Wynncraft Wiki
Type Amateur Wiki Editor
Gender Male
Location Corkus
IGN RogueHatter
Class Pikachu
Level 69
Other Information King of Texas


Oh Hello, Wiki Traveler! My name is the RogueHatter. I come from the distant land of Texas and have traveled here to help you in navigating the world of Wynncraft! I am new to this strange place, so I can't promise that I'll be any help. If we ever meet again, I shall give you something that you will treasure forever. Now, you should probably be on your way to the rest of this strange world while I sit here for hours wondering whether or not I packed my socks for this journey . . .


There's not much to know about me. I am a high school student at a small high school, and I LOVE Minecraft (Who Doesn't). When I get free time, I spend it playing Wynncraft, playing Minecraft, or helping to edit the wiki. I am also a Boy Scout and volunteer regularly. If I have an idea, I will strive to complete it, and any negativity towards the idea is something I hate when it isn't backed up by anything. Just so you know.


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