Why ya looking at me like that? Is it cause I'm small, eh? I'll have you know that I caught fish that were twice your size!
  • Sayrr: ...or, well, I used to be able to. Nothing's biting recently- wait a sec, why'd you hop on my boat anyways, stranger?
  • Sayrr: Ahah! Yes, I still have that old breathing helmet. You want it? You'll have to do something for me first.
  • Sayrr: I'm sure you heard me, but the fish just aren't biting around here anymore! I need to make a living somehow! There's some fish in that cave, but...
  • Sayrr: ...it's a bit dangerous. Tell ya what, I'll give you my fishing rod, and you can go catch me, say, [10 Gudgeon Meat] down there.
  • Sayrr: The helmet will be all yours after that. Oh, but make sure they're of consistent quality when you give me them!

Stage 3[]

» Bring back [10 Gudgeon Meat] of the same quality to Sayrr
If you brought Gudgeon Meat before starting the quest, you can simply give them to Sayrr now. If you did not, you can either fish for some in the cave (the best spot is around [-420, 10, -2045]) or find another spot with fewer mobs around. Make sure they all have the same quality (number of stars) when you bring them back to Sayrr.

Image Name Level Health AI Type Abilities Elemental Stats Drops Location
WaterloggedZombie.png Waterlogged Zombie 10 44 Crawl AI - ✦ Weak
Fresh Water

Putrid Gunk
Cave at -515, 34, -2010
CaveCrab.png Cave Crab 7 21 Melee AI - -
Fresh Water

Old Treasure
Cave at -515, 34, -2010
Tidepool Spitter.png Tidepool Spitter 11 70 Ranged AI - ✦ Weak
✽ Dam
✽ Def

Fresh Water
Cave at -515, 34, -2010


  • Sayrr: Ah! Welcome back! Any luck with the fish?
  • Sayrr: Great, and I'll thank you kindly. Here's your helmet, have fun with that.

Stage 4[]

» Explore the crashed ship for a lost treasure at [-537, 34, -2026]
You must wear the Breathing Helmet to enter. There is only one path through the ship for you to follow, although, you will have to swim around many wooden structures on the way there.

Stage 5[]

» Break the crate and bring [4 Old Treasure] to Omango at [-540, 34, -2020]

Image Name Level Health AI Type Abilities Elemental Stats Drops Location
DamagedCrate.png Damaged Crate 10 80 - - -
8 Old Treasure
Crashed Ship
Room at (-565, 19, -2047)


  • Omango: You got it! You found the treasure!
  • Omango: As promised, here's your part of the loot.


  • If you gather 10 Gudgeon for Sayrr beforehand, you can save yourself a trip to and from Ragni.
  • Once you enter the hole, it can be difficult to navigate due to the extreme darkness. Beware of this, because even if you have the Breathing Helmet, you can drown if you don't arrive at the treasure fast enough.


  • This quest was slightly changed in the 1.14.1 Gameplay Update.
  • In the Version 1.20 update, this quest was reworked further. The previous version of the quest can be found at Underwater (1.19).
    • The materials Sayrr requests from the player were changed from 3 Pigman's Meat and 1 Milk to 10 Gudgeon Meat during this rework.
  • Omango will not let you explore the shipwreck using the Breathing Helmet II.