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This user is a bot, all actions it performs are controlled by MarkusRost.
If you have a problem with this bot, take it up on the owner's talk page.

I'm a rusty bot and my owner is MarkusRost.

Edits[edit | edit source]

Date Change
15. April 2018 Licensed all files
12. April 2018 Deleted unused files
11. April 2018 Removed "Translations" section
27. December 2017 Added "Discovery Lore" to Template:Infobox/Town
20. December 2017 Changed "Difficulty" to "Length" at Template:Infobox/Quest
20. November 2017 Removed unwanted line breaks in templates
14. August 2017 Changed templates Infobox/Armour2 and Infobox/Weapons2 to Infobox/Armour and Infobox/Weapons
28. July 2017 Changed template Infobox/Town2 to Infobox/Town