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Removed Content
The following page contains information about content that no longer exists in Wynncraft as of update 1.20 and has been archived for historical purposes.

Underwater (1.19)
Quest Info
Length Medium
Location Coastal Trail
Province Wynn
Combat Level 8
Starter NPC Omango
Reward As follows:

Underwater is a medium length level 8 quest started along the Coastal Trail near Maltic.


Omango requests the player to explore the wreckage of an old supply ship from Gavel, however, a Breathing Helmet is required to explore the wreckage. Upon traveling up the coastline to the ship, the player stumbles upon Sayrr, who offers to give the player the Breathing Helmet in exchange for 3 Pigman's Meat and 1 Milk.

Stage 1[]

» Talk to Omango located on the Coastal Trail, north of Maltic.

 Location   Shipwreck   X   -540  Y   34  Z   -2020  Wynncraft Map 


  • Omango: Hi, my name is Omango. I am a resident of the Maltic village, on top of the hill.
  • Omango: As you may know, our people came to your land years ago, and this is the ship they used.
  • Omango: They brought lots of luxurious goods with them. Most of them got lost in the wreck.
  • Omango: But recently, this hole you can see has been opened. It is believed that fortune is hidden beneath the waves.
  • Omango: Unfortunately, nobody has been able to explore this hole. It is too deep, no creature can survive underwater that long!
  • Omango: My old friend Sayrr is a fisherman, and I know that he has a very special helmet...
  • Omango: If you can get your hand on this helmet, and find the treasure, I'll give you a part of it!
  • Omango: Sayrr is probably fishing close by, on his boat. Talk to him, he can help us. He's not short of a kind heart!
  • Omango: When you finally have the helmet, explore the ship and bring me back [4 Ancient Treasure]. Good luck.

Stage 2[]

» Talk to Sayrr about the Breathing Helmet.

 Location   Sayrr   X   -409  Y   40  Z   -2155  Wynncraft Map 


  • Sayrr: Why ya looking at me like that? Is that because I'm small, eh? I'll let you know that I caught fish that were twice your size!
  • Sayrr: But... why did you hop on my boat, stranger?
  • Sayrr: Ahah! Yes, I still have that useless breathing helmet. You want it? You'll have to do something for me first.
  • Sayrr: You see, I've been fishing for the last three days, and it is going so well, I don't want to go back to Nemract to buy food.
  • Sayrr: Get me something to eat and drink, [3 Pigman's Meat] and [1 Milk] will suffice. I'm a growing man! I need sustenance!
  • Sayrr: The helmet will be all yours after that.

Stage 3[]

» Bring back 3 Pigman's Meat and 1 Milk to Sayrr.


  • Sayrr: Ah! Welcome back! Have you got the food and drink?
  • Sayrr: Great. Here's your helmet, have fun with that.

Stage 4[]

» Enter the crashed ship behind Omango and explore for the lost treasure (You must wear the Breathing Helmet to enter).

Stage 5[]

» Break the crate and bring 4 [Old Treasure] to Omango.


  • Omango: You got it! You found the treasure!
  • Omango: As promised, here's your part of the loot.


  • If you bring 3 Pigman's Meat and 1 Milk to Sayrr beforehand, you can save yourself a trip to and from Ragni.
  • Once you enter the hole, it can be difficult to navigate due to the extreme darkness. Beware of this, for even if you have the Breathing Helmet you can drown if you don't arrive at the treasure fast enough.