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Bot tasks[]

Alright. I've been creating a lot of item pages, and I've realized that the Chestplate and Helmet categories aren't in plural, which they probably should be. It's been causing me a headache and is just simply wrong. I'd like to move them to pages with the corrected names, but that would need all the items categorized to be edited to the new names. Would that be possible to do with your bot? Leonathan (talk) 19:21, 21 August 2018 (UTC)

Change Difficulty to Length[]

Parameter changes at Template:Infobox/Quest:

difficultyLabel -> lengthLabel
difficulty -> length
difficultyTranslated -> lengthTranslated
language (short) Difficulty Easy Medium Hard Special
English (en) Difficulty Length Easy Short Medium Medium Hard Long Special Special
German (de) Schwierigkeit Länge Einfach Kurz Mittel Mittel Schwer Lang Spezial Spezial
Russian (ru) Сложность Длительность Легкий Короткий Средний Средний Сложный Длинный Специальный Специальный
Cantonese (zh-yue) 難度 長度 初級 中級 上級 特別 特別
Spanish (es) Dificultad Longitud Fácil Corto Media Mediano Difícil Largo Especial Especial
French (fr) Difficulté Longueur Facile Courte Moyenne Moyenne Difficile Longue Spéciale Spéciale
Japanese (ja) 難しさ 長さ 初級 短い 中級 中々 上級 長い 特別 特別
Italian (it) Difficoltà Lunghezza Facile Lunga Media Media Difficile Corta Speciale Speciale
Chinese (zh) 难度 长度 初级 中级 上级 特别 特别
Brazilian Portuguese (br) Dificuldade Tamanho Fácil Curta Média Média Dificil Longa Special Especial
Chinese (zh-tw) 難度 長度 簡單 中等 困難 特别 特别
Thai (th) ความยาก ความยาว ง่าย สั้น ปานกลาง ปานกลาง ยาก ยาว พิเศษ พิเศษ

Please add your own language to have it changed by the bot. --MarkusRost (talk) 20:55, 19 December 2017 (UTC)

Create page "Crafting Ingredients"[]

I'd like permission to create the page "Crafting Ingredients".

Tribal Agression[]

Hello, i just wanted to point out that the quest "Tribal Agression" is incredibly racist and insensitive and in my opinion should be removed entirely or replaced with something completely different or with something made by a native and/or indigenous person who is part of the culture


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