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Upper Molten Heights RegionIcon.png
Molten Heights Upper.png
The fiery slope with the stone structure
Discovery Lore
The volcanoes stand upon a hollow victory and support the few survivors of the war. Some argue it was a genocide, not a war.
Coordinates X: 1450, Z: -5500
Suggested Level 90
Type/Biomes Volcanic
Monsters Hostile Mobs (Gavel)

Upper Molten Heights is a level 90+, mountainous region of volcanoes and magma. Very few things live on it because of the very hot climate. The Doguns were forced to seek refuge up there after the Dwarves took their land. There are very few Doguns left and they are found at Dogun's Retreat. The other half of the Molten Heights is the Lower Molten Heights, a large boiling cavern system beneath the heights where the two Dwarven cities of the biome reside. There are several elevators that lead to the Lower Molten Heights. They can be accessed after completing Dwarves and Doguns Part I.

To the west of the Heights are the Canyon cities of Eltom and Thesead, and to the south are the Sky Islands.

Points of Interest[]


  • Dogun's Retreat - The hideout of the remaining Doguns. They had to escape here from the Lower heights due to the Dwarven-Dogun war.


  • Stone Structure - Possibly the largest attraction of the surface of the Heights. It is rather mysterious and contains a broken portal, with no significance to it yet.
  • Large Eggs - Mysterious eggs in the north that the Dwarves are poaching.


Miniquest Name Miniquest Type Min. Level Coordinates Items Required Combat XP Given Profession XP Given
Slay Ifrits Combat 94 1389, 156, -5476 15 Demonic Ashes 1801800 -
Gather Molten Eel II Fishing 93 1414, 158, -5601 48 Molten Eel Oil or 48 Molten Eel Meat 328000 370000
Gather Molten Ore III Mining 94 1352, 155, -5171 52 Molten Ingot or 52 Molten Gem 427000 510000
Gather Molten Eel III Fishing 94 119, 152, -5239 52 Molten Eel Oil or 52 Molten Eel Meat 427000 510000
Gather Molten Ore IV Mining 98 1270, 140, -5339 62 Molten Ingot or 62 Molten Gem 515000 630000
Gather Molten Eel IV Fishing 98 1407, 139, -5076 62 Molten Ingot or 62 Molten Gem 515000 630000